Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 576

Mu Chu Cheng looked at her: “Next time I’ll tell you.”

Xi He knew that he clearly acted in a perfunctory manner. He wouldn’t tell her baout it.

Mu Chu Cheng changed his clothes to the hospital uniform and sat down. He watched Xi He: “I heard that day Ming Jin Nian brought Nuan Nuan out to meet you?”

Xi He nodded. She had mentioned it to him: “What happened?”

Mu Chu Cheng looked at her and didn’t say anything.

Xi He could notice something wasn’t right. She wanted to say something but she heard the door was knocked: “Come in.”

Ying Tong already went back to rest so now the ones that guarded the door were different people. They opened the door: “Mr Mu, Mrs, it’s Mr Ming.”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled and looked at the tall figure coming inside.

Ming Jin Nian came inside and sat down on the chair. He said to Mu Chu Cheng: “I just returned from outside of country this morning and heard my Pa said that you’ve returned. I heard that you’re seriously injured. I thought you will not wake up so soon. I didn’t expect that you are awake now.”

Mu Chu Cheng raised his eyebrows and smiled: “Are you disappointed to see me awake?”

Ming Jin Nian smiled: “Right, I’m too disappointed.”

Xi He passed Ming Jin Nian a glass of water: “Jing Nian, drink the water.”

“Wife, take a slice of cake for Ming Jin Nian.” Mu Chu Cheng suddenly said.

If Mu Chu Cheng didn’t ask her, she almost forgot about the cake. She wished that everyone eat the cake so Xi Nuan Nuan will not keep on wanting for it.

Ming Jin Nian looked around the room and looked at the small bed, he found it funny: “You even let your wife and kid to stay here to accompany you?”

Mu Chu Cheng laughed: “Without them beside me, I cannot sleep.”

“Then how can you sleep during your business trip?” Xi He put a slice of mango cheesecake in front of Ming Jin Nian.

“I don’t sleep. Every night I’ve insomnia.”

Mu Chu Cheng said it then looked at the cake in front of Ming Jin Nian. He smiled: “Wife, how can you forget? Jin Nian doesn’t eat Mango, he have allergy to it.”

Hearing his word made Ming Jin Nian’s whole body turned stiff. Except his family members, it’s very few people know about it. Because Ming Jin Nian and Mu Chu Cheng grew up together and they were friends.

Then Mu Chu Cheng lost his memory.

This moment, Ming Jin Nian knew that supposedly Mu Chu Cheng remembered about that thing.

“A Cheng, you already remember ?”

Mu Chu Cheng looked at him: “I remember about somethings, but not everything. Some memory are somewhat blurred, supposedly I’ll remember it slowly.”

Ming Jin Nian’s face turned awkward, but he quickly calmed himself down: “No need to rush it. Just take it slow. No need to rush it.”

“Yes, so I don’t rush it.” Mu Chu Cheng smiled and nodded.

Xi He changed the cake. “I’m sorry, I forgot that you don’t eat mango.”

“It’s okay.”

“Xi He is my wife, it’s very common if she forgets about what your allergy. Don’t you think so?”

Ming Jin Nian was startled and nodded: “Right.”

Xi He glared Mu Chu Cheng. Why today he acted so strange? The atmosphere in the room was strange.

Suddenly the door was knocked. She went to open the door.

Outside there’s a maid. She brought over a thermos: “Mrs, Mr Mu asked me to stew a soup for you.”

Xi He was startled and looked at Mu Chu Cheng: “Mu Chu Cheng, you asked auntie to stew soup for me?”


The maid got inside. She greeted Mu Chu Cheng and Ming Jin Nian. She poured the soup to the bowl and passed it to Xi He: “Mrs, drink it while it’s still hot.”

Xi He frowned: “What soup is it?”

She doesn’t like to drink that awful soup.

“This soup is good for woman.”

Xi He blew the soup and drank it. Supposedly Mu Chu Cheng asked the maid to stew the soup because of her miscarriage.

Mu Chu Cheng told her: “Be good and finish the soup.”

The maid smiled and told Xi He: “Mrs, Mr Mu asked me to stew this soup for two months.”

“Two months?” Xi He almost chocked: “I need to drink this everyday?”

“Yes.” The maid nodded.

She finished the soup. She noticed that Mu Chu Cheng already changed his clothes again. He was getting ready to go out. She asked him: “Where are you going?”

How can this injured man cannot stay put and have a rest?

“I have some matters with Jin Nian that I need to handle.” Mu Chu Cheng explained simply.

Xi He frowned: “Why cannot you say it here? Also why cannot you take it slow? At least you can wait until you are well?”

“Look, my wife is so caring toward me.” Mu Chu Cheng smiled. He pinched her cheek lightly.

“Don’t worry. Your man is not that weak.”

Xi He knew that no matter what she said, he wouldn’t listen to her. She watched him leave.

Mu Chu Cheng didn’t let anyone follow him. He got in Ming Jin Nian’s car. He sat down on the backseat and Ming Jin Nian sat on the driver seat: “Xi He is right, you cannot stay put.”


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