Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 555

Xi He laughed and didn’t say anything. She and Mu Chu Cheng has been together for so long, she doesn’t care about it.

Because in the past she always be together with Mu Chu Cheng, and Ming Jin Nian always plays around with Mu Chu Cheng so of course she is quite familiar with Ming Jin Nian.

Even though they hasn’t met for five years, but there’s no really a gap.

Xi He remembered that Ming Jin Nian had a girlfriend. He frequently brought her to play around and gather with them. But she didn’t meet her yesterday so she asked.

Ming Jin Nian shook his head: “She a, she just likes to join in the fun on occasion. We have broken up for so long.”

Xi He was startled for a while: “I thought that you really liked her and was so serious toward her, you always bring her everywhere.”

Ming Jin Nian is like Mu Chu Cheng, he always like to play crazily. That year they raced car, any game they will join. That time during the car race, she always sat beside him and Ming Jin Nian also brought his girlfriend togehter.

Ming Jin Nian sighed: “You and Mu Chu Cheng were always together, I couldn’t be alone right? So I just brought her.”

She didn’t believe it but no matter what it is Ming Jin Nian’s private matter. She couldn’t ask too much. So she just laughed and didn’t say anything.

“Then why are you not looking for another one? Your family hasn’t forced to you?”

“Of course they force me.” He frowned: “but I haven’t met the suitable one, so I don’t look again.”

Xi He nodded. Ming Jin Nian changed the topic; “Last night the time you registered your marriage, A Cheng sent a photo for the media?”

“Yes.” Mu Chu Cheng is always that high key person. He feels that their marriage is a big matter. Of course he will want to spread it out to let everyone knows that Xi He is married woman and her husband this time is Mu Chu Cheng.

“No wonder……” Ming Jin Nian chattered.

Xi He was confused: “What is it?”

Ming Jin Nian shook his head: “Today do you read the newspaper or watch the news?”

Xi He was so embarrassed when he asked. Because yesterday Mu Chu Cheng played overly and led her to wake up late.

She shook her head.

“Because of your marriage, Nan City’s media turns so active.”

Xi He smiled: “Mu Chu Cheng is always like that.”

“I supposedly both of Grandma Mu and Grandpa Mu will be furious….”

“Yesterday Mu Chu Cheng sent them photo too.” Xi He was helpless.

She noticed that Ming Jin Nian looked at something.

“Xi He, if not you can take Nuan Nuan and go first?”

Xi He was startled and looked there’re several men in front of the gate. She could recognize those men’s face because she met them in Mu family.

They seemed to be looking for someone

Xi He didn’t need to guess who was they looking for, supposedly those two elders were so angry and let some people to find her.

Xi He didn’t want to have conflict with those two. Now Mu Chu Cheng is not at home. She will be in disadvantage position. Moreover, they kept on discussing the same thing over and over, she felt so annoyed.

She carried Xi Nuan Nuan and prepared to leave but suddenly heard: “She is there!”

She turned stiff and didn’t move.

Now she couldn’t run away, now they were discovered, they couldn’t hide.

She just turned her body and listened to them: “Ms Xi, Old Mister and Old Madame are looking for you, they want to meet you.”

“Okay.” Xi He just only can follow them. She really felt annoyed that she needed to face those two.

“Mama, we will go to Great Grandpa and Great Grandma’s house?”

Xi He nodded: “Right, they asked us to come.”

“But I don’t want to go……” Xi Nuan Nuan said lowly. Yesterday she didn’t have a good impression toward them. She felt they are too frightening. She didn’t like them.

Xi he was helpless and looked at her. Ming Jin Nian came over and stroked her face: “It’s okay, Nuan Nuan. They are your family, what are you afraid of? They love you.”

Xi Nuan Nuan pouted her lips: “But they don’t like Mama.”

Even a small kid like her could notice it.

Ming Jin Nian was startled because of Xi Nuan Nuan’s word. He said: “Your Mama is so good, everyone will like her. Don’t worry. Sooner or later they will like. Now they just have a bit of misunderstanding.”

“O.” Xi Nuan Nuan nodded.

Xi He carried her inside Mu family’s car. They returned to Mu house. Both of the elders were sitting down on the sofa.

Old Mister Mu saw Xi Nuan Nuan, he waved at her: “Nuan Nuan, come here.”

Xi Nuan Nuan was hesitant. She looked at Xi He.

Xi He at first wanted to ask her to go but Old Madame Mu just said coldly: “Look at it, she even teaches her daughter about this. Mu family’s kid is Mu family’s. No matter what, she is related to us.”

Xi He was startled and laughed coldly: “Old Madame means that I purposely taught her to be alienated from you?”

Old Madame Mu said: “I don’t say it like that.”

“Old Madame indeed you said that.” Xi He didn’t scare of her: “In your eyes, no matter what I do, everything is wrong so I don’t care what do you think.”

“HENG!” Old Madame Mu snorted: “arrogant!”

Old Mister Mu glanced at Xi He: “Nuan Nuan all along is our Mu family kid, Xi he, how can you have an evil intention?”

“Old Mister, Old Madame, I don’t teach her anything. She acts like this today because what happened yesterday here, it gives her a bad impression. Don’t you think that kid cannot feel it.”

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