Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 579

She is very clear. Even though Mu Chu Cheng is indifferent, but he really fonds of his friendship. His twenty years of friendship with Ming Jin Nian, how can it just being broken like that?

If he shots him today, she is afraid that it’ll be hard for Mu Chu Cheng too?

“Let him go?” Mu Chu Cheng frowned.

Xi He took his coat and held his arm: “I don’t want to see him again.”

She passed the gun to Ying Tong.

The time they left, Ming Jin Nian sat down there. His body was stiff.

Mu Chu Cheng was dispirited today. He didn’t want to stay at the hospital again. Xi He asked the doctor and brought him home. She asked Ying Tong arranged someone from the hospital to come over their house everyday to check on him.

At night after Xi Nuan Nuan was sleeping, Xi He went upstairs and noticed Mu Chu Cheng was sitting down on the sofa and smoking. There’s a lot of bottles of beer on the coffee table.

She went over and sat down beside him. She took his cigarette and died it out.

In the past, every time she will take his cigarette to smoke it. But unexpectedly today she directly died it out.

“Why aren’t you smoking it?”

Xi He tidied her hair: “I’m preparing to get pregnant so I don’t smoke now.”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled and kissed her: “Let’s have several more kids.”

Xi He smiled: “You think I’m a pig? Let’s have one for Nuan Nuan’s companion. If we have more, you’ll also mistreat them.”

Mu Chu Cheng bit her lips: “Xi He…”


“Let’s get married?”

“We are married?” Xi He raised her hand to show him her ring.

Mu Chu Cheng held her hand and kissed it: “I mean let’s have a wedding party. I want to let everyone know that you are Mu Chu Cheng’s woman. To let other men stay far away…”

“In the past after we registered marriage, you already made a great sensation with it.”

“Not enough. I want greater.” Mu Chu Cheng shook his head.

Xi He smiled: “Okay.”

Anyway this man’s decision cannot be refused.

Xi He leant back on the sofa: “I want to invite all my friends in An City, also invited Wei Lan to come. But Su Ran seemed to be in bad mood, is Song Ting Yu okay?”

Mu Chu Cheng stroked her hair and didn’t answer her. He just said: “Just invite her over, to let her have a relaxation moment.”

Xi He nodded.

“If your grandpa and grandma know that we will hold wedding party, wouldn’t they be so angry?”


“If they cannot accept me this lifetime, what should I do?”

Mu Chu Cheng leant on her shoulder: “You care about this?”

Xi He laughed and shook her head.

Mu Chu Cheng is someone that loves grandiose thing so they held a grand wedding. He also invited a lot of reporters and medias to come to their wedding.

It’s like a princess wedding. Mu Chu Cheng said that it’s not a princess’ wedding, but a queen’s wedding!

Xi He just let him do anything he wants….

When the wedding party was done, Xi He was so tired, she laid down on the bed and didn’t want to move….

Mu Chu Cheng was carried inside by several others, he seemed to be drunk.

She got up and helped the man to take off his tie and coat. The time she unbuttoned his shirt, he suddenly clutched her wrist and opened his eyes.

“Are you drunk?”

“If I didn’t, how can they let me off?” Mu Chu Cheng turned his body to let his body pressed hers down. He wanted to start tearing her clothes.

Xi He stopped him quickly: “Mu Chu Cheng, when will you let go off your bad habit of tearing clothes?”

When he was impatient, he will just tear her clothes.

Today she wouldn’t let him.

This is her wedding dress, she loves it and fonds of it.

Mu Chu Cheng is impatient: “it’s just a wedding dress, if you like it, I can buy you another one.”

Xi He didn’t let him off: “No, it’s our wedding dress. I want to leave it as memory.”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “I think you will give it for Nuan Nuan.”


Mu Chu Cheng: “……” he just joked about it.

“Nuan Nuan couldn’t wear it.” With her body now, with just a short moment, she will be a meatball.”

“Nuan Nuan will turn skinny.” Xi He believes her daughter.

It’s been quite some time since he touched her. In the past because of his injury, Xi He worried that his wound be affected. Then everyday they were busy for the wedding. She was so tired that she just slept every time she went home. She didn’t let him touch her.

Tonight it’s their wedding night.

“Okay, okay. If you don’t want me to tear it. Take it off and lay down on the bed.”

Xi He kicked him.

“Hurry up.”

Xi He took it off and that man directly carried her to the bed. He hugged her.

“Mu Chu Cheng, wait…..”

“Don’t you want a kid? What should we waiting off? I cannot wait anymore?”

Then he kissed her.

~ The End~

Hi guys,

It’s the end journey for Su Ran & Song Ting Yu and Mu Chu Cheng & Xi He. Thank you for those who are reading and supporting this novel. I hope you enjoy it, though I’m sure I made a lot of grammatical errors in my translation 😝. I hope you’ll enjoy and support my translation of Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife (名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻).


88 Tang

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  1. Thank you so much for this translation.

    I will be reading Prestigious Family Marriage. Thank you for sharing books I cannot read with me. I’m truly grateful.

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