Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 64

Ye Qing Xin comes to the east gate. She could recognize the white land rover stops on the roadside.

The familiar car license plate number.

She comes over and gets on the car.

Jing Bo Yuan’s eyes is astonishing when he looks at her approaching.

He is smiling when she is sitting on his car.

When he is about to drive…….

“Chief Jing.” Ye Qing Xin says: “Wait a minute…..”

“What is it?”

Ye Qing Xin swallows her saliva and clutches both of her hands tightly. She tries hard to control herself, she calmly says: “I cannot be your female partner…..”

Ye Qing Xin continues: “I am just an ordinary student, I am not suitable for that kind of high-class business banquet. I am also inappropriate to show up with you. So I’m sorry.”

It’s her own thinking after being absent-minded for several time.

Dou Weir is right, she has been tempted and touched by him.

Hearing his voice makes her heartbeat so quick, she is bursting with joy; meeting him her heart is beating so fast, she is also so over the moon; if she doesn’t meet him, she will be longing to meet him.

This kind of feeling is because of she starts to have feeling for him.

So she cannot be in touch with him anymore.

The reason is clear and she knows it very clear.

Her distance from his is too far. He is someone that she couldn’t reach this lifetime.

It’s better for her.

She says it and she just opens the door without waiting for his response.

She walks toward a secluded corner of the garden and sits down. Ye Qing Xin takes out her phone and gives a call to Sis Li of Bai Guan company. She makes an excuse and tells Sis Li that she cannot work at Nan Shan mansion anymore.

After she hangs up, she hugs her knee and buries her face between her knees. She sats down for a long long time.

When the sky turns dark, she just stands up and walks back toward her dorm room.

Shi Guang Qing Cheng.

VIP private room.

That spacious room is filled with smokes of cigarettes.

Jing Bo Yuan sits down a lone on the spacious leather sofa. He is smoking and drinking. He looks depressed and cold.

Everyone could see clearly that he is unhappy.


His phone rings.

He answers it.

Luo Feng says cautiously: “Chief Jing, where are you the business dinner will start soon?”

Jing Bo Yuan just plays with his cigarette and says: “Break it up.”

Concise and comprehensive.

“……” Luo Feng is sweating heavily.

Yesterday at the midnight, Chief Jing suddenly ordered him to arrange a business banquet. He took an over time and invited all the Bo Wei’s business partner also several powerful businessman. Now everyone is here and Chief Jing just calmly says to “break it up”?

Luo Feng is panic.

How should he explain to those people. Chief Jing never jokes around?

Jing Bo Yuan doesn’t care about his difficulty and just hangs up.

He places it on the table. It rings once again.

It’s He Ji Fan.

He has no hard to deal with him now, he just ignores it.

But it keeps on ringing and annoyed him.

He is impatient and just answers.

“It’s better that you have serious matter now!” His voice is cold.

He Ji Fan laughs: “Brother, this time I think I really encounter true love. I’m too excited, where are you? Come and accompany me to have drinks!”

Jing Bo Yuan: “………”

“Shi Guang Qing Cheng, old place.”

After around ten minutes, the door is pushed open. He Ji Fan comes inside.

He sits down beside Jing Bo Yuan, his bottom could feel the coldness of it that he starts to shiver.

He Ji Fan says: “Today I met a too awesome girl, she has hot body and charming eyes…. Ckck, let me remember, how should I describe my feeling before?”

He frowns for several seconds: “It’s feeling of restless because of fear or strong emotions. Right, now that I think about that woman I am too restless because it’s too intense! It should because I am moved by her!”

Jing Bo Yuan just leans back on his sofa and smokes. He is indifferent toward He Ji Fan’s action of joy.

Quite a while.

He Ji Fan is done and pours himself out a beer. He shuts up. He looks at Jing Bo Yuan’s stern face. Though it’s his usual expression but he notices that he is in bad mood.

He Ji Fan just realizes that Jing Bo Yuan is drinking alone because of this. He notices several cigarette butts on the table and empty bottles. He knows that he is here for quite long time.

He Ji Fan is curious; “What is it?”

Jing Bo Yuan is an introvert one, he is an expert in controlling his emotion. It is a rare chance for him to show his gloominess.

Except several years ago, when he is dumped by Xiao Lian.

Jing Bo Yuan just pursed his lips. He is silent. Then suddenly he asks He Ji Fan: “If there’s a girl, you think that your relationship is quite good, but suddenly she start to distance herself from you, what do you think the reason is?”

At first Ye Qing Xin refused to be his female companion, afterwards she called Auntie Zhang that Bai Guan company will change the part-timer.

It’s clear that she wants to put the distance between them.

He thinks for a long time and couldn’t understand what is the reason that young girl do it.

He Ji Fan is even more curious, he watches his face.

Girl? Quite good relationship?

Jing Bo Yuan is especially unhappy because of being watched by He Ji Fan. He asks: “I’m handsome?”

He Ji Fan laughs: “Let me answer you question. But I need to ask several questions first.”

Jing Bo Yuan says carelessly: “What is it?”

He Ji Fan mocks him: “Are you starting to have feeling for that girl?”


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