Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 562

The bodyguards then immediately asked: “Wait for a while.”

“Sis, will they allow us to meet Nuan Nuan?”

“They will. But supposedly we cannot take her away.”

Xi He understood that both of elders care so much about their reputation. So she thought that her way will work.

After a while, Mu family’s butler came over.

“Ms Xi, why should you do this? All along Ms Nuan Nuan is part of Mu family. It’s okay for Old Mister and Old Madame Mu to bring her home, why should you make a fuss about it?”

Xi He laughed coldly: “Now it’s me who make a fuss? It’s you guys that force me to do it? They just wanted Nuan Nuan home because there’s no news about Mu Chu Cheng!”

“Ms Xi, don’t be too emotional. Old Madame Mu doesn’t prohibit you to meet Nuan Nuan in the future. It’s just…..”

“He……” Xi He laughed coldly: “Today you guys to take the chance with me not at home and just took her away, isn’t it too clear. I think that they both don’t want me to meet Xi Nuan Nuan again. I was pregnant with her for ten years. Why should they take her away from me? What is their right to do it? Let me say it now if I don’t meet Xi Nuan Nuan, then i’ll call the media now. I also don’t scare to make a big trouble.”

The butler’s face changed. “Ms Xi, wait. I’ll talk to Old Madame.”

The butler left.

Xi Hang looked at how sour Xi He’s face and came forward: “Sis, what happened?”

“I’m okay.”

They both waited. The butler once again came out: “Ms Xi, old Madame ask you both to come inside.

Xi He smiled. She was impatient to meet Xi Nuan Nuan.

The time Xi He came inside, Old Madame Mu said: “Xi He, you are really great! You unexpectedly dare to threaten us!”

Xi He was fearless: “how can it be compared to you! You don’t tell me anything and just wanted to snatch my kid. What is it? Now you turn to a bandit? That you just snatched a kid?”

“Xi He, your words are sharp. You are bold. Now Mu Chu Cheng is gone, i want to see your ability!”

Xi He looked at her: “I don’t have any, but Xi Nuan Nuan is my daughter. Without any permission, you just wanted to snatch her away. What is it means? You decide that Mu Chu Cheng will not return. Mu Chu Cheng will return. You just look at it if you don’t believe. He will go back. Old Madame, what you did today, wait until he comes home, I’ll tell all of it to him. I want him to give me a fair retribution!”

Old Madame Mu slapped the table.

The tea cup fell down on Xi He’s foo.

Xi Hang’s face turned pale, she was worried about Xi He.

She is pregnant! Why did they do this to her!

Xi Hang knew that if Old Madame Mu knew that Xi He was pregnant, supposedly she will be locked Xi He until she gave birth to the kid.

Mu family has a great power, how can they fight them?!

Xi Hang knew that that time she shouldn’t let them know about Xi He’s pregnancy.

She held Xi He’s arm: “Sis, are you okay?”

Xi He shook her head: “I’m okay.”

“Old Madame Mu, don’t be too over! Why should you do that to my sister?”

Old Madame Mu hates Xi Hang and pointed at Xi He: “Do I need to explain to an illegitimate child?”

Xi Hang’s face turned pale.

It’s her vulnerable spot.

“No restrain in one’s speech, i don’t think it’s suit your status as Old Madame Mu?”

“Bastard!” Old Madame Mu’s face turned red.

“Ms Xi, please mind your words!” The butler warned her.

Xi He snorted: “I’m afraid that Old Madame Mu who acts like that first.”

The atmosphere was intense.

Old Madame Mu said; “Xi He, let me tell you today. Nuan Nuan is part of Mu family. Since I brought her here, she shouldn’t go back. Starting now, she will stay in Mu family. No one can take her away!”


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