Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 554

Xi He sneered: “But I don’t feel you think of Xi Nuan Nuan as your predestined young lover.”

Mu Chu Cheng pinched her cheek: “I have this life lover, why should I care about the predestined one?”

Xi He shook his hand away: “It’s better we go home.”

“Try me if you dare to go home!”

Xi He glared at her. She is a person that open to persuasion but no coercion. She drove back home.

At the beginning, Mu Chu Cheng didn’t say anything and also didn’t do anything. He just waited until she came back from Xi Nuan Nuan’s room. He suddenly took opportunity when she was unprepared to carry her and place her on the bed. He didn’t wait for her response and just tied her wrist and ankle using a rope.

She tried to move but she couldn’t!

“Mu Chu Cheng, what are you doing?!”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled charmingly and started to take off clothes: “Isn’t it clear, you!”

Xi He was bursting with rage: “Can you do it nicely?!”

“No.” Mu Chu Cheng took off his clothes and threw it on the ground. He just wore his trousers and pinched her cheek: “Today is our wedding night, let’s try another way.”

Xi He was speechless, how can she forget that this man likes to play this!

The next morning, because Xi He slept late yesterday, she forgot that she needed to send Xi Hang to the school. Mu Chu Cheng woke up early and turned off her alarm.

Xi Hang got up and prepared breakfast but Xi He was still asleep. She never does it before.

At last Xi Nuan Nuan also woke up. She sat down in the dining table and ate her bread: “Little auntie, why Mama is not wake up yet? Will we send you to the school?”

“Yes.” Xi Hang nodded: “Let me go up and take a look.”

Xi Hang went upstairs and knocked on her door. No one responded. She guessed that Xi He slept so soundly.

“Sis, wake up.”

Xi He heard noise and opened her eyes slowly. She felt so tired.

Because her alarm didn’t ring, she thought that it’s still very early. “Xiao Hang, what time is it?’

“It’s nine o’clock.”

Nine o’clock…………

Xi He sat up and took her phone. Indeed it’s nine o’clock. She hurriedly went to the restroom: “Xiao Hang, why don’t you call me earlier!”

Xiao Hang’s face blushed because the time she woke up her up, accidentally Xi Hang looked at Xi He’s collar bone was full of kiss mark. There’re also mark of wrist and ankle.

Xi He tidied up and changed her clothes. She noticed the faint red mark on her wrist. She bit her lips: “Bastard Mu Chu Cheng.”

She smelt her wrist, there’s a smell of ointment. Supposedly this morning Mu Chu Cheng helped her to apply ointment.

Because she woke up late so Xi He ate her breakfast quickly and helped to move Xi Hang’s things into the car. She drove to her school.

On the way Mu Chu Cheng called: “You are awake?”

Remembering this thing made Xi He furious: “You turned off my alarm?”

He not only tormented her for the whole night, he also made her sleep late. Now Xiao Hang was late. She could only attended the afternoon class.

Mu Chu Cheng laughed: “I saw that you were so tired.”

Because Xi He was driving, she opened the speaker. She’s worried that he will say something that kids shouldn’t hear. There’re two other immature kid!

She coughed slightly: “I’ll not chat with you this time. I am driving to send Xiao Hang, let’s talk later.”

She hung up.

Finally they arrived at the school. The time she went to do the administration, she met Ming Jin Nian.

Xi He was startled: “What a coincidence?”

Ming Jin Nian looked at them: “You are coming to send her off?”

“Yes, today I want to handle the administration for her and also take her things here. In the afternoon, she has class.” XI He said it. She was carrying Xi Nuan Nuan then she pointed at Ming Jin Nian: “Nuan Nuan, this is Uncle Ming. He is Papa Mama’s best friend.”

Ming Jin Nian smiled and stroked Xi Nuan Nuan’s head: “Yesterday I just told you that I want to meet your daughter. Today I can meet her. Hi, Nuan Nuan.”

Xi Nuan Nuan has no power toward handsome man, she immediately smiled so bright: “Uncle Ming, Hi.”

“Good girl.” Ming Jin Nian said: “I’m really jealous that Mu Chu Cheng has this good daughter.”

Xi He joked: “don’t say it, you also need to hurry up. Marry and have kids.”

Ming Jin Nian stroked Xi Nuan Nuan’s face. After a moment, he said: “Oh right, is Xiao Hang’s things need to be moved to the dorm? Let me help you to move it.”

“Sorry to trouble you.”

“No worries.”

Ming Jin Nian helped Xi He to bring her things over. Xi He said to Xi Hang: “Give me a call if you are on holiday, I’ll come to pick you up. Remember to tell me anything. You might not used to do this, if you are unhappy, remember to tell me.”

Xi Hang smiled: “got it, sis.”

Xi He looked at the time and noticed it’s a bit late: “I’ll go first.”


Xi Hang sent them out.

Ming Jin Nian left together with them. He looked at his watch: “Do you want to have lunch together?”

“Are you not busy?”

“I’m not. Anyway it’s not early anymore. It will be a lunch time when we reached the city. How is ti?”

Xi He couldn’t refuse and nodded: “Okay.”

Ming Jin Nian’s driver drove him to the school but because of the meeting, he let his driver go home first. Now he got on Xi He’s car.

‘Where is A Cheng?”

“He has something to do so he will go away for several days.”

“You guys just be married and he abandon you?” Ming Jing Nian continued: “when will you hold the wedding?”


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