Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 565

“If you are really busy, why didn’t you just call me?” Xi Nuan Nuan asked.

Xi Nuan Nuan didn’t know the fact that Xi He called several time, but the call was hung up.

Xi He couldn’t answer her.

Ming Jin Nian noticed Xi He’s dilemma, he just stroked Xi Nuan Nuan’s face. “Nuan Nuan, your mama wants to call but she wasn’t in Nan City. She left to the place that she couldn’t call because there’s no signal there.”

“Really?” Xi Nuan Nuan wasn’t believe it: “mama, why should you go there?”

“I’ll tell you later.”

Xi Nuan Nuan’s face was full of sadness: “But I miss you, what should I do?”

Xi He also missed her. She wanted to talk to her at least if she couldn’t meet her. But Mu family is so ruthless, they didn’t allow her to talk with her.

“Nuan Nuan, let me tell you you.” Ming Jin Nian said and took out a children’s phone. He passed it to Xi Nuan Nuan: “take this phone. Later on you can use this to contact your Mama. Don’t let your maid or anyone to see it, okay?”

“Okay.” Xi Nuan Nuan immediately took it, ” but before Mama said that there’s no signal there.”

“But with this you can call your Mama. Later on I’ll teach you. You need to remember you can only secretly call your Mama. If everyone knows it, the signal will be gone.”

Xi Nuan Nuan believed him and kept on nodding.

Xi He thanked Ming Jin Nian: “Thank you.”

“No need to be so modest.”

She felt it so sad that she could only contact her daughter secretly.

“Do you want to take Xi Nuan Nuan to the amusement park for a while?”

Xi He looked at Xi Nuan Nuan, and nodded.

Ming Jin Nian took both of them to the amusement park with his car.

In the past, Xi He will follow her to ride the attraction but now she was pregnant so she didn’t join her.

Luckily Ming Jin Nian took initiative to accompany her. If not, Xi He wasn’t feel easy to let Xi Nuan Nuan to play alone.

They played happily. The time they came out from the amusement park. Xi Nuan Nuan thought she wouldn’t go back to Mu house.

The time they ate the exit gate, two cars stopped in front of them. Four bodyguards got off and Old Madame and Old Mister Mu got off the car.

The four bodyguards surrounded them.

Looking at this, Xi Nuan Nuan was so scared and hugged Xi He’s neck: “Mama, I don’t want to go there.”

Xi He patted her shoulder and hugged her back tightly.

“Grandma Mu, Grandpa Mu….” Ming Jin Nian said.

“Jin Nian, we see as A Cheng’s best friend. But it seems that you have let us down today. You dare to bring our granddaughter to this woman!”

Xi He felt it so funny and said to Old Madame Mu: “I never see a mean person as you.”

“What are you guys waiting for? Why are you not taking Xi Nuan Nuan back?!” Old Madame ordered the bodyguards to act.


The bodyguards immediately moved forward: “Ms Xi, please give us Ms Nuan Nuan.”

“You abuse one’s power to bully.” Xi He hugged Xi Nuan Nuan tightly.

Ming Jin Nian stopped them and looked at both elders: “Grandma Mu, GrandpaMU. Why sould we fight like this. There’re a lot of people here, it will not look good.”

“Do you have right to say anything? When it’s your time to intervene to Mu family’s stuff?”

The bodyguards finally used force to take Xi Nuan Nuan.

Ming Jin Nian wanted to stop it, but the other two bodyguards stopped her.

Xi Nuan Nuan kept on holding Xi He’s neck tightly and cried: “I don’t want to leave Mama. I don’t want to go back with you. You are bad person.”

Old Madame Mu’s face turned sour. She thought those words were taught by Xi He.

She insisted to take her away: “What are you doing? Why is it so hard for you guys to just take a kid? Do we need to fire you guys?”

The bodyguard kept on pulling Xi Nuan Nuan from Xi He’s embrace.

Xi He didn’t let her. Xi Nuan Nuan kept on crying.

They successfully took Xi Nuan Nuan from her grasp. They even pushed her down. She fell to the ground.

Mu elders saw it and immediately said: “Get on the car. Don’t delay any more.”

Xi Nuan Nuan kept on crying. Xi He was on the ground and frowned. She extended her hand: “Nuan Nuan…..”

Ming Jin Nian finally got free and immediately came toward her. He pulled her up: “Xi He, how are you?”

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