Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 163

Ye Qing Xin still has her own eighty million.

Yu Wei looks at the cheques and laughs angrily: “No wonder you don’t like the amount. Jing Bo Yuan gives you more.”

Ye Qing Xin puts back her pen and cheque. She doesn’t explain anything, she just smiles: “it cannot be compared to Sheng family’s wealth.”

Yu Wei just drinks her tea.

Ye Qing Xin is not rushing it too. She just sits down peacefully.

Old Madame Sheng always feels good about Ye Qing Xin. This time Yu Qing You’s action has harmed this little woman. She feels guilty and heartbroken.

Sometimes she thinks that if her granddaughter is still alive, she will be the same like Ye Qing Xin.


Yu Qing You is her biological granddaughter. She is happy with her but she is stranger. She is not as important as her biological one.

“Xin Xin…..” She looks that her son-in-law cannot change this little woman’s intention. She speaks up: “Xin Xin ah, Nai Nai is old. I don’t plan anything or wish anything. I just wish that my grandkid can live well and happy. Qing You is wrong, she kills your kid. I know that you have no way to forgive her. Don’t worry, the time she comes out. I’ll send her abroad and let her to not ever come back, what do you think?”

“Xin Xin ah, Nai Nai lost my own son and granddaughter, I know that pain. I also can understand your feeling. This year Nai Nai will be eighty three years old. Can you have heart to let Nai Nai be sad again by losing my own grandaughter again?”

Old Madame Sheng cries again.

Ye Qing Xin also feels sad but she knows that certain things can be solved by tears.

She takes out a tissue and wipes Old Madame Sheng’s tears. She says seriously: “Sheng Nai Nai, previously you said that Yu Qing You could do that because you guys as elders spoilt her too much. You guys made her become impertinent. Since you guys know that you are spoiling her too much then now you should let her take responsibility for her mistake. Why should you guys help her to wipe her butt, can she be mature with that? How long can you protect her?”

Her words are reasonable.

Old Madame Sheng cannot change her heart, she wipes her tears.

Yu Wei starts to smoke and looks at the window. He says coldly: “You are quite hard-hearted. You and Jing Bo Yuan are the same people.”

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “it’s just I want to let Yu Qing You to take responsibility, it cannot show whether my heart is hard or not.”

Compared to her losing two kids, staying in prison is nothing.

“You think Jing Bo Yuan just wants to let Qing You to be imprisoned?” Yu Wei snorts coldly. “You are too underestimating the person that sleeps beside you.”

Ye Qing Xin is calm: “If you have something to say, just say it clearly.”

Yu Wei looks at her: “One that could force his own mother’s first love to death, what do you think he will do to the killer of his kids? If he wants to do something for someone in the prison, I think he has a way.”

Ye Qing Xin is surprised.

Jing Bo Yuan forced his own mother’s first love.

She just knows that he and his mother have bad relationship but she doesn’t know it clearly.

Yu Wei means that this man is too terrifying.

Ye Qing Xin calms her mood and says casually: “Yu Xian Sheng, you said those things to me, you want me to sympathize with Qing You? I think you are not that naive right.”

Yu Wei pours more tea to his cup. He says: “Naive, that should be belonged to young person. You think now he is protecting you, giving you money to spend, do you think it’s really for you? Businessmen always mind high profit, Jing Bo Yuan is cold and arrogant. You are worthless now for me, it’s only the matter of time before he abandon you. How can you think he will protect that two dead kids.”

He still hopes that Ye Qing Xin will mention her condition to let Yu Qing You go.

Since the beginning, it seems a lot of people think and believe that Ye Qing Xin and Jing Bo Yuan cannot be together for a life time. Ye Qing Xin has heard it for so many times.

She lowers her head and considers. Then she smiles toward him. “Then I want your whole share of Sheng company.” She continues: “I want it all.”

Yu Wei snorts: “Your appetite indeed is huge. I’m afraid you cannot have it.”

Ye Qing Xin mocks him: “Look at you. I give my condition, it’s you that don’t agree. Turns out your daughter is not as important as your share for you. Businessmen always think of huge profit, aren’t you not?”

“Your words are sharp. This society doesn’t work that way. You don’t know what is your end.” Yu Wei snorts coldly.

Ye Qing Xin smiles: “Yu Xian Sheng, no need to worry about this. If Sheng Nai Nai and Yu Xian Sheng have nothing else to say, then let me excuse myself.’

Then she stands up and walks toward the door.

“Sheng company and Bo Wei have cooperation regarding a technology project. For this project, Bo Wei has prepared for half a year. Bo Wei has invested a lot of energy for this. At first this month, it could stat. But for personal matter, Sheng company already decided to withdraw. Without Sheng company’s capital as support, it’s hard for Bo Wei to do it alone.”

Yu Wei says calmly.

Ye Qing Xin stops and listens to him.

The time he is done, Ye Qing Xin turns her head and looks at Yu Wei. She is so calm, she is waiting for his next sentene.

Yu Wei purposely pauses for a moment and says again; “a person should look forward. The thing that is lost will not return. You should think of the person that alive.”

Ye Qing Xin: “Yu Xian Sheng, are you having difficulty with Bo Yuan, so you find me?”

Sheng company withdraws its capital at the most critical time, if it can force Jing Bo Yuan to compromise, Yu Wei will not sit here to meet her.

This moment Ye Qing Xin smiles: “If it’s the way…..”

She hasn’t finished her words and the door is opened.

A waiter comes inside: “Yu Xian Sheng, Jing Xian Sheng is looking for you.”

Then the man comes inside.

Looking at the man, Yu Wei’s face turns sour.

“Sheng Nai Nai, Yu Shu Shu, I’m sorry I am coming without your invitation.” He looks at Ye Qing Xin and says: “Come here.”

Ye Qing Xin and Jing Bo Yuan sit down again.

Behind Jing Bo Yuan, there’re Luo Feng with his laptop and another person.

Yu Wei snorts: “Your source of news is really quick, you are bringing a lot of people, what do you want to do?”

Jing Bo Yuan smiles and says calmly: “Yu Shu Shu asked my fiancee out to chat, how can I am as her future husband doesn’t know about it.”

“Just in time I have thing to discuss with you too.”

Jing Bo Yuan looks at Luo Feng. Luo Feng switches on his laptop and shows the screen to everyone.

It’s three parts of CCTV video.

The first one is the video where a white car almost hit Ye Qing Xin.

The second one is the video of the parking area of administration office. It shows a white car with the driver.

The third part is near the staircase, a woman with a handkerchief pushes Ye Qing Xin down.

The time three CCTV videos is finished playing. Yu Wei’s face turns even sourer. Old Madame Sheng didn’t expect that this is well-handled.

Ye Qing Xin didn’t expect that the almost-accident at the national theater is not accident.

“What can this show.” Yu Wei regains himself.

Jing Bo Yuan takes his cup of tea and drinks it. He doesn’t say anything.

A man with suit who comes together with Luo Feng, speaks up: “Yu Xian Sheng, Hi. My name is Chen Ting, I’m the attorney of Jing Tai Tai. The cause of Jing Tai Tai’s miscarriage is intentional and planned. Based on the first part you can see that Yu Xiao Jie drove a car to hit Jing Tai Tai, it’s premeditated murder……”

Chen Ting says more, but Old Madame Sheng cannot comprehend it anymore. She keeps on replaying that words of “premeditated murder”.

“Impossible!” Old Madame Sheng suddenly cut Cheng Ting’s words. “Our Qing You just behaved unscrupulously, how can she involve in premeditated murder? Don’t make irresponsible remark.”

Chen Ting looks at the emotional Old Madame Sheng. He says calmly: “Yu Xiao Jie has confessed personally regarding what happened at 24/08 at 07:10 night. She said that she purposely wanted to hit Jing Tai Tai. There’s also a video as evidence.”

Chen Ting is an experienced and famous lawyer.

Old Madame Sheng turns even more worried.

At first, Jing family has Jing Yan, now with another first-class lawyer. Yu Qing You’s case is hard to be solved. Moreover with a premeditated murder verdict, Yu Qing You will be done now.

Old Madame Sheng is so sad. She comes forward to hold Jing Bo Yuan’s arm. “A Yuan, when you were young, I was fond of you, you cannot do this. If not this lifetime, Qing You will be done….”

“A Yuan, I beg you. Nai Nai kneels down in front of you okay? Please let Qing You go. I guarantee she will be sent abroad, she will leave you guys forever, okay?”

Old Madame Sheng kneels down.

Ye Qing Xin and Luo Feng hold her to stop her.

Ye Qing Xin feels sad too. This is the affection that she longs since she was little. But she never gets it. But Yu Qing You, that kind of person, she has everything.

Jing Bo Yuan just sits down still and become. He is cold.

Ye Qing Xin cannot say anything about Yu Qing You. She just tries to comfort that Old Madame Sheng: “Sheng Nai Nai, don’t be like this. Let’s just talk.”

Yu Wei looks at Jing Bo Yuan.

“You are really capable. You even can force an old grandma to kneel down in front of you.”

“Yu Shu Shu if you cannot tolerate it, you can take her place.” Jing Bo Yuan puts down his cup. Then he smiles: “I’m just joking. Yu Shu Shu should not fuss about it with me.”

Yu Wei is suffocated.

Jing Bo Yuan wants to Sheng company that he has administered for twenty years.

He tries to control his boiling rage, Yu Wei says deeply: “You are fully prepared, what do you want, tell me directly.”

Yu Wei knows that Jing Bo Yuan brings lawyer and video here, not only for showing Yu Qing You’s great sin.

Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t say anything else, he glances at Chen Ting.

Chen Ting immediately takes out an agreement paper and passes it to Yu Wei: “Yu Xian Sheng, you have 47% or Sheng company share. As long you agree to transfer the share. Jing Xian Sheng will stop to force Yu Xiao Jie’s criminal responsibility.”

Ye Qing Xin is startled.

Old Madame Sheng and Yu Wei are also startled.

Ye Qing Xin looks at Jing Bo Yuan. She looks disbelieved and confused.

Old Madame Sheng’s eyes turn bright, she finally can hope again.

She is an eighty-three years old woman. Wealth is just material things for her, but kids are more important than her life.

She will not hesitate to let Yu Wei transfers the share.

Yu Qing You’s verdict of premeditated murder, will let her to be imprisoned for several ten or twenty years. She will be done by then.

“Okay, okay, okay, I agree. Yu Wei, sign it. Let it be gone. We need to help Qing You.”

Old Madame Sheng orders Yu Wei.

Yu Wei is silent. He looks at Jing Bo Yuan’s face.

Jing Bo Yuan looks back at him, their eyes meet each other.

The atmosphere in the room turns strange.

After a long time, Yu Wei shifts his gaze. He snorts and just leaves the room.

Old Madame Sheng chases after him: “Yu Wei, why aren’t you signing it? Could it be Qing You’s life is not important than that shares?…….”

Luo Feng and Chen Ting tidy up their things. They are sensible and excuse themselves.

There’re only Ye Qing Xin and Jing Bo Yuan inside the room.

Ye Qing Xin looks at Jing Bo Yuan. It seems that he has planned all of this.

“Why?” She asks.

Jing Bo Yuan hugs her and holds her hand: “Xin Xin, you need to believe me.”

He doesn’t explain.

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t ask again, she lowers her head and be silent.

After a while, she asks him again: “You want Sheng company’s share?”

Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t answer but ask: “you should know how to let a high-class person to fall down?”

Ye Qing Xin: “……”

Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t want to get her answer, he just continues: “you need to flatten her ground first.”

Ye Qing Xin: “…..”

Sheng house.

Yu Wei and Old Madame Sheng return home. Sheng Wen Qiong asks: “How is it?”

Yu Wei is silent. Old Madame Sheng tells her about it.

Sheng Wen Qiong laughs furiously: “This Jing Zong really raises a good son. He doesn’t let go of good chance. I really doubt that our years of friendship whether is authentic or not. How can they want to eliminate all the Sheng family? That day at the hospital, Jing Shen Shen just humiliated us. Now everyone is laughing at Sheng family, in previous life we should owe Jing family!”

She continues and says ruthlessly: “It’s all Ye Qing xin’s mistake, she is evil creature! If she doesn’t snatch Qing You’s man, this will not happen.”

Old Madame Sheng says: “Don’t say those useless remark, hurry up persuade Yu Wei to sign it, let Qing You come out…”

“Ma, are you muddled? If you transfer the share, isn’t it mean that you give it to a stranger? Not only Yu Wei, I also don’t agree about it.” Sheng Wen Qiong opposes.

Old Madame Sheng glares at her: “Perhaps you don’t care about Yu Qing You’s life or death situation?”

“Let’s think more ways about it. We still have two or three months before the court?”

Sheng family’s phone suddenly rings.

Sheng Wen Qiong answers it. “Commit suicide?”


In front of the sickroom, there are two strict polices guarding the door.

Yu Qing You is laying down on bed with her pale face and skinny body. She looks tired. Her left wrist is wrapped with gauze.

The doctor says that Yu Qing You tries to bite her own vein.

It’s not too ruthless, she just cut her skin.

Sheng Wen Qiong and Old Madame Sheng are crying. Yu Wei and Yu Geng Xin also feel sorry for her.

Yu Qing You regains her conscious at night. The time she sees her family. She starts to cry loudly. She says hoarsely: “Pa, Ma, Nai Nai, Ge Ge, I want to go home. I don’t want to stay in prison. I want to go home. ….. Help me… help me….. it’s too dark there. It’s too terrifying…… please, bring me home…..”



The triplets are sighing.

Lao Er: “Da Ge (big Bro), what happened?”

Lao Da: “Our Pa likes girl, if we are born, will he despise us?”

Lao Er: “no, we have our Ma, he will not dare.”

Lao San: “Because our Ma, our Pa will despise us more.”

Lao Da, Lao Er: “……..”


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