Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 249

Sheng Wen Qiong is so furious, she cannot control her emotion. Her heart is burning.

Sheng Wen Jun always be so great. He was talented jewelry designer and had a good business intention. He got hundred percent Old Mister Sheng’s heart. When he was twenty five years old he graduated from Stanford for PhD. After a year, he was a director of Sheng company. He was the youngest director.

That time Sheng company would be his alone, Sheng Wen Qiong was worried.

Sheng Wen Qiong was impulsive, she aimed to be eager for instant success and quick profits so she acted rash. She always expected to win. Old Mister Sheng was biased. She was dissatisfied.

“Ma, what are you doing.” Yu Geng Xin looks at the maid, who is trembling with fear. He says to Sheng Wen Qiong: “Jiu Jiu’s daughter is back, it’s a happy occasion.”

“Happy occasion?” Sheng Wen Qiong laughs coldly: “There’s nothing happy about it. That little girl is really lucky. Eighteen years ago, she should die. How can that rainy didn’t freeze her to death!”

“Ma, you are too much.” Yu Geng Xin frowns. He lights up his cigarette. He can feel something is wrong with his mother.

“You said yourself, she may not Jiu Jiu’s daughter, how can you be so emotional, so what if she is? She will not be on your way.”

“Not in my way? You are too naive, these years your Wai Gong did a lot of things for your Jiu Jiu. Look now, now your Jiu Jiu’s daughter is back, how will Wai Gong treat her? Maybe he will just pass that Sheng company and manor to that little sl*t.”

Sheng Weng Qiong is even furious now. Old Mister Sheng wants to sell the manor and use it to invest to a foundation, to help those who he doesn’t know? Does he think that by helping those in need, his son can raise from the dead?

Sheng Wen Qiong is confused, why Old Mister Sheng doesn’t like her? Just because she doesn’t as excellent as Sheng Wen Jun? Or is it because she is not a man?

“If Ye Qing Xin is Jiu Jiu’s daughter, it’s not wrong for Wai Gong to give his assets to her. Why should you be worried about that.” Yu Geng Xin doesn’t care about all of that.

Sheng Wen Qiong glares at her unmotivated son. All day Yu Geng Xin just minds about his woman and doesn’t care about anything. He is helpless.

“Do you have nothing else on your mind beside Jiang Xiao Lou? If our company and manor are transferred to that little sl*t, then our family will have nothing, okay?”

“You are too over-thinking this, could it be Ye Qing Xin kick us out of the company? We all have high position in the company. Each of our salary exceeds ten millions. We also have share, we should not be afraid of anything.”

Yu Geng Xin really doesn’t care about those things.

He just wants to live with his beloved woman. He wants to simple life. He just wants to have kids, or pets. He doesn’t need a lots of money, just enough money to spend.

So he didn’t hesitate when Jing Bo Yuan asked for shares to help Yu Qing You.

“You….” Sheng Wen Qiong is so angry when she hears about this.

How can she raise an useless kid!

“Okay, just shut up.” Yu Wei speaks up: “It’s no use to be angry now. Old Mister’s shares has been transferred to my name. We just need to think of a way to take the manor.”

Yu Geng Xin wants to say something.

Lavender manor was built by his Jiu Jiu so it should be his daughter’s inheritatnce.

But looking at how his mother’s attitude, Yu Geng Xin just shuts up.

It’s useless to say anything.

Everyone has different kind of ambition. He just wants a peaceful life. His parent’s ambition doesn’t affect him.

In Yan family’s residence. The situation looks similar.

Huang Wei Juan is pacing around in the living room: “I’ve been suffering for several years, could it all be Ye Qing Xin’s?”

“No, I need to think of a way….” Huang Wei Juan mumbles: “I need to think of a way. I cannot let Ye Qing Xin takes everything away.”

She takes her phone and dials a number.

It’s answered. She just asks: “Where are you guys going this morning?”

Huang Wei Juan then just hangs up after she hears the answer.

She smashes her phone. Huang Wei Juan looks at Gu Xing De: “Song Yu Ning said that they went to do the DNA test. I remember that your Biao Gu (father’s female cousin) works there. Now call her, let’s invite her for dinner tonight.”

Gu Xing De asks her: “you want to…..”

“This is not a good idea.” Gu Qiao notices Huang Wei Juan’s intention.” She continues: “Nai Nai has already admitted Xin Xin as her Wai Xun Nu. If she gets a result that shows no connection. Nai Nai will definitely cannot accept that. She will ask for another one, she maybe will do it at the other place. Once they change the location for doing the DNA test that it will show they are related. The time your scheme are exposed, Nai Nai will be very angry.”

“Then what should we do?” Huang Wei Juan asks impatiently.

Gu Qiao says: “Just let Nai Nai be. Now to whom Jing Yan will pass on, it’s Nai Nai’s authority. We should just follow her. We should treat Xin Xin a bit better. Nai Nai is soft-hearted person, she will give us enough inheritance and not mistreat us. Anyway, we do something wrong, she perhaps will kick us off.”

After all they are not related, even though they have been living together for several years, there is still a barrier.

“Ma, you should control your temper better, do not be harsh and hostile with Xin Xin. Just forget the past. If you do something like that again, Nai Nai will not let you be.”

Last night Gu Qiao showed how Old Madame Yan got acquainted with Xin Xin. Now Ye Qing Xin should be Old Madame Yan’s weak spot, she will not let someone mistreat her.

“Ma, don’t forget that all along we are living under another’s roof. This house and company are belong to Yan family.”

Gu Qiao’s words remind her but also makes her be so frustrated.

Living under another’s roof, living under another’s roof. Those are words that she hates. Everyone keeps on saying that she is living under another’s roof, she is nothing.

“I will not resigned to this.” She kicks the coffee table. Her cup of tea falls down and the tea sprays to the carpet. “I’ve been serving those elders for so man years! Everyone is laughing at us….”

“Ma, don’t be angry. It’s not as serious as you think.” Gu Qiao pulls Huang Wei Juan to let her sit down. She comforts her.

Gu Xing De just stays silent and keeps on smoking. He seems to be distressed too.

Gu Qiao closes her eyes and then opens her eyes again. She smiles and says: “Alright, no matter how we should eat too.”

She says it and orders the maid: “Ask the kitchen to start prepare the lunch now. Let the others know too that they should know what should they say or not. If any of this comes out to the public, don’t blame me to be ruthless in the future.”

The maid is worried. “Okay.”

Huang Wei Juan always acts impulsive like a firecracker.

Every maids in the house, except Song Yu Ning, are recruited by Huang Wei Juan so she doesn’t really afraid what they will do.

In Jing family residence.

There’s a sunroom in the house, there’s also a small flower garden there.

Ye Qing Xin is accompanying Old Madame Jing, Old Madame Yan and Old Madame Sheng to sit there and bask in the sun. On the coffee table, there’re varieties of snacks and fruits.

Because of Ye Qing Xin’s first miscarriage, Old Madame Jing is very hostile toward Sheng family. Today Old Madame Sheng can have a chance to come over, it’s completely because of Ye Qing xin.

“Xin Xin, eat a bit of walnuts, it’s very good for baby.” Old Madame Yan peels off the walnut and passes it to Ye Qing Xin.

Ye Qing Xin looks at Old Madame Yan’s broken nail. She feels sorry for her. “I can do it by myself…..”

Ye Qing Xin’s phone suddenly rings.

It’s a call from Song Jiu.

“Xin Xin, I and my Pa Ma are at the airport. We will go back now.”

Ye Qing Xin is startled: “Didn’t you say that you guys will stay here for two more days?”

It’s first time for Song Fu and Song Mu to come to Jing City. Song Jiu said that she wanted to take them to stroll around.

“Xiao Shu (Little Uncle) called, my Ye Ye is critical. It’s so serious. We should go back now. Xin Xin, you are pregnant now. No need to send us off. We will board in ten minutes. Don’t miss me too much. Wait till your kids are one years old. I will come to visit you again.”

“Then, safe flight. Please tell Shu Shu Shen Shen to take care.”

After the call ends, Old Madam Yan asks her: “It’s the family that came from T

City to attend your wedding?”

Ye Qing Xin: “Em, they planned to stay here for two days but now her elder is ill. So they need to come home now. They are at the airport now.”

Her phone rings again.

It’s from Dou Weir.

Dou Weir says weakly: “Xin Xin, I’m ill


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