Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 557

Mu Chu Cheng also heard it: “She is married to me. Of course Xi He is their Sao Zi. Grandma and Grandpa still aren’t willing to let her go? Are you hating that Mu family have no problem, so you want to make fuss?”

Although Mu Chu Cheng said that he isn’t dare to threaten them, but the threatening tone is so clear in his sentence.

Old Madame Mu and Old Mister Mu were so angry. Mu Chu Cheng could guess rightly their intention.

They aren’t like Mu Chu Cheng. Mu Chu Cheng doesn’t care about Mu family’s reputation.

Mu Chu Cheng had said it, they also didn’t want to make any trouble. It might lead to become the headline of the news.

Old Madame Mu and Old Mister Mu looked at each other. Then they just waved their hand: “Just go.”

Xi He stood up: “Old Mister, Old Madame, I’ll take Nuan Nuan home first.”

Xi Nuan Nuan was in the kitchen and enjoyed her cake. She already ate one, this is her second cake.

Xi He patted his little hand: “Xi Nuan Nuan, how can in just short time you can eat that much?”

Xi Nuan Nuan pouted: “It’s just two slices.”

“Then how many more you want to eat?”

“I want to eat one more.”

Xi He: “……”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Looking at how she still stayed in the table, Xi He wanted to scare her off: “Xi Nuan Nuan, let me tell you. It’s ugly if a woman become too fat. If you become even fatter, you will be a ball. That time Song Wei Xi will not play with you again.”

Hearing this made Xi Nuan Nuan shocked. Her cake fell down from her mouth: “Really?”


“Then I’ll not eat.” Xi Nuan Nuan put down her cake. Xi He carried her up and used a tissue to wipe her mouth: “We will go home now. Go say goodbye to great grandpa and great grandma.”

“O.” Xi Nuan Nuan immediately obeyed her and ran to the living room. She bid her goodbye and left with Xi He.

On the way home, she still bear grudge of Xi He’s words so she asked Xi He: “Mama, now am I really fat?’


Xi Nuan Nuan’s face turned sour: “Then what should I do?”

“Later on you shouldn’t be so greedy.” Xi He stroked her face. She really worried that if this keeps on going, she will be a fat ball.

“Okay.” Xi Nuan Nuan said.

Xi He laughed and took out her phone to call Mu Chu Cheng.

“Are you going back?”

“We are on the way.” Xi He looked at the window: “Was it Min Jin Nian that call you?”

“Yes, if not how can I know that you come home? They didn’t do anything toward you right?’

Xi He laughed: “What can they do? Are you scared that they will eat me? Your grandma just showed the news today. She has no time to say anything. You just called and they were so furious. I don’t know what will happen next?”

“You seem to pity them? If not you cannot go back now, and let them vent their anger at you?”

“No.” It’s with great difficulty she can escape this, how can she go back?

“When will you go home?” Xi He changed the topic.

Mcc laughed: “You miss me?”

“Right, I miss you. I really really miss me. You just left this morning, how can I miss you so much? When will you go home?” Xi He leant on the chair.

“I could notice from your tone that you don’t miss me.” Mu Chu Cheng was dissatisfied.

“Then Mr Mu, how do you want me to say it? Really, when will you go home?”

Mu Chu Cheng always be so mysterious. Xi He doesn’t ask him for several things because it’s his work. But usually he doesn’t hide anything form her.

“Four or five days later.” Mu Chu Cheng said: “Did you send Xi Hang to her school? Were you alone?”


“Then how did you meet Ming Jin Nian?”

Xi He was helpless: “Mu Chu Cheng, you are not, you are not jealous right? I just met him at the school. Anyway it’s in the afternoon so we had lunch together. During our lunch, your grandma’s and grandpa’s people came over. Then he reported to you. You should thank him. If not your wife and daughter will suffer.”

Mu Chu Cheng snorted and didn’t say anything.

“Okay, we are home. You can do your things. Let’s chat at night.”

Mu Chu Cheng said that he would come home after four to five days, but he hadn’t returned for a week. Xi He didn’t know what had happened.

But Mu Chu Cheng never breaks her promise.

Every time and every night she called him. He sounded normal and okay.

Sometimes they did video call. She didn’t ask him, but she knew that there should be problem that he cannot come home on time.

Tonight when she called him, his phone was off. She was a bit panic. She kept on telling herself to not worry. She couldn’t sleep because she couldn’t reach Mu Chu Cheng. She kept on looking at her phone and tried to call him several time. But it’s off.

Xi He fell asleep in the midnight because she was too tired.

Suddenly she woke up in the morning. The first thing she did was checking her phone but Mu Chu Cheng didn’t return her call. She felt panic. She tried to call it but she couldn’t reach him.


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