Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 566

This moment Xi He’s face was pale. She was sweating.

Ming Jin Nian’s gaze was stiffen and fixed at a point.

Xi He looked over and almost fainted.

She was sitting on the pool of blood.

Her whole body was trembling and she clutched Ming Jin Nian’s wrist: “Send me to the hospital….”

Ming Jin Nian was shocked. He carried her up and went to his car. He took her to the backseat.

On the way to the hospital, Xi He was conscious. She felt the pain.

She covered her belly with her hand. “No, No don’t leave me…”

Ming Jin Nian drove quickly to the hospital. Very quickly, when they arrived, she was brought to the surgery room.

Ming Jin Nian waited for her outside.

The time she regained her conscious, she couldn’t open her eyes because the light was too bright.

She heard someone was crying. She turned her head. She noticed that Xi Hang was crying. Her eyes were red.

Xi Hang noticed that she was awake: “Sis, how are you?”

Xi He didn’t answer her. She touched her belly. She knew what happened before she fainted.

“Is it gone?”

Xi Hang’s tears fell down: “It’s gone….”

Xi He covered her eyes. Her tears fell down.

Xi Hang wanted to say something, but Ming Jin Nian just shook his head at her.

He came over and pulled her hands. He pointed to the door: “Let your sister calm herself down.”

Xi Hang didn’t willing to go but at last she nodded and followed Ming Jin Nian out. He closed the door.

Xi Hang sat on the seat in the corridor and covered her face: “My sis and me are different. She always a strong one, she rarely cries. On the five years she forced to leave, I also never see her cry. That time she was pregnant, she kept on taking care of me, she never cries during that harsh period….”

But before she cried, she cried.

Xi Hang could feel her pain.

She really hates Mu family!

They didn’t only snatch Xi Nuan Nuan, today they also killed the kid inside Xi He’s womb.

Ming Jin Nian didn’t know how to comfort her, he just patted her back.

In the morning, Mu house

Last night Xi Nuan Nuan made a scene for a whole night. She fell asleep because she was too tired at two o’clock in the early morning. Old Mister Mu kept her company.

The butler passed him a newspaper when he came down; “Old Mister, look at this…”

Old Mister Mu wore his glasses and his face turned sour when he looked at the headline: “When was it?”

“This morning news.”

“Call Old Madame down.”


The butler nodded and wanted to call Old Madame, but he noticed that Old Madame already came down.

Old Mister Mu sat down on the sofa and passed her the newspaper: “Is it related with you?”

“I arranged it?”

“What are you doing?”

“What are you worrying about?” Old Madame Mu looked very calm.

“You let the media wrote recklessly about Xi He and Ming Jin Nian….”

“Xi He is not our family, so what if she registered her marriage with Mu Chu Cheng? All the Nan city knows that we don’t accept that marriage. Now A Cheng is gone, everyone will think that Xi He couldn’t endure the loneliness. So the time we take Nuan Nuan and Xi He makes fuss about it, who will believe her?”

Old Mister Mu looked at her and thought it’s somehow make things easier.

“Ms Xi, last night was sent to the hospital?” The butler informed both of them.


The butler shook his head: “I also don’t know. Do you want me to check it?”

“No need.” Old Madame Mu waved her hand: “I’m uninterested with her matter. It’s unrelated to me. Just watch it, arrange reporters to go to the hospital and wait for her.”


The young nurse came over to check on Xi He. She said to her: “There’re a lot of reporters outside. Don’t know who they are looking for, but they stopped by the security guard.

Xi He wasn’t interested.

Xi Hang felt there’s something fishy so after the nurse left, she excused herself to look outside.

She didn’t dare to go to the entrance door immediately. She looked around. She noticed from their conversation that they were waiting for Xi He.

She found a newspaper about Xi He and Ming Jin Nian’s news. She bit her lips. How can the news about Xi He and Ming Jin Nian took Xi Nuan Nuan out was published. It’s too coincidental! She was furious about it! It should be happened because of both elders.

Xi Hang didn’t want to let Xi He know about this because she was just recovering.

She threw the newspaper to the trash bin and returned to the room.

She noticed that Xi He was sitting on the bed: “Sis, why are you not resting?”

“I don’t want to sleep. Where did you go?”

“I strolled around?”

“Did you go to see those reporters?”

“Sis, how can you know?”

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