Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 556

Old Mister Mu and Old Madame Mu looked at each other in blank dismay, their face turned sour. But Xi He’s words seemed to take effect. They controlled their face to not a fit of anger.

Old Mister Mu smiled and waved his hand to Xi Nuan Nuan: “Nuan Nuan, hurry up come to great grandpa. I have food here. I bought it especially for you.”

Xi Nuan Nuan looked at Xi He again. Xi He knelt down and patted her shoulder. She walked slowly over: “Great Grandpa, Great Grandma.”

“Good.” Old Mister Mu carried Xi Nuan Nuan up to the sofa. Then he took out two animal-like cotton candies. The kinds of cotton candies that little kid will like.

Especially Xi Nuan Nuan, the little foodies!

So the time Xi Nuan Nuan looked at the cotton candies, her eyes turned bright and just fixed her gaze at it.

Xi He sighed. If there’s one day Xi Nuan Nuan is lost, then without slightest doubt she is attracted by food by other!

Old Mister Mu gave the cotton candies to Xi Nuan Nuan and took off the plastic. Xi Nuan Nuan had two, she passed the other one to Xi He: “Mama, you also eat it.”

Xi He shook her head: “I’ll not eat. You can keep it. Oh right, don’t eat it all. You need to leave it for tomorrow.”

A kid shouldn’t eat too much of candy.

Though Old Mister Mu didn’t have a kid or interacted with a kid, but toward his own great granddaughter, he is quite great.

The time Xi Nuan Nuan almost got close to him again.

Old Madame Mu felt scrupled. She didn’t say anything in front of Xi He. She just looked at Old Mister Mu.

Old Mister Mu coughed lightly and stroked Xi Nuan Nuan’s head “Nuan Nuan, you go with the grandpa butler to eat the cake. I let the chef to prepare delicious cakes for you.”

The time she heard about cake, her saliva almost fell down. She nodded quickly. The time the butler came to carry her up, very quick and naturally she just opened her eyes big to let him carry her.

Xi Nuan Nuan finally sent away. Old Madame Mu wanted to speak up. She threw the newspaper to the front of Xi He: “Look at this!”

Of course Xi He knew what is about. It’s just like Ming Jin Nian told her before.

Because Mu Chu Cheng and Jiang Xin Yan has cancelled their marriage, at first, it’s spread out the news of Mu Chu Cheng will marry with Lin Shan Shan. The media had came to interview Lin family. Although the father didn’t answer it directly but it clearly showed a definite answer. But in short while, Mu Chu Cheng has gone to registered his marriage with Xi He, it makes everyone be shocked.

“Are you happy that this become a great sensation?” Old Madame Mu laughed coldly: “You purposely sent those photos to media right?”

Xi He put down the newspaper and be expressionless: “Since when I have that great of ability, it’s our grandson that di it.”

Old Madame Mu was even more furious when she heard it. Suddenly one of the maid came over with a phone: “Old Madame, Mister’s video call.”

Old Madame Mu was startled, how can Mu Chu Cheng call her during this time?

The maid put down the phone on the coffee table. Mu Chu Cheng was sitting down on the car and said: “Lao Fo Ye, you called my wife back home?”

“Why, don’t tell me I couldn’t do it?”

“You can you can.” Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “But you and Tai Huang Shang, don’t take a chance to bully my woman when I am not present!”

Of course Xi He could hear him. In her heart, she was laughing so hard. It should be Ming Jin Nian who contacted him about her being brought back.

“Little bastard, what are you talking about!” Old Madame Mu yelled: “Is it your way to talk to your grandma? Also, how can I bully your woman? How can you see I bully your woman? I cannot even speak with her?”

“Lao Feng what do you want to do, you know it clearly. You and Tai Huang Shang will act nicely? You especially called Xi He to talk? I think you are furious about the news today. You cannot vent your anger anywhere so you look for my woman to chanel your anger? I need to tell you, the photo is sent to media by me. Yesterday after Xi He and I registered our marriage, I immediately took photo and sent it to media. I also sent one to you. I am one that do and dare to admit it. Don’t you blame my wife.” Mu Chu Cheng said.

“Mu Chu Cheng, you are really upset our Mu family? Are you really part of Mu family? Are you happy to make this trouble to the family?” Old Mister Mu was so furious!

This morning the time news was published, it caused a great sensation. There’s a lot of phone calls from the media. They ordered the butler to cut off the telephone line or made an excuse that they were not home.

“Tai Huang Shang, what do you mean? I, Mu Chu Cheng, is married, of course it’s right to announce it to the world and the quickest way to announce it is through the media. Don’t you think so?” Mu Chu Cheng laughed: “Okay, I have asked my people to pick Xi He and our daughter. They should be at front gate now. I don’t know whether you are done or not, but can you let her leave now?”

“What are you doing? She just came and you want her to leave now?” Old Madame Mu laughed coldly: “Mu Chu Cheng, are you worried for Xi He, do you think we will hurt her?”

“Lao Fo Ye, you don’t like Xi He, so it’s hard to guess.” Mu Chu Cheng smiled but his eyes were cold: “If you have something to talk, you can wait until I return back. What is all about with taking the chance when I’m not around to talk to her? Today no matter how I want her to leave. Right now I want her to leave. I don’t care if we need to make trouble, if you don’t mind…..”

“What, you are threatening us?”

“I don’t dare. I just say it honestly.”

During their chat, two people came inside. Though it isn’t Ying Tong but they also those two that always followed Mu Chu Cheng. Old Mister Mu and Old Madame Mu recognized them.

“Old Madame, Old Mister.” They both came over: “Mister Mu let us to pick up Sao Zi ( elder brother’s wife).

“What Sao Zi?” Old Mister Mu yelled: “When does she become your Sao Zi?”

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