Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 561

Old Madame Mu glanced at the nanny and said: “Our Mu family’s kid, Do I need to tell you where I will take her?” The nanny was afraid but she said: “Old Madame, Madame is not home. She ordered me to take care of Nuan Nuan. If not you wait for Madame to come home and tell her…”

“Bastard!” Old Madame Mu yelled. “I should ask her? Nuan Nuan is our Mu family’s kid. She should go back to our Mu house.”

The nanny understood now, the elders came to snatch the kid!

She was panic: “Old Madame, Old Mister, don’t be like this. Nuan Nuan is Madame’s reason for living. If you take her, then what happened to Madame? It’s better for you to wait for Madame, please I beg you..”

Old Madame Mu just snorted and didn’t mind her. They all just left.

Nuan Nuan was afraid: “I want to wait for Mama to come back….”

“Nuan Nuan be good. Let’s go home first.” Old Mister Mu comforted her.

They got inside the car.

Xi Nuan Nuan noticed something was wrong and she started to cry loudly; “Great Grandpa, Great Grandma, I want to wait for Mama, I want Mama, I don’t want to go…”

She started to struggle.

“Carry her inside.” Old Mister Mu yelled.

The nanny heard Xi Nuan Nuan’s cries. She felt so terrible for it: “Old Mister, Old Madame, don’t do this. You shouldn’t take Nuan Nuan away. Madame will worry if she couldn’t see Nuan Nuan. Please I beg you…”

She said it and wanted to come close. The old Madame Mu asked one of her bodyguard to stop her.

The nanny could only watch Xi Nuan Nuan being brought away.

She wanted to chase after them but the car had moved far away. She turned back and dialed a number.

Inside the hospital

Xi He just finished her check-up. She indeed was pregnant.

Her phone rang. She noticed it’s her home number. She answered it.

“Auntie, what is it?”

“Madame, where are you? It’s not good. Old Mister Mu and Old Madame Mu came over and took Nuan Nuan away. I wanted to stop them but they brought a lot of people…”

Xi He heard it and stood up. Her face turned pale: “I’ll go home now.”

Xi Hang asked her: “Sis, what happened?”

“Both Mu elders took Nuan Nuan away.”

They both left the hospital.

“Sis, now you want to go directly to Mu house?”

Xi He said: “let’s go home first. We cannot talk clearly on the phone. I want to ask the auntie first…”

Xi Hang nodded. “Sis, I supposed because there’s no news about Bro Chu Cheng so Mu family wants to take Nuan Nuan.”

Xi He nodded.

She drove quickly back to the house. The nanny was walking around in the living room: “Madame, you are home. What should we do? Nuan Nuan is brought away by them?”

“What happened?”

“They just went a while ago. Old Madame and Old Mister came over and just carried Nuan Nuan. At the beginning I just thought they wanted to hug her but then they started to leave the house. They also brought several bodyguards with them. They snatched Nuan Nuan away.

Xi He’s face turned sour. She started to turn her body to leave.

“Sis, you want to go to Mu house?”

“Yes, there’s no news about Mu Chu Cheng and they just impatiently to snatch kid. How can they just snatch my kid?!”

X Hang was worried about her and wanted to follow: “Sis, I’ll go with you.”

Xi He nodded and they both got inside the car.

“Sis, there’re a lot of people inside the house. If we came over, supposedly we would be stop. What should we do?”

Xi he frowned. She also expected that problem. But now Xi Nuan Nuan was brought away, how can she just let it be?

Xi Hang was silent and suddenly remembered: “Sis, If not let’s look for Bro Jing Nian?”

“No need, I don’t want to trouble anyone. Let’s go there and look at the situation first.”

Actually she knew that going there, she also wouldn’t be allowed to take the kid away. With just two of them. They didn’t have any power.

Xi Hang just nodded.

The car stopped in front of the gate.

The bodyguards didn’t let them get inside.

“Ms Xi, you cannot get in.”

“I have something to talk to Old Madame Mu.”

“Sorry, Old Madame Mu doesn’t receive a guest today.”

“Then you go and tell Old Madame Mu. If she doesn’t allow me to meet my daughter today. I’ll cal the media and let the media know about this. I supposed they will be interested to know about the scandal of Mu family. That time don’t blame me to ruining Mu family’s reputation.” Xi He said it and took out her phone.

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