Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 30

Few days ago there’s nothing happened, so she is not really afraid.

“Sorry, I am just a waitress. The club has rule that waitress cannot accompany clients to drink. I’m really sorry.” Dou Weir lowers her head and expresses her apology.

Usually some of them will not make things difficult for her.

Who knows….

“Rule? Nothing, I’ll call your boss.” That man takes out his phone to call.

After a while, the manager comes. The manager bows and smiles: “Chief Xing, who let you unhappy?”

“I want her to accompany me to drink beer. But she said that club ‘s rule, a waitress shouldn’t accompany client, is there anything about this?”

“What is rule? All rules are for giving best service to our client? The one that Chief Xing likes to regard it as a blessing to accompany you!” The manager pushes Dou Weir toward Chief Xin: “Go and accompany Chief Xing. What did I teach you before? Here, the client is a king! King’s words are imperial edict, you should do it!”

Chief Xing is satisfied with what he hears.

Dou Weir is afraid.

Her senior female schoolmate says that as long she could persevere her true intention and not bewilder with money, able to show her cleverness. She can earn money without losing herself. At the beginning there’s nothing happen. She can refuse those clients.

Today it’s the first time she meets this type of client.

During the time Dou Weir is afraid and doesn’t know what to do, Chief Xing says again: “Tonight just you. Later on follow me!”

It means he wants Dou Weir to leave with him.

“No!” Dou Weir is panic. She pushes the Chief Xing: “I’ll not. I just a waitress. The manager also know it, I don’t do those thing!”

Chief Xing is unprepared and falls to the ground. He then be furious an stands up. He slaps Dou Weir. Dou Weir feels so dizzy.

Then he takes a bottle of beer and directly pours it to her mouth. She struggles and struggles but her mind is blank.

No one helps her. They all just watch.

After the bottle is empty, Chief Xing throws the bottle away and looks at Dou Weir. He tears open the chest part of her clothes and her chest exposes.

“If you don’t follow me, then I will just do it here!”

Dou Weir is shivering and crying.

“I don’t… I just a waiter…”

No one pity her. They think since she is here, she should be prepared.

This time, the door is opened. Jing Bo Yuan comes inside.

The rude and unreasonable Chief Xing looks at him and his face changes. He smiles: “Chief Jing finally comes back, you let us wait for a while.”

Xing company is nothing compare to Bo Wei. These years his company experiences a downhill. But his company domestically is a leader. He wants to have a merger for his company.

It’s not only Bo Wei who wants to merge with his company. At first Jing Bo Yuan really cares about this merger. But he doesn’t show it, he even leaves to do his private matter. He leaves his vice president and two assistants to accompany Chief Xing and others.

Originally Chief Xing wants to be pretentious. He wants to negotiate terms, but now….. he somewhat unable to guess Jing Bo Yuan’s mind. Whether he determines to do it or he is indifferent to it?

Honestly there’re other companies want to merge with Xing company but if they do it with Bo Wei, it will have a greater progress.

“I’m sorry. I have a bit of personal matter.” He says calmly.

He says it and looks around.

He doesn’t plan to intervene.

He finds a place to sit.

Bo Wei’s vice president and two assistants immediately go beside him.

Dou Weir recognizes Jing Bo Yuan’s voice. She looks for him and looks with her gleaming eyes.

Though she doesn’t want him to look at her at her most miserable moment but she couldn’t find a way. She doesn’t want to sell herself!

“Chief Jing….. Help me….”

Dou Weir covers her chest and asks for his help.

Jing Bo Yuan looks at her and shows like he knows her.

Chief Xing hears Dou Weir’s plead. He is surprised, could it be this beauty is Jing Bo Yuan’s?

Impossible, Jing Bo Yuan always keeps his hand clean. Though he goes out for night business meeting, but he never give any space for woman.

Chief Xin smiles and goes to sit down beside Jing Bo Yuan: “This beauty seems to know Chief Jing, she shouldn’t be your beauty right? I prepare to take her to play.”

He is certain, this girl is unrelated to him. But as this woman seems to know Jing Bo Yuan, he is interested and asks the manager: “What is the name of this beautiful woman?”

The manager immediately answers: “She is Shi Yun. She is a newbie, she never does this.”

“Shi yun? I seem to have impression.”

Chief Xing is startled, Jing Bo Yuan wants to protect this Shi Yun?

He looks at Jing Bo Yuan and notices he doesn’t react. It’s hard to guess what is in his mind.


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