Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 182

Old Mister Jing is furious to see his calmness.

His grandson indeed is a stubborn one, he is just like his younger self.

He recalls his young days. When his family disagreed his marriage with Ke Yin, they used every possible means to force him to marry to another woman. He became his mother’s enemy. All along he didn’t surrender. They even said that he is unfilial and ruthless. But he still insisted to marry the woman he loves.

He sighs. This should be karma. He could feel his mother’s difficult situation.

After a moment.

He stands up and calls after his driver.

“Old mister, do you want to go out?” Ju Zheng asks him.

Old Mister Jing nods: “go to the hospital.”

On the way to the hospital.

Ju Zheng has been following Old Mister Jing for more than ten years. He understands well of Jing family’s condition.

Looking at Old Mister Jing’s sour face, he knows what happened. He smiles and tries to console him: “A Yuan is like you. The time you are young, you are strict and stubborn. That time we all are afraid of you.”

Old Mister Jing says nothing. Ju Zheng says: “Actually A Yuan is also worried for Old Madame. Two days ago he invited doctors from America to check her? He also hopes that Old Madame can wake up soon. I heard that those doctors are famous. It’s hard to even get appointment with them. A Yuan can invite them, he should spend a lot.”

“You shouldn’t be angry. It’s bad for your health. Wait till Old Madame wakes up, she will feel sorry for you.”

Old Mister Jing smiles because of Ju Zheng’s words.

The time he arrives in the room, those doctors are doing a treatment.

Old Mister Jing sits on the other side and watches them. The time it’s done, one of the doctor goes to talk with Old Mister Jing but he cannot understand it so he calls after a translator.

After the doctors are gone, Old Mister Jing sits on Old Madame Jing’s side and holds her wrinkled hand. He says: “Ke Yin ah, I tried my best. Our grandson looks like my younger self. He likes someone and insists to be with him. My threats and promises are useless.”

“Ke Yin ah, hurry up wake up. If we don’t have grandson, then just let it be. We don’t like that crying little toys. You like the wisteria flower in Japan right? In the future every April, I’ll take you to go there okay? We will be there from the start till end. We can stroll around every day.”

“Ke Yin ah, I….. miss you…..”

On the other side.

Jing Bo Yuan leaves Jing family residence and drives to B university. Halfway he gets a call from Luo Feng.

He stops the car for three seconds and answers it. Then he turns his car and drives toward Bo Wei office.

The car stops in front of Bo Wei. He just gets off the car and Luo Feng comes forward: “Chief Jing, your suspiciousness is true. Those two nurses…..”

Luo Feng hasn’t finished his words, Jing Bo Yuan raises his hand and asks him to shut up. Luo Feng shuts his mouth. When they enter the office room and the door is closed. He continues: “Those two nurses spread out Tai Tai’s health condition. It’s possible that Zhao You Jia inspired them to do it. One of them looked for Zhao You Jia and less than thirty minutes, there’s a transfer of five hundred thousand from Zhao You Jia’s account, the recipient account is one of the young nurse.

At first it’s Cheng Ru Yu that mentioned to investigate who was the one that spread the news about Ye Qing Xin’s condition and the result points out to those two young nurses. Jing Bo Yuan just knows simply that this shouldn’t be accident. Then Luo Feng discovered that those two young nurses are close with Zhao You Jia.

Jing Bo Yuan has met him once. Then he asked Luo Feng to investigate Zhao You Jia and discover that he is Gu Xing De’s elder brother son, Gu Qiao’s Tang Ge.

Jing Bo Yuan uses to see a lot of jealous stare. No matter how good that person try to hide it, he can see it easily.

For instance, Gu Qiao’s feeling toward him. She cannot hide it from him.

“Also our private investigator also found out from Zhao You Jia’s phone that Zhao You Jia had ever used anonymous number and pay-as-you-go phone to send this photo to Yu Qing You.”

Jing Bo Yuan looks at the photo that Luo Feng passes to him. The photo shows the moment when Jing Bo Yuan hugged Ye Qing Xin at Jing He hospital. Ye Qing Xin looked happy, her right hand was stroking her belly. Cheng Ru Yu was beside them, he was laughing happily.

Sent it to Yu Qing You……..

Jing Bo Yuan narrows his eyes.

At first he also felt curious who was the one that leaked the information of Ye Qing Xin’s pregnancy to Yu Qing You. He asked Jing Fen Fen, Jing Fen Fen stammered and admitted that she informed Yu Qing You about it from the phone so Jing Bo Yuan didn’t dig deeper that time.

He didn’t expect that those thing was planned.

Jing Bo Yuan tries to link everything together, he analyzed it all.

Jing Bo Yuan sits down on the sofa and thinks about something.

“One more thing.” Luo Feng looks at his boss’ scary look. “Our private investigator noticed a room in Zhao You Jia’s room that is filled all with Gu Qiao’s photos. Aren’t they cousin? It seems to be abnormal to be Tang Ge to that think, he looks like a pervert.”

Hearing this makes Jing Bo Yuan smiles.

Luo Feng is scared, he couldn’t help but to step back.

This time suddenly there’s somebody knocking at the door.

Jing Bo Yuan purses his lip and says: “Get in.”

Qu Qi pushes the door and gets in. He brings a folder and passes it to Jing Bo Yuan. His face is happy. “Chief Jing, we have purchased Dong Fang newspaper. This is the business contract.”

For this purchase, Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t join, he lets Qu Qi to take full responsibility.

Last time the news company that published about the marriage agreement between Bo Wei and Jing Yan is belong to Dong Fang news company.

“This time for purchasing this company, I invited a lot of medias to come over. I believe that tomorrow all the news’ headline will be about Bo Wei’s success to purchase Dong Fang. It will make other news company to be shaking with fear. Let’s see who will dare enough in the future to publish news without Bo Wei’s permission.” Qu Qi says with proud.

He always likes his boss’ action. He doesn’t say anything and just purchases the company.

It’s simply effective and the most capable thing to punish someone as an example to others.

“He.” Luo Feng laughs coldly. “I think Dong Fang Fu is a dotard. He thought that Old Mister’s approval can let him be unrestrained. Now he should regret it? He should be hiding and crying somewhere.”

Dong Fang Fu is a fifty seven years old, he is the founder of Dong Fang news company.

Jing Bo Yuan just sits there relaxedly. He doesn’t say anything. When they both are done talking. He looks at Luo Feng and says: “in this period of time, find someone to watch over Old Mister and follows him. I want the detailed list.”

Luo Feng cannot understand his boss’ action. He doesn’t ask about anything and just responds respectfully. “Okay.”

The time they leave and close the door, Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t stay inside the office. He stands up and walks toward the window. He watches the night scenery.

He starts to smoke again.

He thinks that sometimes he should let the elders know that starting today the land is young person’s land.

Ye Qing Xin knows about the purchase the next day afternoon.

She doesn’t have class in the afternoon so she goes to Dou Weir to the library to kill time.

She doesn’t look for Bo Wei’s news purposely….

Em, okay, she admits that she purposely pays attention to Bo Wei’s movement. She wants to know about the news of marriage alliance between Bo Wei and Jing Yan.

She remembers that Wen Ze Yan passed her the news from Dong Fang. She looks at it but she notices no other news except the news about Dong Fang is purchased by Bo Wei. A news said that it’s a punishment for Dong Fang because they published false news about that marriage alliance and provoked Bo Wei so Bo Wei attacked back.

Ye Qing Xin drinks her hot water. Her heart feels happy. Jing Bo Yuan’s action clearly shows his denial. It seems that it’s not Jing Bo Yuan’s action. But Old Mister Jing.

“What are you laughing about?” Dou Weir looks at her smiling face.

Ye Qing Xin tidies up the newspaper and starts to flip open fashion magazine. “Nothing.”

Dou Weir is sensitive, she already notices the news about Bo Wei and reads it. The time she finishes, she clicks her tongue: “No wonder you are happy, Dong Fang can be controlled by your big boss easily. He is too capable.”

Ye Qing Xin purses her lips and says nothing.

On the other side, Huang Wei Juan is so furious that she wants to kick the coffee table.

“This Jing Bo Yuan, he simply wants to humiliate us!” She is so furious: “this Old Mister Jing said that he has way to persuade Bo Yuan? Yesterday he published the news and Bo Wei just purchased it. This Jing Bo Yuan is really arrogant that he doesn’t think about anyone else. He really looks down on our Yan family!”

Gu Xing De is sitting down on the sofa, his face also looks sour.

Gu Xing De has no business capabilities, he cannot manage the company well. These years he has handled the company and the company starts to slip. It looks okay but actually is nothing.

So the time Huang Wei Juan and He Su E want to let Gu Qiao to marry Jing Bo Yuan, he knows that the chance is low so he thinks that there’s hope.

Gu Qiao is sitting on the sofa too. She bites her lips and starts to cry silently.

Jing Bo Yuan really humiliates Jing Yan’s face. He humiliates her too.

Everyone should be laughing at her this time.

“Cry cry cry! You can only cry! Tell me I raised you this big, how can I raise a useless creature like you! You even cannot make a man fall in love with you!”

Huang Wei Juan is full of rage that she doesn’t think about her words.

Gu Xing De sees that his daughter is sad, he scolds Huang Wei Juan: “Stop it , don’t scold her. What kind of person Jing Bo Yuan is, don’t you know it, do you think a man like him can be controlled easily. These years he can think and do any tricks. I even cannot think of it. Today is a prelude, I already predict at it.”

Huang Wei Juan then gets angry with Gu Xing De, “Then why didn’t you prepare for that? Now we are humiliated, how can I meet with my friends?”

Gu Xing De is too lazy to mind her. He talks to Gu Qiao: “You also don’t need to cry. This is a marriage between two families. Jing family has agreed to hold the engagement. The day that it is held, the other rich families will join. That time even Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t show up, it’ll not change the fact that you guys are engaged.”

“At first we also want invite the media, but looking at Jing Bo Yuan’s action, I’m afraid that day no media will dare to show up.”

Gu Qiao doesn’t think that it’ll be that simple. If that man can be easily handled, then she can handle him by herself.

Huang Wei Juan turns calmer and drinks her tea. She laughs: “Jing Zong is really good that he can raise that kind of son!”

At night.

Jing Zong returns to Jing family residence. What greets him when he first enters the living room is a newspaper that is thrown by Old Mister Jing.

Old Mister Jing is full of anger: “look at your good son!”

Jing Zong picks up the newspaper and reads it. Recently he is too busy that he feels under-pressured. He has no time to read business news. But Bo Wei just purchased another company, why did this make Old Mister Jing be so angry?

After finish reading the news, he doesn’t be angry but he just compliments Jing Bo Yuan: “This kid is good at tricks of trade. He has my charm when I was young.”


“You guys want make me angry to death?”

Jing Zong sits down: “P:a, A Yuan has a huge scale company, what are you angry about?”

Old Mister Jing glares at him. He is so angry that he has hard time to explain it.

Ju Zheng explains: “Old Mister wants to let A Yuan to marry Gu family’s daughter. With great difficulty he found a company to announce the marriage alliance between two families. The next day A Yuan purchased the company. He also made it publicly that every newspaper informed about this….”

Jing Zong understands and looks at the angry Old Mister Jing. He tries to act to be angry too: “This A Yuan, is too much. He unexpectedly dares to fight with you! Don’t be angry, I’ll call him and scold him!”

He calls Jing Bo Yuan.

“A Yuan, how can you bully your Ye Ye! You are too much! Next time take it easy, do you hear me? ….. Em, mind your business. Bye—”

Then Old Mister Jing pokes his back with his stick.

“You guys are thoughtless, you are useless! Go Go go away, go away!”

Old Mister Jing notices Jing Zong’s action for the show. He suddenly feels that he is all alone in this action. His three sons, one is not here, two others don’t care about this. A miserable eighty years old him needs to fight with his own powerful grandson.

“Go away!”

Jing Zong is indifferent and says seriously: “Pa, you are full of experience. I heard that you also rebelled to be with my Ma. Why should you asking A Yuan to accept the fate to be the one that he doesn’t love? You guys are conservative, so what if they don’t have son? We also have Lao San (Third brother)’s three daughters? If cannot, we cannot wait till they marry and ask one of their son to carry our Jing family name. Then you can raise him as your own grandson….”

Old Mister Jing sits down and glares at Jing Zong: “You can say it so easily. If you can make your Ma wakes up, I also don’t want to mind this thing!”

JIng Zong: “A Yuan has invited the doctors from America right? My Ma’s condition cannot recover so fast, you shouldn’t rush it. Take it slow.”

It’s snowing.

Shi Guang Qing Cheng, inside a luxurious private room.

Jing Bo Yuan puts his phone away and looks at the window. Cheng Ru Yu calls after him. “Bo Yuan, hurry up. It’s your turn.”

It’s been a long time since all of them gather together, tonight it’s Cheng Ru Yu’s initiative to gather.

Jing Bo Yuan takes his coat and says: “I have something to do, I’ll go first.”

“What is it, why do you guys just leave? Let’s play?” Cheng Ru Yu is unhappy: “Lin Yuan also went home because Sao Zi’s call. Now you also want to go home. How can we play if you go home.”

Jing Bo Yuan just looks at him and ignores him. He stands up and leaves the room.

Cheng Ru Yu: “…………..”

Xiao Yan, the quiet one, says: “A person without wife, will not understand a married man’s world.”

Cheng Ru Yu looks at Xiao Yan: “You are talking like you have a wife.” He continues: “But think about it, what happened to Jing family is like what happened in the drama. I heard that Jing Ye Ye wants to hold Bo Yuan and Gu Qiao’s engagement in the New Year’s day. I don’t know how Bo Yuan prepares to break this. Ay, should we come that time and watch? It should be so excited.”

Xiao Yan snorts coldly and doesn’t say anything.

Cheng Ru Yu is unhappy: “What do you think?” He then turns his head to speak with Yu Qing You: “Will you go?”

Yu Geng Xin looks at him, “Do you think with my identity I can appear at that kind of occasion?”

Cheng Ru Yu is dispirited. “Boring.”

Jing Bo Yuan comes out from Shi Guang Qing Cheng and gets on his car.

He drives his car to the B university and stops the car in front of the gate. There’s no one there.

He walks and stops in front of the woman’s dorm. He doesn’t bring his umbrella even it’s snowing.

He looks at the building floor and floor. Then his gaze stops in the floor where Ye Qing Xin stays.

He takes his cigarette and smokes it.

After a while, he returns to his car. He takes the photo that Old Mister Jing showed him before and burnt it.

A day before Christmas eve, Dou Weir drags Ye Qing Xin to the department store. She said that she wants to buy a present for her sugar daddy, He Ji Fan.

Ye Qing Xin also has thought to Jing Bo Yuan’s present. She follows Dou Weir to stroll around for a long time. Then she sees a man coat in deep grey color. She looks at the price, it’s five thousand eight hundred eighty eight.

It’s very expensive for her.

She doesn’t know Jing Bo Yuan’s size because his clothes are all without tag. Most of his clothes are custom made. Ye Qing Xin tries to measure it based on her memory.

Dou Weir buys a belt for He Ji Fan and spends several ten thousands.

On the way home, Ye Qing Xin finds an express delivery courier to send it to Bo Wei.

Dou Weir rolls her eyes: “It only takes ten minutes by car to Bo Wei. You have time to send it, why should you send it by courier. Is this a foreplay for you guys?”

Ye Qing Xin just laughs and says nothing. She just fills in the form and watches the delivery guy wraps thing up then she pays him.

Dou Weir doesn’t know what happened between her and Jing Bo Yuan. Ye Qing Xin doesn’t plan to tell her.

Both of them go to eat at a restaurant outside the university. Dou Weir watches how Ye Qing Xin can finish two bowls of rice easily. “Xin Xin, recently what happened to you? Why I see that you have a really good appetite.”

Ye Qing Xin wipes her mouth and jokes: “It’s possible that I’m developing for the second time.”

Dou Weir: “………..” Then she asks something else to Ye Qing Xin: “You’ll go to Shang Hai in two days?”

Ye Qing Xin replies: “Em, 27, 28. It’s two-days fashion show.”

“Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, shouldn’t you have candle light dinner with your big boss?”

Ye Qing Xin: “……..”

At night Jing Bo Yuan calls her, Ye Qing Xin wants to tell him that she sends him a coat, but she doesn’t say it.

The next day in the afternoon, she receives a bouquet of roses and a letter.

“As you wish.

Wait for me.

Wait until I handle all things well.”

Ye Qing Xin reads it for several times and smiles.

Yesterday she puts his previous card for her inside her pocket.

“Nian Nian Sui Sui Zhao Zhao Mu Mu”

(Year after year, age after age, morning and night)

There’re twenty three days before a month.

Ye Qing Xin suddenly really wants to meet him.

She takes taxi to Bo Wei company. She doesn’t know whether he is there or not. She goes to the reception and asks whether Jing Bo Yuan is there or not. But the reception woman just tells that Jing Bo Yuan is away, she also doesn’t know his whereabout.

Perhaps because last time Luo Feng called her “Tai Tai”. The reception woman is polite toward her.

The time she comes out of BO Wei, Ye Qing Xin looks at the flowers nearby that are covered with melting snow. She sits on the bench.

She stays there and doesn’t call Jing Bo Yuan.

After a while, three black car stop in front of Bo Wei. Several men get off the car.

Jing Bo Yuan gets off the car and notices a young woman is sitting in front of his company.

She somehow looks a bit miserable.

When she notices him, her eyes turn bright. She stands up directly and walks toward her. But suddenly she seems to remember something, she stops and just looks at him with her eyes.

Jing Bo Yuan smiles when he sees her. He says something to other around him. All of them leave and get inside the office.

Then Ye Qing Xin just runs toward him and hugs him.

Jing Bo Yuan’s eyes turn gentle and doesn’t care about anything. He hugs her back. He says gently: “What is it?”

Ye Qing Xin buries her face in his chest. She says depressingly: “I miss you.”

Jing Bo Yuan pulls her away and looks at her eyes: “How long have you been sitting outside? Why didn’t you stay inside? Aren’t you cold?”

Ye Qing Xin shakes her head. “I’ll not go in. I don’t want to disturb you.” Then she looks at the car. “Can we go inside your car?”

Jing Bo Yuan is confused and watches her. She blushes and bites her lips. She says with her low voice: “I want to kiss you. If we go up then it’ll take some time and it’ll give bad influence, just at the car.”

That man says: “Let’s go to the office room. At night we will have dinner together.”

Ye Qing Xin asks: “Is this counted as violate my promise with Ye Ye?”

Jing Bo Yuan pinches her cheek lightly. He smiles: “The time you appeared in front of me, you already violated it, why should you care if you violate more?”

Ye Qing Xin thinks about it and finds it to be reasonable. She hugs his arm and when she thinks that they are in his company, she lets him go and just follows behind him.

Jing Bo Yuan sends her to his office and goes to the meeting room to have a meeting.

After two hours, he goes back to his office and notices there’s no that woman. Just in time, he hears noise from the recreation room.

He smiles and goes over.

Inside the recreation room, there’s a small corner to play golf, Ye Qing Xin is holding a golf stick, she is playing the golf. But her posture is really bad. She notices he is back and feels embarrassed: “I cannot do this, I am just playing.”

Jing Bo Yuan just comes forward and hugs her. He helps her to fix the posture.

She suddenly is wrapped in his warm embrace. She feels safe and unfocused. She blushes. She cannot listen to his explanation.

She is at loss.

She puts down the stick and hugs him. “I’ll not play again. I cannot compete with you. I don’t want to display my skill before an expert.” She hugs his neck: “Are you done?”

“Work is never done…..”

Then she kisses his lips.

It makes him startled for a while and starts to kiss her back.

Ye Qing Xin is pressed down by him on the green carpet. They both are passionate. When they about to go further, Ye Qing Xin’s stomach makes sound.

Jing Bo Yuan kisses her neck and raises his head: “You are hungry?”

Ye Qing Xin blushes and nods.

Jing Bo Yuan laughs and strokes her head. He stands up and pulls her up. He helps to tidy up her messy hair and says: “I’ll take you to dinner.”

The car stops in front of a Western restaurant.

Today is Christmas Eve. Every restaurant is designed in Christmas vibe.

Ye Qing Xin holds Jing Bo Yuan’s arm and follows him to get inside the restaurant. It’s unexpected that Gu Qiao and Zhao You Jia are also there. They are seated near the window. It’s clear that Gu Qiao has seen them earlier. She watches both of them. Her gaze is still calm and kind.

Gu Qiao stands when Ye Qing Xin loos over. She comes toward her with elegance and smiles. “Xin Xin, what a coincidence.”

Ye Qing Xin leans closer toward Jing Bo Yuan by reflex, she snuggles quite close to him like a cute and helpless-looking woman. She doesn’t notice that she make a vow publicly that she is part of him. She looks at Gu Qiao and greets her: “Qiao Qiao Jie, it’s been a long time.”

Gu Qiao looks at Jing Bo Yuan and says to Ye Qing Xin: “Today it’s Christmas Eve, there’re too many couple on date for celebrating it. There’s no private room left. There’s no seat available outside in the hall too. If not, let’s sit together.”

The waiters also says there’s no seat left, they need to wait.

Jing Bo Yuan looks around for a while and seems to ignore Gu Qiao’s advise. He turns his head to look at her. He says to her: “Change to another restaurant.”

Looking at how Jing Bo Yuan’s ignorance, Gu Qiao pales up.

Ye Qing Xin looks at Zhao You Jia. She has some impressions regarding this man. In the past, she saw he and Gu Qiao were arguing about something. The most important thing, Ye Qing Xin could feel his hostility toward her.

Ye Qing Xin smiles and says to Gu Qiao: “Okay, it’s just will we disturb you and your friend?”

Gu Qiao is happy, her heart is beating so fast. She says quickly: “Of course not.”

Jing Bo Yuan glances at Ye Qing Xin and says nothing.

Four of them sit down.

Ye Qing Xin sits down beside Gu Qiao and Jing Bo Yuan sits down beside Zhao You Jia.

Ye Qing Xin and Jing Bo Yuan orders food. During the waiting time, Ye Qing Xin pretends to be ignorant and asks: “Qiao Qiao Jie, is this your boyfriend?”

Gu Qiao’s smile turns stiff and says: “I forget to introduce you guys. This is my Da Ge, Zhao You Jia. I think I don’t need to introduce this one. Da Ge should know him. Bo Wei Jing Bo Yuan, and Ye Qing Xin.

Then Gu Qiao calls the waiter and asks for a bottle of wine.

The waiter opens the bottle. Gu Qiao stands up and wants to pour a glass for Jing Bo Yuan. Jing Bo Yuan hasn’t said anything and Ye Qing Xin stops her and says: “Qiao Qiao Jie, his stomach is unwell, he cannot drink.”

Ye Qing Xin’s tone is like a caring wife. Jing Bo Yuan just sits there and says nothing. He seems to follow Ye Qing Xin’s arrangement.

Gu Qiao is startled and then turns to pour one for Ye Qing Xin. “Then Xin Xin, you can drink it.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles and refuses: “Qiao Qiao Jie, I don’t drink.”

Two of them in the successive turn refuses her wine. Gu Qiao’s face turns sour. But very quickly she calms herself and pours one for Zhao You Jia. She laughs and says mischievously: “They don’t drink. Then we can enjoy a bottle.”

Zhao You Jia notices Gu Qiao’s forceful smile. He says unhappily: “Qiao Qiao has a good intention, why two of you act that way.”

Jing Bo Yuan says calmly: “My stomach is unwell, Xin Xin is oversensitive with alcohol, are you considering Jing He hospital?”

That man says calmly but sounds oppressive. Zhao You Jia turns his head and looks at Jing Bo Yuan. He drinks his wine.

Gu Qiao notices that the atmosphere turns cold. She speaks up to smooth it up: “It’s my fault that I don’t consider it throughly. I forget that Xin Xin cannot drink. Oh right, Xin Xin, in two days you will go to Shang Hai right? Let’s go together okay?”

Ye Qing Xin just replies ambiguously: “Let’s see.”

The waiter serves the dishes quickly.

They enjoys the dinner quietly.

Ye Qing Xin’s lip is a bit oily, Jing Bo Yuan extends his hand to help her wipe it. He says gently at her: “Eat slowly, no one will snatch it from you.”

Ye Qing Xin raises her head and smiles at him. Jing Bo Yuan strokes her head with love.

Gu Qiao watches their interaction and feels it especially crude.

She raises up her glass and drinks it.

Without realizing it, she drinks many glasses of wine that it makes her dizzy.

“Qiao Qiao, stop drinking.” Zhao You Jia frowns and tries to take away her glass.

Ye Qing Xin ignores Gu Qiao’s action. She enjoys her dinner with Jing Bo Yuan. Then leaves after that.

When they are back at the car, Ye Qing Xin says directly: “Does that Zhao You Jia have hatred toward me?”

Jing Bo Yuan just drives and says: “Why are you saying that.”

“I cannot explain it, but last time I saw he and Gu Qiao be together, I felt that his stare was hostile, could it be his way to show his outrage by an injustice toward Gu Qiao?”

Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t answer, he asks “So you just agreed to dine with them?”

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t deny and says: “I just want to observe closer.”

“What is the result then?”

“He is very good toward Gu Qiao. When I refused to drink Gu Qiao’s wine, he was clearly unhappy. He was hostile toward me. I think it’s because Gu Qiao likes you but you like me…..” Ye Qing Xin watches his handsome face and says: “Everyone is talking about femme fatale but I see that you guys, men, also can create disaster.”

“Are you complimenting me?” Jing Bo Yuan smiles.

Ye Qing Xin comes closer and kisses the corner of his lips. She smiles: “Yes yes, I am complimenting our Mr Jing’s unlimited charms.”

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