Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 570

Before he fell asleep, Ying Tong knocked the door. Mu Chu Cheng said: “Come in.”

Ying Tong didn’t know that Mu Chu Cheng is awake. He didn’t expect that Mu Chu Cheng will wake up so soon.

“Mr Mu….”

Mu Chu Cheng put his finger on his mouth to let him to be quiet.

Ying Tong nodded and said in low voice: “how are you now? do you need to call the doctor to check on you? Also do I need to inform Old Mister or Old Madame?”

Mu Chu Cheng shook his head: “I’m very good. No need to call the doctor. Also this temporary moment no need to contact Lao Fo Ye or Tai Shang Huang. Let’s talk tomorrow let Xi He have a good sleep first.”

Ying Tong nodded and Mu Chu Cheng asked him to go out.

Mu house, study room.

Old Mister Mu’s face turned dark when he looked at the young girl in front of him: “She really said it?”

That young girl is the reporter, the reporter that showed up in her room. She nodded: “Yes, Ms Xi said it. She said that she was pregnant but yesterday the kid was …..”

That girl was afraid, she pointed at Old Madame: “But the kid was killed personally by you and Old Madame. She was in the hospital because of the miscarriage. We checked it and turned out it’s true. She really had a miscarriage…”

Old Mister Mu was stunned. They all know that Xi He and Ming Jin Nian’s matter was their own make-up gossip. So the kid in Xi He’s womb should be Mu Chu Cheng. This moment they were regretting and grieving.

They couldn’t help but to rethink the moment in the amusement park’s entrance, they instructed the bodyguards to snatch Xi Nuan Nuan away. The bodyguards fought with Xi He and she fell down. They both got inside the car and they turned around but didn’t mind her. They heard in the morning that she is at the hospital but they thought it will be only minor sprain. They didn’t expect that it was because of miscarriage.

“It’s real?”

“Old Madame, it’s real. She seems to be so emotional. Oh, right, I also have the form. Old Madame, you can take a look at it.”

Old Madame Mu looked at it and her face turned pale. She then passed it to Old Mister Mu.

It seemed that Xi He was indeed pregnant and lost the kid. The kid was harmed by them.

Old Madame Mu waved her hand: “Okay now we now what happened. You can leave. Remember not to spread this out. You need to keep it as a secret. If I know that you spread it out, you will taste the consequence.”

At first she wanted to publish this news but someone dissuaded her from it because Mu family isn’t a family that they could attack easily.

“Old Madame Mu, don’t worry. I’ll not talk, I’ll keep this secret.”

Old Madame Mu nodded and asked the butler to take her out.

After the reporter left, Old Mister Mu frowned: “Our Mu family is too fragile, we just have Nuan Nuan. It’s great difficulty that we could have another one, but now it’s gone…..”

“It’s Xi He’s kid….”

“But it’s also part of Mu family. We could just raise him/ her like Xi Nuan Nuan. Yesterday we are too rushing….”

“How can we know that she is pregnant that time. She also purposely hid it fro us! A Cheng is back now. The time he knows about the miscarriage, I don’t know what he will do to us.”

Old Mister Mu didn’t think about it, he just still felt sad about the miscarriage.

In the morning, the time Old Mister Mu and Old Madame Mu came over, Mu Chu Cheng and Xi He hadn’t woken up.

Ying Tong stood in front of the door. He thought about Xi He inside the room. He looked at both of elders. He was somewhat worried: “Old Mister, Old Madame.”

“Mister hasn’t woken up?”

“He is awake….” Ying Tong couldn’t lie. Anyway the time they got in they would know.

Old Mister Mu’s face turned gloomy: “When did he wake up? Why didn’t you contact us?”

“Mister Mu said to not contact you guys first….”

“You’re really muddle-headed.” Old Madame Mu snorted and asked her bodyguard to open the door.

They were fast, Ying Tong couldn’t stop them. He just watched them get inside and followed behind them.

Both elders noticed Xi He on Mu Chu Cheng’s bed.

They both looked at each other. The butler came forward: “Mister….”

Mu Chu Cheng looked dissatisfied to be disturbed. He was impatient: “No matter who is it, go away now. Don’t disturb my and my wife’s sleep.”

The butler said quietly: “Mister, Old Mister and Old Madame Mu came over to visit you.”

Mu Chu Cheng snorted: “Go out all of you. Wait until we wake up from our sleep then you can talk.”

Because of Xi He’s health turned bad after days of not sleeping well, Mu Chu Cheng wanted her to have a good rest and didn’t want to let anyone to disturb her.


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