Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 559

These two days her only work was just keep on calling Mu Chu Cheng. She kept on calling him. She thought that if it’s answered, she could ask him directly, why he turned off his phone?

Why he didn’t contact her?

Didn’t he know that she was so worried that she couldn’t sleep?

These two days, she couldn’t reach him. So she didn’t have a chance to ask.

“Sis, are you okay?”

Xi He shook her head: “Okay.”

“Liar.” Xi Hang was soft, looking at Xi He’s condition, her eyes turned red and said: “Your face is so pale.”

“I’ll be okay. I’m still waiting for Mu Chu Cheng to come back. This time he returns, he will bring me and Xi Nuan Nuan on holiday. He said that will go to Australia because it’s summer. I’m waiting for him to take us.”

Looking at her situation, Xi Hang cried.

Xi He’s phone rang. She looked at the screen, it’s a call from Ming Jin Nian. “Jin Nian, how is it? Is there any news about Mu Chu Cheng?”

“I’ve asked people to check. A Cheng is abroad, there’s seemed to be an bombing….”

The phone fell down from her grip. Xi He closed her eyes and fainted.

Xi Hang was surprised and shook her body: “Sis, what happened?”

Ming Jin Niand didn’t get any response, he called her: “Xi He, Xi He, what happened to you? Talk to me.”

Xi Hang took the phone: “Bro Jin Nian, my sis….”

“What happened to Xi He?”

Xi Hang was cried so heavily: “She faints.”

“Xi Hang don’t cry. I’ll come over now. I’ll bring the doctor over. Don’t worry.” Ming Jian was worried for her.

This moment Xi Nuan Nuan was having an afternoon nap in her room. If not looking at Xi He’s condition, she supposedly will cry.

Xi He fainted on the sofa. Xi Hang placed her whole body on the sofa and took a blanket from her room. She waited beside her.

Luckily, Ming Jin Nian arrived quickly at the house.

The time he noticed that she was in the sofa, he came over and carried her up to her room. Xi Hang also followed him, with the doctor too.

The female doctor helped to check Xi He. Xi Hang asked her worriedly: “Doctor, how is it?”

“Nothing. No need to worry. She just be shocked. She couldn’t accept it and faint. Pregnant woman couldn’t endure any big shock.”

“Pregnant woman?” Xi Hang was shocked: “My sister is pregnant?”

“Yes.” The doctor smiled: “Possibly it’s just four week. She possibly didn’t know about it….”

Xi Hang looked at the laying Xi He and felt complicated about this. It’s a happy thing that Xi He is pregnant but now with Mu Chu Cheng’s disappearance……

At this time, Xi He was pregnant.

“Doctor, please give her a bit of medicine let her mood be calmer.”

“Mr Ming, okay.”

“Thank you.”

Ming Jin Nian was the one that brought the doctor over, he also needed to send the doctor back. So he ordered Xi Hang before he left: “Xiao Hang, you take a good care of your sister. Now she is unwell. You should be careful. Oh right, she should be hungry later, you can cook a little bit food for her. The lighter is better.”

Xi Hang nodded: “Bro Jing Nian, I got it.”

Ming Jin Nian nodded and left.

Xi Hang covered Xi He’s body with the blanket and went downstairs to cook a porridge for her.

The time she went upstair again, she noticed that Xi He was awake. She came over: “Sis, how are you?”

Xi He massaged her head: “How can I faint?”

Xi Hang sat down on the edge of the bed: “Before you fainted after hearing the news about Bro Chu Cheng. The doctor said that you are okay. You just shocked because of the news so you…”

Xi He waved her hand and cut Xi Hang off: “Mu Chu Cheng, he will be okay.”

Xi Hang was startled and nodded. She smiled: “Right, he will be okay…. Sis, I want to talk to you about something.”

Xi He lifted the blanket and wanted to get up. She didn’t like to lay down on the bed for the whole day: “What is it?”

She already walked toward the window. The sky was dark outside. It seemed it’ll will snow. Where’s Mu Chu Cheng? Why hasn’t he returned? We all were waiting for him…..

Xi Hang closed the window: “Sis, now your body cannot be too cold.”

“I’m not that weak.” Xi He wanted to open the window once again. She wanted the cold air to blow away her worry.

She should believe that Mu Chu Cheng will come back safely. He will appear in front of her face soon.

He said it to her that five years ago he let her hands go, this time he will not let her go.

He is Mu Chu Cheng, his promise toward her, he will definitely keep his words!

“Sis, listen to me. Don’t open the window.” Xi Hang closed the window.

Xi He asked: “What is it, before the doctor said that I am okay right? Now I feel good too, I’ll be okay.”

“No, sis. You are pregnant, do you know it?”

Xi He was startled and looked at her belly: “The doctor said it?”

“Yes.” Xi Hang said: “The doctor said that you maybe not realized about this because it’s early.”

Xi He said: “I really didn’t realize it.”

Moreover, in her thought, every time she always insisted him to wear protection. He always refused and didn’t use it when she didn’t pay attention to it.


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