Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 206

Everyone is startled when they hear this. Some of them look at Ye Qing Xin’s belly.

The room turns silent.

“Xin Xin is pregnant?” Old Madame Yan is the first one to ask. She is happy: “It’s great. Congrats Xin Xin…..”

She is sincerely happy for Ye Qing Xin. She cannot understand why but she feels happy.

Gu Qiao’s gaze falls on Ye Qing Xin’s belly.

“Congrats Old Madame….” Everyone starts to congratulate her one by one.

No wonder Ye Qing Xin can still part of Jing family member. It turns out that she is pregnant. So it turns out they should not trust rumor.

Old Madame Jing laughs and thanks them. She cannot cover her happiness.

“This kid really comes in the exact time. The time the kid is present, Old Madame is awake. This kid should bring a good luck. Maybe it’s a lucky star.” Someone says.

Old Madame Jing smiles brightly.

“What is lucky star?” Ye Qing Guo asks curiously.

“It means Xiao Bao Bao that can bring a good luck for family.”

“Oh.” Ye Qing Guo looks at his Jie Jie’s belly and laughs: “Then Jie Jie has three lucky stars, will it bring good luck for Xiao Guo too? Xiao Guo hopes that everyday I will have unlimited chocolate.”

He doesn’t think about his words. His remark cannot go far from chocolate. Everyone else is startled when they hear his remark.

Three lucky stars? Ye Qing Xin has three babies?

Everyone is astonished.

“You… are pregnant with three?”

Ye Qing Xin smiles and looks so happy.

She is silently agree.

Old Madame Jing holds Ye Qing Xin’s hand.

“Congrats Old Madame, just in short while you will have three grandsons.”

Old Madame Jing laughs: “It’s not certain that it will be grandsons, maybe there will be a granddaughter.”

“Then shouldn’t it be good. There’s a dragon and phoenix. Jing family will be in extremely good fortune.”

Old Madame Ji is really happy to hear that kind of auspicious words.

The room turns happy and lively.

Old Madame Yan is weird, she feels even happier than Old Madame Jing.

The time she returns to Yan family residence. She keeps on thinking of Ye Qing Xin’s pregnancy and feels so happy. She opens her cupboard and finds her old wooden box. She opens and sees the white jade Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy).

Huang Wei Juan just returns home after going to the saloon. She hears some noise and comes toward Old Madame Jing’s room. She notices that Old Madame Jing is taking out the white jade Guanyin out of the box cautiously.

Her eyes are open widely.

It’s a precious and high quality thing.

“Ma, where did you get it? I never see that before.” She asks her.

Old Madame Yan knows it’s too late to keep it again. She just says: “That year when I was pregnant with Tong Tong, Tong Tong’s Nai Nai gave it to me. I just remember it so I want to see it.” She says it and puts it back to the wooden box. She closes it and puts it back inside her cupboard.

Huang Wei Juan knows that Old Madame Yan wants to hide it from her. She smiles: “I just passed the kitchen before. The maid has prepared afternoon for us. Let’s eat it.”

During their afternoon tea, Huang Wei Juan got a call from Gu Tai Tai, she is asked to go play mahjong. Huang Wei Juan just leaves and forgets about the Guanyin when she hears about mahjong.

The time she remembers it, it’s the next day. Old Madame Yan and Old Mister Yan are not home, she just goes to look for it. But it’s gone. She is very furious. The Guanyin is gone.

“Damn it! She hides it from me! Wait till you dead! Then all of this will be mine!”

She comes out of the room and asks a maid: “YOU, go and find me the dark red wood box that has jade Guanyin inside. If you can find it, I’ll reward you. Do it secretly, don’t tell anyone.”

“Is it the wooden box with flower decorative pattern?”

“You know about it?” Huang Wei Juan’s eyes are bright.

The maid smiles and replies: “Yesterday after you left, I saw Old Madame went out with it. She went out with Song Yi (Auntie Song), maybe you can ask Song Yi.”

Even if Old Madame Yan is the real mistress of the house but she is old. She will die soon. So the next mistress will be Huang Wei Juan. The maids tries to take a realistic view of the situation.

At night 8 o’clock. Old Madame Yan and Old Mister Yan are back home. Song Yu Ning is someone that takes care of Old Madame Yan is home too.

After both of elders fall asleep, Huang Wei Juan gets in Song Yu Ning’s room.

“Tai Tai.” Song Yu Ning is getting ready to have a shower. She puts down her clothes and let Huang Wei Juan to sit down.

“Based on your age, I should call you Song Jie (Sister Song).”

“Tai Tai, you are too modest.” She says politely: “Tai Tai, just say what do you want directly.”

Huang Wei Juan looks at her and asks frankly: “Yesterday Old Madame brought a wooden box out, to whom did she give it?”

Somehow she could guess it.

Yesterday during the mahjong game, she heard that Ye Qing Xin is pregnant with triplets.

“Is it for Ye Qing Xin?”

Song Yu Ning lowers her head and says nothing.


Huang Wei Juan throws a flower vase toward Song Yu Ning’s foot.

It surprises Song Yu Ning.

“Why didn’t you persuade her? How can you let her be muddle-headed? Don’t forget who will be the owner of this family! Your son doesn’t want to stay at Jing Yan anymore?”

Song Yu Ning’s son is working at Jing Yan company’s branch. He wants to find chance to move to the head office.

Song Yu Ning explains: “That is Old Madame Yan’s things. I have no reason to stop her if she wants to give it to someone.

“There’s no more.” Huang Wei Juan says coldly: “In the future, you should tell me every move Old Madame did. I hope I am the first one to kown.”

Song Yu Ning hesitates and nods.

Huang Wei Juan leaves the room and returns to her own room. Gu Xing De is sitting on the bed and smoking.

Gu Xing De doesn’t even raise up his head when Huang Wei Juan gets inside the room and closes the door with rage.

He just asks: “What is it? Who makes you angry?”

Huang Wei Juan sits down on the edge of the bed and says nothing. After a while, she says; “You should think of a fast way to let those two elders pass the share.”

“Why are you rushing it. They will be gone and I will be the first line to be the heir.”

“I am not feeling safe. That old madame really likes Ye Qing Xin. I alway feels that Ye Qing Xin will be our stumbling rock.”

“Don’t think too much. Those elders like her but she will not pass the company to an outsider. After all, we’ve been with them for so many years, we are family. You should be more respectful toward them. Don’t always say bad words or calling them with other name.”

“Heng… that old lady secretly gave her Guanyin jade for Ye Qing Xin, do you know? That one looks so good. I never saw it before, but she cherishes it so much. She just gave it to Ye Qing Xin so easily. Don’t you think it’s too much?”

Gu Xing De acts that he doesn’t mind it at all: “Isn’t the granddaughter-in-law of Jing family is pregnant with triplet? She gives her Guanyin jade for her protect her. It’s an auspicious act? Isn’t every elders believe that?”

“You…..” Huang Wei Juan feels that Gu Xing De cannot think like her.

She snorts coldly: “Just wait for it. Wait till the day that foxy woman has successfully ganged up with that old lady and let old lady passes her all the money. That time you will cry.”

“You are thinking too much.”

Huang Wei Juan looks at the window, she doesn’t feel that she is too much.

Seventeen years ago, she had met Tong Tong. She feels both of her appearance and personality are really similar to Ye Qing Xin. She cannot feel relieved until the day Jing Yan is part of Gu.

She thinks that she needs to let Old Madame Yan hates Ye Qing Xin.

Old Madame Jing’s recovery goes very smooth and well.

Everyday Ye Qing Xin comes over and accompanies Old Madame Jing.

Because of his legs, Ye Qing Xin hasn’t let Ye Qing Guo to go back to school. She asks him to stay at Nan Shan mansion.

Ye Qing Xin’s pregnancy with triplet has spread out. A lot of people send gift for her. Because of some of Jing family members are government officials, for avoiding any arousing suspicion she politely turns it down.

Old Madame Jing is very happy that she can be so considerate without anyone telling her what to do.

Ye Qing Xin is a sensible woman.

Being a government official, anyone needs to be careful and cautious. As a member of family, they also need to be careful.

The only thing that she accepts is the Guanyin jade that Old Madame Yan gave to her.

Possibly because she notices a great happiness on Old Madame Yan’s eyes that she cannot have heart to refuse her gift.

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  1. How I wish Xin Xin will wear her necklace and Mrs Yan will notice it and when her babies born she will let one of them wear her baby clothes. Thanks for the update and God Bless.


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