Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 208

After she asked about it, she suddenly realizes something.

At first she didn’t agree to marry to Lou Liang Chen. But during the time she was in detention center, every night felt so lonely and silent. She was in the dark and could hear the sobbing sound of little kids. Sometimes she also could hear their laughter. It’ made her so scared. All night all day she was in fear. She was forced to accept her family marriage arrangement with Lou Liang Chen.

She thought that she needs to leave the ghost place first. Then she would ask for divorce.

Who knows…. During their wedding night.

Lou Liang Chen passed her a glass of red wine. He promised to not get on her bed. But unexpectedly he let a stranger man to sleep her! He also recorded it to threaten her.

In front of people he always acts so perfect and flawless. A good man a good husband. No one believes that he is a beast, he mistreats her.

She has doubted his motive. She has no hatred with him, they never interact. How can he treat her that way. Before the wedding, he gave her every thing that a girl could dream of, but after the wedding, he starts to treat her in worse way. He treats her like she is lower than a dog.

“Ah!” Yu Qing You screams: “It’s you! It’s you! It’s you!”

If not how can Ye Qing Xin knows her situation. Every day her body is given to different men. She has became different men’s channel to vent off their lust.

A waiter comes over when he hears a noise. He asks whether Ye Qing Xin needs any help.

Ye Qing Xin shakes her head.

“It should be because of you!” Yu Qing You screams. She wants to attack Ye Qing Xin.

Suddenly a voice says: “Qing You, what are you doing?” It’s a deep voice but soft. Ye Qing Xin can hear a warning tone from his voice.

Yu Qing You stops. She turns her head. She looks that Lou Liang Chen is standing close and watching her

Lou Liang Chen comes closer and hugs Yu Qing You’s waist. He looks at her face. “What takes you so long to go to the restroom? What is it? Are you angry? I can hear your voice from our private room.”

His voice is soft and calm but it gives Yu Qing You a bad feeling. She is scared and it can be seen from her face.

“No, I just encounter someone that I know. We chat…”

“Really?” Lou Liang Chen looks at her red swollen cheeks. He smiles and says: “It’s good that you are not angry. If you are angry, my heart will be in pain.”

He says it and turns his head to look at Ye Qing Xin: “I’m sorry Jing Tai Tai. Yu Qing You just lost her kid so she is emotional. Please forgive her.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “How can I not forgive her. I know Yu Qing You. I’m sorry for her miscarriage.”

Lou Liang Chen smiles: “Thank you for Jing Tai Tai’s caring.”

Ye Qing Xin nods and leaves the restroom.

Lou Liang Chen takes Yu Qing You back to their private room. After the door is closed, there only two of them.

“Have you forgotten what I said to you?” Lou Liang Chen sits down and takes out his cigarette box.

Yu Qing You stands near the chair and looks at Lou Liang Chen.

“Why are you doing these things to me? We clearly…. never interacted with each other before. We have no hatred.”

“Why? Don’t I treat you well?”

“Lou Liang Chen!” Yu Qing You remembers a possible answer: “Is it related to Ye Qing Xin? My only enemy is only her, is it her order? Is it? IS it?”

“He.” Lou Liang Chen laughs lightly: “What is her qualification to order me?”

“How can you not able to guess whose order is it? How can your heart not know about this…..” he stands up: “or is it because you do not dare to admit it? That it is from that person?”

He seems to have no intention to hide it.

Yu Qing You takes two steps back. Her legs turn weak and she falls down to the ground.

“Impossible.” She shakes her head and her face turns pale.

That time Jing Bo Yuan uses the evidence that she drove a car to bump Ye Qing Xin. He threatened to sue her for premeditated murder. At last he forced her father to pass him share to help her. In addition he asked her to marry out.

The time her family was looking for her partner, Lou Liang Chen suddenly appeared. His appearance and family background are well. It suits her family’s taste.

It’s too coincidental.

“Impossible.” Her tears fall down. She raises her head and looks at Lou Liang Chen’s cool face. “You like to me right. We are childhood friends. Our families are close. How can he treat me this way. It’s Ye Qing Xin, right? She orders you to do this right, it’s her!”

She can accept the fact that Jing Bo Yuan wants her to stay in prison for Ye Qing Xin. She can accept the fact that he forces her to marry another man. But she cannot accept the fact that her humiliation is because of Jing Bo Yuan’s intention.

Lou Liang Chen raises Yu Qing You’s chin with his hand. “You are not stupid. You should be able to guess it.”

Yu Qing You trembles. It’s a great attack for her.

“Impossible…..” She grumbles. “He will not do this…… when we were little, I always loved to follow him around. For attracting his interest, I purposely tore his homework book, I broke his beloved model, but he never scolds me. Even though he doesn’t love me, but he will not treat me this way. Don’t talk nonsense, I’ll not believe you!”

Lou Liang Chen stands up. He is mocking her . He smiles.

“I have things to do. I’ll go first. Before ten o’clock, I want to see you are home. I’ll look through the CCTV. Also don’t make any trouble for me. I don’t like trouble.”

He means that he doesn’t wish that she will go and provoke Ye Qing Xin.

Lou Liang Chen just leaves. He leaves the spiritless Yu Qing You.

She suddenly……… forgets how can she be in this situation.

At this beginning of this year, she and Jing Bo Yuan were still friend…..

Yu Qing You recalls the moment she met Ye Qing Xin…….. She then laughs with her tears still on her eyes. Her laughter then turns to painful cry.

On the other side.

Ye Qing Xin returns to the private room. Si Ming Jing is enjoying the dessert. She says: “What takes you so long? I am about to go look for you.”

“I met a friend. We chatted for a while.” Ye Qing Xin says: “Are you guys done? Do you want to order anymore dessert?”

“No need, I cannot eat anymore.”

Then Ye Qing Xin pays the bill.

Four people, 5835 Yuan.

Zhang Han Han feels a bit of heart pain when she looks at the bill.

Ye Qing Xin just swipes her card.

“Xin Xin, you are not graduated yet right? How can you have so much money?” Zhang Han Han sighs.

Si Ming Jing laughs: “Her husband is businessman, he should be rich.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles and doesn’t deny.

The money in her card is from Gu Qiao’s money. She can earn it more or less because of Jing Bo Yuan’s help. Indeed it can be seen as Jing Bo Yuan’s money.

Four of them come out from Tang Ge. It’s cold outside.

Han Huo Huo and Si Ming Jing have their own car.

“I will send Han Han home.” Si Ming Jing says: “What about you Xin Xin? Will your husband pick you up? Or do you want me to send you home?’

“If not you can send Han Han home, I will send Xin Xin home?” Han Huo Huo says.

“No need.” A black car stops in front of Tang Ge. She smiles and points t the black car: “He comes to pick me up.”

Si Ming Jing looks over. She tries to see Ye Qing Xin’s husband that scared Zhang Han Han.

“Where is your husband, why isn’t he getting off the car and getting to know us?”

“He doesn’t like to interact with strangers…. I’ll go first. Be careful….” Ye Qing Xin waves her hand.

She doesn’t want to hide Jing Bo Yuan, she just feels that based on his old temper, he will not like to get off the car and greet her colleagues.

It’s just when she talks about it, she notices three of them changes their expression.

Ye Qing Xin turns her head and looks that the man has gotten off the car. The atmosphere turns constrain.

Jing Bo Yuan is wearing his white shirt and deep grey suit. She wears black tie. His hair is tidied neatly. He walks toward four of them. She is polite.

Ye Qing Xin comes toward her and hugs his arm. She introduces him to them. “This is my husband.”

Zhang Han Han doesn’t raise up her head, she feels somewhat afraid.

Si Ming Jing is the oldest. She is calm and smiles: “Hi.”

Jing Bo Yuan smiles politely at them and nods.

He doesn’t act highly but it doesn’t ruin his image as big boss.

He looks at Ye Qing Xin and lifts her messy hair. He asks her: “Can we go?”

Ye Qing Xin nods, she bids goodbye to three of them…….

“Chief Jing, Jing Tai Tai.”

A group of people come out of Tang Ge. One of the man comes and greets them. Ye Qing Xin smiles and gives some space for them to chat.

Si Ming Jing looks at this and could notice that Ye Qing Xin’s husband shouldn’t be an ordinary man.

When Jing Bo Yuan is done chatting, Ye Qing Xin turns her head and waves her hand at three of them. “It’s late, we will go home first. Jing Jie, Huo Huo Jie, drive safely.”

Ye Qing Xin says again and waves her hand.

Jing Bo Yuan hugs her shoulder and takes her to the car. He helps her to get in.

Three of them watch how caring Jing Bo Yuan is to Ye Qing Xin. She sighs and says to Zhang Han Han: “What kind of Ye Qing Xin’s husband is? He is too powerful, I cannot look at him on the eyes.”

“He is Jing Bo Yuan.” Han Huo Huo speaks up. “He is part of Bo Wei.”

Si Ming Jing is startled and doesn’t believe it: “How can it be? Xin Xin…. She……” is the mistress of Bo Wei company?

Han Huo Huo remembers what she said before on the table. She blushes and feels embarrassed.

No wonder Ye Qing Xin chocked before.

It’s too embarrassing!

Ye Qing Xin, this young woman, unexpectedly hides it from everyone about her new identity. If not how can she say that stupid remark.

Zhang Han Han hears Han Huo Huo’s words: “God! I unexpectedly met Bo Wei boss! And accidentally be friend with Bo Wei’s boss’ wife! If I tell my friend, I believe no one will trust me!”

Si Ming Jing speaks up: “This Bo Wei boss is really good toward Xin Xin.”

“How do you know?”

Si Ming Jing pokes Zhang Han Han’s head: “How can you not see it? That is Bo Wei’s old boss. He has a high and good position, how can he get off the car and greet us? He did this for Xin Xin’s face okay? Let me ask you, if Xin Xin’s husband didn’t get off the car and greet us, what will you think of Xin Xin? What will you think of Xin Xin?”

Zhang Han Han thinks about it: “I will think that he is not very impolite. I will think that he will not care of Xin Xin so she will give Xin Xin’s friends cold-shoulder……”

She nods: “Jing Jie, you are great.”

On the car.

The car stops in front of the traffic light.

Ye Qing Xin smiles toward the man on the driver seat.

“Bo Yuan, thank you.” She says suddenly.

Jing Bo Yuan turns his head to see her: “Why are you thanking me for?”

Ye Qing Xin hugs his arm and could smell his peppermint scent.

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t answer him. She just kisses his cheek. She smiles: “This is a reward from me.”

She understands what he did for her.

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