Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 65

Jing Bo Yuan is startled, his eyes turn dark. “I cannot, she is just a kid.”

His tone is somewhat indecisive.

He Ji Fan is startled: “Kid? Why do I feel this word is familiar?”

He frowns and suddenly his eyes turn bright: “The girl you mean, is it the one that you protected during Xiao family’s banquet?”

Jing Bo Yuan sweeps his cold glance at him and says calmly: “Stop your nonsense talk.”

“Okay okay, I’ll stop it.” He Ji Fan sits closer to Jing Bo Yuan. He says: “Let me ask you again. The time you don’t meet her, do you miss her a lot?”

Jing Bo Yuan is silent.

His silence means he agrees tacitly.

He Ji Fan is happy and asks with even more great interest: “The time you meet her, is your heart so elated by it?”

Jing Bo Yuan just drinks.

“If now a man confess toward her, will you feel uncomfortable and want to break it?”

Jing Bo Yuan just smokes.

“Now that girl is ignoring you, are you feel really really gloomy, you are so down and just one to be alone? drinking and smoking alone?”

He Ji Fan is determined now: “Just admit i! You are having feeling toward that your little sweetheart!”

“Ckck…. you keep on saying that she is a kid. But at last you still have that kind of feeling toward her? If you like her then just admit it openly. Just chase after her, why should you cover it up? You are hypocritical man!”

Jing Bo Yuan’s expression turns serious but he is just be quiet.

He Ji Fan is happy and leans back on the sofa. He watches Jing Bo Yuan then takes his phone. He opens his Wechat group and sends a message.

— Special news, special news: Our Big Boss Jing is dating!

Not even two seconds, the group turns to be in great excitement.

He Ji Fan’s phone keeps on ringing.

Cheng Ru Yu: “Hmm! I already know it earlier. It’s just I control myself to not say it (Proud face)

Yu Geng Xin: “With his little sweetheart?”

Jing Suo Suo: “What is little sweetheart? How can I not know about it? Who is it who? Is she as pretty as me?”

Cheng Ru Yu: “I’m controlling myself so I’ll not say anything.”

Jing Fen Fen: “Impossible? Yesterday grandma asked big bro about whether he likes anyone at the moment. He denies resolutely.

Yu Qing You: “Bro Ji Fan, don’t joke around, it’s not funny at all!”

Jing Fen Fen: “Don’t worry You You. It should be He Ji Fan’s nonsense chatter!”

He Ji Fan: “It’s absolutely true. Big Boss Jing personally admitted it. If I’m lying, starting today I’ll not be able to chase after any woman!”

Yu Geng Xin: “It’s too malicious oath!”

Cheng Ru Yu: ” +1″

Xiao Yan: “+1+

Cheng Ru Yu: “Wow, the big ice cube also follows!”

Yu Geng Xin: “it’s maybe true if the big ice cube also follows.”

Yu Qing You: “Big bro!”

Yu Geng Xin: “……”

He Ji Fan is smiling so brightly.

Jing Bo Yuan regains himself and looks at him coldly and sharply.

He Ji Fan is trembling with fear and slowly takes back his smile. He just shows his sour expression.

Jing Bo Yuan says calmly: “You haven’t said it.”

He Ji Fan blinks his eyes innocently: “What is it?” He suddenly realizes it: “O! You mean why does your little sweetheart ignore you? This….. based on my countless expression dealing with woman…. she should be play a trick of in order to capture, one must let loose!”

Jing Bo Yuan frowns: “She will not. She always be respectful toward me like a senior.” He adds: “…… or perhaps like a subordinate.”

He Ji Fan: “You mean that your little sweetheart doesn’t have feeling toward you? It should be because she scares you. It should be because you unconsciously show a beast way, that you scare her off. She doesn’t like you so of course she is not dare enough to get close to you.”

“Ckck….. I don’t expect someone as serious as you, will be impatient? Tell me, did you do anything to her? Such as….. hugging? Kissing? Groping?”

Jing Bo Yuan snorts disdainfully at him: “You think that I’ll act like you?”

This sentence makes He Ji Fan unhappy: “What about me? What is so bad about it? As long as I like that woman, which one will not praise me? Can you do it? You even cannot get a twenty years old girl, you have intention to look down on me?”

Jing Bo Yuan ignores him and looks at his wrist watch. It’s ten o’clock.

He finishes his drink and stands up to leave: “Let’s go.”

He Ji Fan is unhappy: “Eh, is too boring to drink alone?”

He then calls Cheng Ru Yu, Yu Geng Xin, Xiao Yan: “Old place, come here to drink?”

Then three of them come.

Yu Geng Xin arrives the latest. He asks him: “How is Bo Yuan? Is he really be together with his little sweetheart?”

That time calling Ye Qing Xin as Jing Bo Yuan’s little sweetheart, it’s just their way to ridicule Jing Bo Yuan. None of them really takes it seriously. That girl is ten years younger that Jing Bo Yuan, Jing Bo Yuan always be a serious person, how can he want to be with her?

He Ji Fan pursed his lips and be silent.

Yu Geng Xin kicks him: “Say it! Who are you pretending for?”

He Ji Fan raises his eyebrows and says: “Didn’t I tell you before whether is real or not?”

Yu Geng Xin: “How can someone that conservative as him, can date? Can he seduce a girl? Xiao Lian even dumped him ten years ago because of his unromantic attitude that she marries to French man? Should we help him as his brothers?”

Xiao Yan snorted coldly: “if you are not afraid to meet with a sharp rebuff, then do it!”

Cheng Ru Yu, He Ji Fan, and Yu Geng Xin at the same time, they are counting. They all are surprised: “Wow, the big ice cube unexpectedly said ten words!”

The moon is shining on the skiy.

Jing Bo Yuan is driving his car on the crowded road.

His mind keeps on repeating He Ji Fan’s words: “You are having feeling…..”

After a while there’s a red traffic light so he stops.

He notices a sweet desset shop.

He remembers there’re several times the time he sent Ye Qing Xin back to school. They passed this road and Ye Qing Xin kept on watching that dessert shop for three seconds.

Jing Bo Yuan plays with his fingers and drives the car when the traffic light turns green….

B university dorm.

The time Jing Suo Suo answers Jing Bo Yuan’s call, she is laying down on her stomach and watching trending drama.

She hangs up and wears her coat.

After ten minutes, she comes back with ten inch cake.

It’s from He Tian E.

A small cake will cost several ten thousand Yuan.

Dou Weir’s eyes turn bright and comes over: “Is it your birthday?”

Jing Suo Suo puts down the cake on the table and says pleasely: “My big brother buys it for me.”

“Jing Bo Yuan?”

“Of course.” Jing Suo Suo cuts the cake: “In our family, it’s only him that is a male adult. He never be very good too me. It’s touching that this late night he will sends something for me to eat.”


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