Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 560

She stroked her belly.

So she should believe him even more. He will definitely return. He had missed Nuan Nuan’s birth. How can he want to miss this one too?

At Mu house.

Old Mister Mu hung up his phone and his face turned paled. These days, he seemed to be aged few years.

“We already sent a lot of people to find A Cheng, but there’s no news. Lao Ye, I’m afraid that he is….”

Mu Chu Cheng is their only inheritor, how can he die!

What should they do? What will happen to Mu family?

Old Mister Mu sat on the side and drank his tea in silent.

“Have you searched everywhere?”

“Yes, but there’s nothing. Lao Ye, what should we do?” Old Madame Mu asked him.

“Let them search him again. Don’t stop. Didn’t you say that alive or dead we want to see his body. No matter how and what, they should find him!”

Old Madame Mu nodded. She knew that they should look at personally at Mu Chu Cheng’s body.

Old Madame Mu was silent and suddenly thought of a matter. She looked at Old Mister Mu: “Lao Ye, if A Cheng is really dead, Nuan Nuan will be our only kid….:”

Old Mister Mu was silent and nodded: “Yes, Nuan Nuan is A Cheng’s only daughter. You did the DNA test before right?”

“Yes. I did it before I went to An City. I already showed it to you right? If she’s not A Cheng’s, how can I let her into the house?”

“Good.” Old Mister Mu nodded.

Old Madame Mu said: “Since she is part of our family and also A Cheng’s kid. Now A Cheng is missing, we should plan for our Mu family. I am afraid that A Cheng is dead. That time Xi He will take the kid to leave. It’ll be too troublesome. Nuan Nuan should come back to our Mu family, our Mu family will depend on her.”

Just like that both of elders just thought that Mu Chu Cheng is dead.

If Mu Chu Cheng didn’t return, Xi Nuan Nuan would be the only inheritor of Mu family. They could train her to take care of Mu family in the future.

Mu Chu Cheng took over Mu family when he was eighteen years. Although Xi Nuan Nuan is a girl, but she is Mu Chu Cheng’s daughter. She should be able to be trained….

Old Mister Mu looked at Old Madame Mu: “You want to….”

“I want to take Nuan Nuan back, tomorrow I’ll pick her up.”

“Yes just take her back. As early as possible. A long delay will mean trouble.”

Now Xi Hang was at her last year of senior high school. She had a hectic schedule. Yesterday she was half-day off to look at Xi He. At first Xi He let her to return to the school but Xi Hang wanted to accompany her to have a check up. So Xi Hang called her teacher to ask for day-off.

Xi He said: “I don’t need you to come with me, it’ll be just a simple check-up.”

“I already asked for a day off. Moreover, I also brought books home yesterday. Look, later on I can review on the way. No need to worry. Let’s go, sis.”

Today the nanny took care of Xi Nuan Nuan at home.

Xi Nuan Nuan also wanted to follow her but Xi He urged her to stay at home.

“Mama, Little auntie, go back as soon as possible.”

“Don’t worry. We will go back soon.”

Xi Nuan Nuan watched them leave. She pouted to show her unhappiness. She didn’t know that they were going to the hospital, they thought they were strolling around.

The nanny stroked Xi Nuan Nuan’s head and carried her back to the sofa “Nuan Nuan, watch the cartoon here. Auntiel will swipe the floor.”


Xi Nuan Nuan watched the movie, and suddenly the doorbell rang.

“Auntie, there’s someone at the door.”

The nanny heard it and ran over. She looked at the peephole and noticed the two elders in front of the house. So she opened the door.

“Old Madame, Old Mister.”

She noticed they were bringing a lot of people behind them.

Old Madame Mu nodded: “Where is Xi He?”

“Madame and Xiao Hang are out.”

“Nuan Nuan ?”

The nanny pointed to the living room. Xi Nuan Nuan also noticed the elders. She came over.

“Great Grandpa, Great Grandma.”

Xi Nuan Nuan was a little meatball, Odl Mister Mu wanted to carry her up. But he was afraid that he didn’t have enough energy. He just extended his hand: “Nuan Nuan, come here.”

Old Madame Mu looked at one of her bodyguard, and that man just carried Xi Nuan Nuan up. And all of them started to leave.

The nanny didn’t understand it. She felt worried; “Old Madame, Old Mister, where will you take Nuan Nuan to?”

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