Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 169

Ye Qing Xin looks at that tall figure and doesn’t listen to Xiao Shen’s question.

Jing Bo Yuan looks at Ye Qing Xin with calmness that looks so terrifying than if he is angry.

Xiao Shen car is blocking other cars to go out so the other cars start to press their horn.

He looks at Ye Qing Xin and opens the door. He is getting ready to negotiate with the man in front of his car.

Ye Qing Xin is a step faster than him.

The spring time is a bit cold, Ye Qing Xin is shivering.

“Are you crazy? Do you know that this is very dangerous?” She asks him.

Jing Bo Yuan stands straight and looks at her. He says: “Come here.”

Ye Qing Xin just goes over but suddenly she remembers something. She hugs her popcorn basket even tighter and takes few steps back. “It’s lave, we want to go home……”

“We” it has a profound meaning.

Jing Bo Yuan’s expression turns dark. He watches her expression tightly, his voice turns deeper. “Come here, don’t make me repeat myself for the third time.”

Ye Qing Xin purses her lips and starts to struggle. At the next moment she says: “I think that we don’t have anything else to say again……”

Then Jing Bo Yuan takes several steps forward. He holds her hand and drags her from Xiao Shen’s car to his side. His action is rough. Ye Qing Xin staggers and runs into his embrace.

Xiao Shen frowns. He is worries that Ye Qing Xin will suffer loss, he wants to get off the car. But the time he wants to open, he retracts.

The first time he met Ye Qing Xin, beside her there was a driver. That driver called her “Tai Tai”. He sees that Ye Qing Xin and this man, don’t have a simple relationship.

They both should have their problem, he is an outsider, he shouldn’t intervene.

He just watches that man pulls Ye Qing Xin to his car and stuffs her in to the front passenger seat.

Luo Feng looks at her boss to put his lady boss inside the front passenger seat. He is aware of this and gets off the car hurriedly. He gives his seat to his boss.

Jing Bo Yuan drives the car.

Ye Qing Xin sits there and clutches her seatbelt. Her basket of popcorn is gone because of Jing Bo Yuan’s action.

She cannot describe her feeling.

Without him for a moment, she could fee the emptiness in her. Now he appears, her heart is filled with something. It’s hard for her to endure it.

After a while, the car suddenly stops.

Ye Qing Xin looks at the unfamiliar environment. When she is about to ask where they are, Jing Bo Yuan speaks up first: “This is the result of your calming down for a month?”

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t understand his question, she looks at him with her confused stare.

Jing Bo Yuan lights his cigarette and lowers down the window to let the cool wind inside.

“You looked happy when you chatted with that man.”

That time he was on the car and watched Ye Qing Xin chatted with that man. Her smile was very bright and beautiful. It’s the first time he thought that her smile is offensively conspicuous.

Ye Qing Xin understand his meaning. He misunderstands her and Xiao Chen’s relationship. She wants to explain but she remembers something and swallows her words.

“Xiao Shen Sheng is a good man.” She says.

Her words are simple and common, there’s no other special meaning. But in this condition, it clearly shows another meaning.

Jing Bo Yuan looks at her. Then he turns the topic: “You are already calming yourself for a month, you should go home.”

Ye Qing Xin: “This period of time I live my life freely and relaxedly. I don’t feel pressured that I should try hard to follow you. I feel that life is tired.”

Jing Bo Yuan looks at her: “So?”

Ye Qing Xin lifts her eyes to see him. It’s dark so she cannot really see his expression but from his action, she somehow could feel his tirednes.

A month in Zhu Hai, he should be exhausted for his company. She doesn’t know when he went home, was he just arrived and came to find her?

Ye Qing Xin feels sad because fo this.

She clutches her both hands tightly and tries to calm her feeling. She tries to say calmly: “I feel that I really not belong to live in your life. I’ve been thinking for a month. I think I use my actions to tell you and your reply is my answer.”

She doesn’t answer his call, she doesn’t reply to his message. He also doesn’t call her again or message her again. It should be the end of their relationship.

Jing Bo Yuan just smokes silently and be silent for a while. He laughs lightly and says: “What if I don’t agree?”

Ye Qing Xin says: “being with you, I’m really tired. Please let me go. In this world, there’re a lot of women wanting to be with you. I think you don’t mind to lose one like me.”

Jing Bo Yuan looks at her and says with a calm tone. “You’ve decided?”

Ye Qing Xin could feel that he will not stop her. Her clutch is even more tighten, her eyes turn a bit teary. She looks at the window. “Yes, I have.”

Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t say anything else. He just finishes his cigarette and lights another one. Then he takes out a dark red little box and passes it to Ye Qing Xin. “If you want it just keep it, if you don’t want just throw it away.”

Ye Qing Xin isn’t aware of her action of getting back to the dorm.

It’s 11:00 p.m. there’s no one in the dorm. There’s only ten minutes before the curfew.

She sits down on her chair, her eyes are empty. She has no spirit.

After a while, the lights turn off.

Ye Qing Xin regains herself and tries to switch on her table lamp. She opens the box that Jing Bo Yuan gave her.

It’s seven alphabets linked together as a pendant with a necklace.

It’s a simple platinum necklace. It’s pretty one. The alphabets are embedded with little diamond.

Ye Qing Xin looks the custom-made necklace. “Qingxin”.

Ye Qing Xin tries to recall that moment. Jing Bo Yuan puts the box inside his pocket. Was he planning to give her for a surprise, but she said those words. She destroyed his surprise so he should be disappointed at her. So he just let her go that easily.

This clearly is the ending that she wants but this time she feels so heartbroken.

At the midnight, suddenly the door is opened. Ye Qing Xin could her the voice faintly under the blanket. But she doesn’t have energy to raise her head to look at her.

Ye Qing Xin just closes her eyes.

Jing Suo Suo calls after her once more, but she doesn’t respond. Jing Suo So thinks that she is asleep so she doesn’t say anything. She climbs up to her bed and lays down. She sends a message.

—— Xin Xin is at dorm, she falls asleep. Da Ge, are you guys fighting? In the midnight, you woke me up from my bed to let me to rush back to the dorm in this cold weather, what if I get sick? My body is weak………

Then a reply comes.

——– Em.

Jing Suo Suo pouts.

——— Da Ge, I saw at 4s store there’s a set of real leather seats, it’s limited not expensive, it’s just 1300000.

Then she puts a miserable emoticon.

But there’s n reply.

Jing Suo Suo waits for a while, then she realizes that Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t plan to reply her. She sighs and puts down her phone. She falls asleep.

At Mu Dan Hua Xia.

Inside the private room, Cheng Ru Yu sits down on the sofa and yawns: “Let me tell you. I just did operations for the whole day. Before I was on my way to go back, take shower, and lay down inside my blanket. But I was called by you, I am a good best friend right? So what is it that you called me? You don’t say anything and just drink depressingly, what is it?”

Xiao Yan sits down on the other side and driks.

Because of Yu Qing You and company, Yu Geng Xin doesn’t really hate Jing Bo Yuan about it. But it’s clearly that he turns quieter than usual.

Cheng Ru Yu keeps on talking but Jing Bo Yuan keeps quiet. Finally he makes conclusion this should be related with that little woman.

This time….

“Do you have a fight with your young fiancee?” Cheng Ru Yu asks.

Jing Bo Yuan responds slightly, he lifts his eyes and looks at Cheng Ru Yu.

Cheng Ru Yu turns certain and suddenly he loses his sleepiness: “Tell me, what makes you guys fight? It’s a pity that I wasn’t watching it. If not I’ll take photo of it. Then I published it with a title “The first fight of Bo Wei Old director and a woman.”

Jing Bo Yuan finishes his glass of whisky.

“Not fighting, we are done.”

Jing Bo Yuan says coldly.

“Phhhh!” Cheng Ru Yu sprays out his drink: “done? What do you mean? You guys break up? Why? Could it because she cannot give birth, so you don’t want her? Aren’t you too much? I just helped you to ask Doctor Su. Doctor Su just said that it hurts her inner membrane of her womb, it just means that she will hard time to conceive, it’s not definite. You need to work hard, maybe you can have twin triplet or quadruplet….”

Cheng Ru Yu persuades patiently.

Jing Bo Yuan pours another glass of whiskey and says: “She wants to break up.”

Cheng Ru Yu is startled: “Why?”

Jing Bo Yuan drinks a gulp. He finishes another glass and sways his glass. ” I also want to know it.”

Though Ye Qing Xin said a lot of complaints, but he can feel that those only her excuses.

“Is it because that little woman has been with for too long time and noticed that you aren’t like what she imagines to be. Moreover you are old, your energy is weak, so she wants to kick you out?” Cheng Ru Yu strokes his chin.

Jing Bo Yuan narrows his eyes and looks at him.

“No? Could it be because that little woman knows that she cannot give birth anymore so she doesn’t want to make things had for her so she takes initiative to withdraw?”

Cheng Ru Yu thinks that it’s possible: “Jing Nai Nai always wants to have great grandkids, she only has hope with you. The little woman is kind and honest. She shouldn’t be hard-hearted enough to let your Nai Nai to be sad… supposedly it’s that way, I always think that little woman is a kindhearted woman.”

Jing Bo Yuan says: “She doesn’t know about it.”

Cheng Ru Yu says: “You always be busy for whole day, you will not be able to mind little problems. Everyone knows about the fact Qing You pushed your little fiancee. Maybe someone says it.”

“The news of miscarriage might not be spread out as important as the news she cannot conceived. Maybe someone shares it, you should check it. It’s okay if it’s nothing. But if someone has motivation, you need to think about their purpose.”

Yu Geng Xin watches his.

Jing Bo Yuan just be silent and smokes.

After a silence.

Cheng Ru Yu asks again: “So you guys are just done? You don’t plan to save your relationship?”

Jing Bo Yuan leans back on the sofa: “Let’s see.”

Cheng Ru Yu smiles: “You are so calm.”

Jing Bo Yuan says: “That little girl has a lot of thoughts about this. She likes to hide things. Nevertheless I need to let her know that for some things that she cannot bear it all so she needs to be taught. Some words also might not say carelessly.

Cheng Ru Yu understands it and smiles: “You teach him like this, be careful that she will bored and really breaks up with you.”

Jing Bo Yuan smiles: “She will not.”

Cheng Ru Yu smiles: “Ay, you are so confident?”

The next day after the class. All the students get eight days off for National Day and Mid-autumn festival.

In the afternoon, students are taking their suitcase out and going home.

Pear is also off for eight days. Ye Qing Xin has no home to go back too, she has no things to do. So she just takes part-time job as waiter of a restaurant.

On the public holiday, there’re a lot of people holding banquet. Ye Qing Xin is so busy that she just falls asleep. This kind of job makes her temporarily forgets,

At the fourth day.

She works at a birthday occasion of the estate business man, who is an ninety eight old man.

“It’s a birthday of a rich old man, the people that come should be rich ones. You guys need to be energetic and dresses up nicely maybe you can get an attention of rich man. Maybe you can promote it quickly, then at a sudden maybe you guys don’t need to pour and serve others again?” Someone jokes.

Another person looks at Ye Qing Xin and jokes: “Those rich men should meet a lot of beautiful women, they will not see us. But I think Xin Xin will do. She has small face and petite waist. I even like her.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles.

Someone from the kitchen laughs and says: “I look outside and see a someone that I admire.”

“Who? Who makes you so emotional?”

“It’s just the king of our business world. You know Bo Wei big boss right? He comes.”

Ye Qing Xin’s hand trembles. She almost drops a glass.


“Why should I lie to you? You don’t see how Li Duo Wen looks so happy. That Bo Wei boss is very different from what I think of old boss. He is so handsome, looks young. His body is great. I am so interested with him. I want his signature.

Li Duo Wen is the old man.

This time.

The manager comes over and reminds them: “You guys need to be careful. Please be careful and not make nay mistake. Today is different if you make mistake then you need to leave immediately, understand?”

The time the dinner is about to start, every waiter wants to sit with Jing Bo Yuan. They want to have his favor.

Ye Qing Xin just be silent and follows the other waiter. She follows her to serve other tables.

Ye Qing Xin could fee his gaze on her.

She tries to control herself to not look back. After serving the food, someone beside her pushes the car too fast.

The time she leaves the hall, her legs turn weak. She leans against the wall and controls her breath.

“What is it? Are you okay?” The other waiter asks her.

Ye Qing Xin replies: “I’m okay.”

But she feels a pain on her lower belly. Her face turns pale.

After the miscarriage, she never has any menstrual period. She checked it online and found out that after a whole month after the miscarriage, she can get it so she keeps on bringing tampon to be ready.

But she doesn’t expect that she will need it today.

Ye Qing Xin finds the manager and says about her condition. She has worked here for several days. She always be clever and quick. The manager has a good impression for her so she doesn’t make things hard for her, she finds another substitute.

She escapes to the restroom.

A dish after a dish, Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t see her anymore. His face is not changing.

This girl should be hiding from him purposely.

Jing Bo Yuan takes her phone and sends a message. Very quickly, there’s a reply.

“I’m sorry, excuse me.” Jing Bo Yuan gets his answer and stands up. He leaves the hall.

The time he goes, someone asks Li Duo Wen: “Chief Li, how did you could invite him?”

Li Duo Wen drinks his beer and says: “Every year I always sends invitation to Chief Jing. He never replied. I even couldn’t comprehend how can he come today.”

“Chief Li, if you get any benefit for him, then please don’t forget us….”

Ye Qing Xin purposely stays in the restroom for a long moment. Then she stands up and goes out.

The male and female restrooms are placed side by side. In the middle of it there’re shared washstands.

She is washing her hands and there’s a red-faced middle-aged man comes out from the male restroom. He is short and seems to be drunk. He keeps on looking and watching Ye Qing Xin when he is washing his hand. Ye Qing Xin feels uncomfortably.

She washes her hands and doesn’t want to dry her hand. She just wants to leave.

But her wrist is suddenly clutched by that man: “Beautiful girl, I feel familiar of you…. he……”

Ye Qing Xin could smell alcohol on him. That man immediately wants to hug her. Ye Qing Xin frowns and wants to get free. Then suddenly that man’s hand is clutched by another hand. That man turns weak and let Ye Qing Xin go.

“Chief Xiang.” Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t look at Ye Qing Xin and just greets that man.

That man feels a pain, he starts to be sobered. He recognizes Jing Bo Yuan. He is surprised but also happy. “Chief Jing, what a coincidence? You also eat here?”

Jing Bo Yuan does’t let his hand go. He replies: “A grandpa of my friend is having a birthday party.”


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