Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 550

“It’s better for you to stop chattering. Here there’s a lot of people. Let me ask you, aren’t you feeling shame?” Old Madame Mu asked both of them.

At first she didn’t want to meet Xi he so Mu Chu Cheng’s action for Xi He, make her even angrier!

Mu Chu Cheng lost his interest in his game, he placed down his phone and frowned: “Lao Fo Ye, you are so troublesome. You are old, aren’t you tired to mind all those things?”

“Little bastard, shut up!”

This time Old Mister spoke up. Because he said it too sudden and too loud, Xi Nuan Nuan, who was sitting beside him, was really surprised. Old Mister noticed it and immediately said: “Nuan Nuan, great grandpa is not talking to you, no need to be afraid.”

Xi Nuan Nuan wasn’t familiar with them so she wanted to move closer to Xi He.

“Great grandpa, I want to go to Mama.”

Looking at this situation, Old Madame Mu’s face changed. She wanted to say more but Mu Chu Cheng went over there. He carried Xi Nuan Nuan up: “Nuan Nuan, it seems that your Great Grandpa and Great Grandma don’t welcome us here. Let’s go. Papa will take you guys out for dinner.”

He said it and wanted to take Xi Nuan Nuan to leave. Old Madame Mu was so angry and pointed at him: “Stop.”

“Mu Chu Cheng, you bring Nuan Nuan here to have dinner, it’s unpresentable to just take her home.”

Mu Chu Cheng turned his body: “It’s you guys who are unpresentable. Since we arrived, Lao Fo Ye showed us her hostility. She even didn’t show any smile for my daughter. She is just four years old, she doesn’t understand problems between us. So please may I trouble you, even you are pretending, can’t you pretend to be more harmonious and welcoming?”

Old Madame Mu couldn’t say anything, Old Mister Mu said: “Let’s come back, we will have dinner soon.”

“Isn’t the guest not arrived yet?” Mu Chu Cheng raised his brows.

Then suddenly a maid said: “Old Mister Old Madame, Ms Lin is here.”

Xi He looked at the door and looked at a woman that dressed impressively.

She seemed to be polite. She thanked the maid: “Thank you.”

The woman smiled: “Grandpa Mu, Grandma Mu.” Then she looked at Mu Chu Cheng, her face was blushing.

“Shan Shan, you are here.” Old Madame held Shan Shan’s hand and patted it. She looked at Mu Chu Cheng: “Chu Cheng, do you remember Shan Shan? You’d played with her when you were a little kid. Then she moved abroad. She just came back. She always remembered you and both of us, so….”

Mu Chu Cheng just cut her off: “I don’t remember. I have forgotten it completely. I even forgot my beloved woman, let alone her.”

Old Madame Mu’s face turned sour. But Lin Shan Shan smiled brightly: “No need to worry. It’s too long. It’s not weird to forget about it. We can once again know each other. A Cheng, I am Lin Shan Shan…..”

She said it and extended her hand to shake hand, but Mu Chu Cheng just looked at her hand. He raised his eyebrows and didn’t do anything.

Lin Shan Shan also didn’t feel awkward about it, she just retrieved her hand and hugged Old Madame Mu’s arm: “Grandma Mu, I’m sorry for letting you guys wait for me for a long time.”

Old Madame Mu smiled: “It’s nothing. We never have a dinner too early. Butler, let them prepare the food. We will eat now.”

Yet Mu Chu Cheng carried Xi Nuan Nuan and turned his body to hold Xi He’s hand. They all walked to the door.

Old Mister yelled: “Where will you guys going? We will eat now!”

Mu Chu Cheng didn’t even turn his body, he just said: “You guys can enjoy dinner slowly. I will not be an obstruction. I will take my wife and daughter to eat out.”

“Mu Chu Cheng, come back!” Old Mister said furiously.

But Mu Chu Cheng just ignored him and just went outside. Finally Old Madame Mu said: “Why don’t you guys stop him?”

Immediately several maids came forward and the bodyguards also came forward. Mu Chu Cheng passed Xi Nuan Nuan to Xi He. He looked at all of them: “Are you sure you want to fight with me? Are you sure you can win over me?”

Several bodyguard were also experts in fighting, but to fight with Mu Chu Cheng, they aren’t too sure. Moreover, Mu Chu Cheng is a master, of course they shouldn’t hit him too much. So they couldn’t win over him.

“Mister Mu, old Mister and old madame asked you to come back. Please don’t make things hard for us.” One of the bodyguard said.

“I don’t prepare to go back. If you can fight me then try to stop me.” Mu Chu Cheng folded his sleeve.

Today it’s not only Mu family member present, they also had Lin Shan Shan, even XI Nuan Nuan, a little kid. Old Mister didn’t’ want to embarrass himself. It’s the first time he met Xi Nuan Nuan, he doesn’t want her to have a bad impression about him!

“Okay, just let him be!”

Finally the bodyguards just moved: “Mister Mu, please.”

Mu Chu Cheng carried Xi Nuan Nuan up again and took Xi He to leave.

Old Madame Mu was so angry because Mu Chu Cheng had disrespected her. But Lin Shan Shan comforted her: “Grandma Mu, it’s okay. A Cheng should have some problems he needs to attend to. Let’s just eat.”

Old Madame Mu’s face turned calm and patted Lin Shan Shan’s hand: “Shan Shan, you are so clear on matters of principle. A Cheng always acts that way. He is deeply in love with that woman, at first I want him to interact with you, but he brought that woman home!”

Lin Shan Shan was embarrassed: “Grandma Mu, I think Xi He is quite good.” Lin Shan Shan never meets Xi He before.

But she had heard news about her.


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