Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 564

“Ms Xi, don’t worry. I’ll take a good care of Ms Nuan Nuan.”

“Nuan Nuan, Mama will go now.” Xi He stroked her daughter’s little face.

Xi Nuan Nuan nodded but she was unwilling to part with her. She kept on hugging her.

Xi He just carried her downstairs. Both Mu elders thought that Xi He wanted to take Xi Nuan Nuan to leave.

Xi He put down Xi Nuan Nuan, Old Madame Mu ordered the nanny: “Carry Nuan Nuan upstairs.”

“Old Madame, why are you rushing it? Why can’t you just give us two minutes.” Xi He glanced at her.

Xi Nuan Nuan looked miserable. Her eyes were red and swollen. She kept on leaning on Xi He’s shoulder.

Looking at her reaction, Old Mister Mu glanced at Old Madame Mu, and let her to not rush it.

Xi He said to Xi Nuan Nuan: “Okay, Mama really needs to go now. Don’t you worry. Later I’ll come to pick you up. Just stay here for a short period okay….”

Xi Nuan Nuan didn’t want to let her go: “mama, I want to go home with you, I don’t want to stay here….”

Xi He was helpless: “Nuan Nuan, didn’t you promise me before, how can you forget?”

“I don’t forget it, but I really want to go home……”

After all, Xi Nuan Nuan is a little girl, she never be apart from her mother. In addition, she doesn’t like Mu house.

Xi He also wasn’t willing to be apart form her but now she couldn’t take her away.

She didn’t want to make a scene in front of Xi Nuan Nuan.

“Nuan Nuan, be good. I know you are a good girl. Be good,okay.”

Xi Nuan Nuan choked and sobbed. Her tears started to fall down but she tried hard to hold it. She looked so miserable.

“Okay, mama, I’ll listen to you…”

Xi He stroked her forehead and passed her to the maid. The maid directly came forward to carry her.

Xi Hang came over: “Sis, let’s go.”

Xi He couldn’t do anything, she just nodded: “okay.”

Xi Nuan Nuan suddenly cried again: “mama, mama….”

Xi He wanted to turn her body to see her, but she didn’t dare. She was worried that she couldn’t control herself. It would be too hard for her and Xi Nuan Nuan.

This moment she swore that she wouldn’t let both elders bully her anymore. She will find a way to bring Xi Nuan Nuan home!

Old Madame Mu worried that Xi He will go inside again so she asked her bodyguards to follow them out.

Xi Hang was so angry: “Mu family is really a bully!”

“Sis, Nuan Nuan in their house. I’m really worried about her…”

Xi He also said: “Me too….:”

Since Xi Nuan Nuan was brought away, Xi Hang also needed to go back to school. In house, there’re only Xi He and the nanny.

Without Xi Nuan Nuan, Xi He felt the house was so cold. She was worried about Mu Chu Cheng, Xi Nuan Nuan, also her unborn baby. These days she turned thin and pallid.

Ming Jin Nian went over to visit her several time. He was worried about her.

Because in his heart, Xi He is not someone without vitality.

But recently she experienced awful lot of things!

Today the nanny asked for a day off. She was alone at the house. Previously she tried to call Xi Nuan Nuan. But the time they heard it’s a call from her, they just hung up.

They thought and felt Xi Nuan Nuan didn’t use to. She would forget about her mother when she didn’t meet her.

But they completely forgot the fact that they are mother and daughter. How can they cut the relationship so easily?!

Xi He answered Ming Jin Nian’s call.

“Xi He, let’s go to have a meal out okay?”

Xi He wasn’t interested: “Sorry, I don’t want to go out.”

“Let’s go. I guarantee you will be happier….” beside Ming Jin Nian, there’s another voice: “Mama….”

Xi He thought she heard it wrong.

“Nuan Nuan?!”

“Mama, it’s me. Uncle Ming bring me out to have a meal. Mama, you also come out okay?”

Xi He was emotional: “Okay, Okay, I’ll go out now.”

“Xi He, don’t rush it. You still don’t know where are we.”

Xi he laughed; “Right, I’m too muddle-headed.”

“Later on I’ll send you the address.”

Xi He hung up and before that she thanked Ming Jin Nian: “Thank you, Jin Nian.”

She was impatient to meet Xi Nuan Nuan. She was worried if she takes too much time, Xi Nuan Nuan will be brought away again.

Ming Jin Nian definitely secretly took Xi Nuan Nuan out.

Ming Jin Nian took Xi Nuan Nuan to a children’s restaurant. She rushed over. Xi Nuan Nuan kept on watching the door. So she could notice Xi He the time she came over.

Xi He came inside. Xi Nuan Nuan noticed her and waved at her.

Xi He came over and sat down. She hugged Xi Nuan Nuan.

“Mama, I miss you so much.”

“Me too.”

Xi Nuan Nuan didn’t only hug her, she also kept on kissing her: “Mama, why aren’t you visiting me these days? are you that busy?”

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