Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 548

Mu Chu Cheng used his hand to massage his ear, he joked: “O~ so it’s Tai Huang Shang. It’s late how can you call me this late night. Is something big happened?”

“Mu Chu Cheng, you’ve returned for Nan City for a day right? You don’t need to come over to visit?”

“Tai Huang Shang you misses me? or is it Lao Fo Ye misses me?”

“Stop your sweet-talking action! You and Jiang Xin Yan already cancel the marriage right.” Old Mister Mu and Old Madame Mu are people with same personality, they both are unreasonable and hard to deal with. They will publish the cancellation of marriage tomorrow!

Jiang Xin Yan had done something terrible toward Mu family’s reputation, they will not give her any chance to marry into Mu family. A wife of Mu family should be able to protect Mu family’s reputation. Unlike her who exposed the matter.

Under this situation, they couldn’t let it go easily!

Mu Chu Cheng leant on the railing and looked at the closing the door. He smiled: “Then I need to thank you, thank you for helping me be with together with Xi He.”

“When did I say that I am helping you be together with Xi He?” Old Mister Mu laughed coldly: “I heard that Xi He gave birth to a daughter for you?”


“Are you sure she is Mu family?”

“He…” Mu Chu Cheng laughed: ” Shouldn’t Lao Fo Ye check it already? She hasn’t discussed it with you?”

Mu Chu Cheng knew Old Madame Mu too well. She already doubted Xi Nuan Nuan’s identity so she should already check it.

“Tomorrow bring her to our Mu family, we want to meet her.”

“Okay.” Mu Chu Cheng didn’t decline, he knows sooner or later they all need to meet.

Xi He discussed the school transfer matter with XI Hang, just like Mu Chu Cheng said, she is willing to transfer.

At first she wanted to come back to school to pack up but Xi He felt that she was not healthy yet. She wanted to let her rest for two days and calm herself down so she just let her go to school this week.

Xi Nuan Nuan woke up in the morning, Mu Chu Cheng told her that she will live here in the future.

Xi Nuan Nuan can adapt easily so she accepts it. But she was quite unwilling to part with her Bro Wei Xi, Xi He promised that in the future she will frequently take her to go back to An City. She also told her that Su Ran will also take Song Wei Xi back to Nan City. Finally she agrees.

The time they had breakfast, Mu Chu Cheng remembered his call with Old Mister Mu. He looked at Xi He: “I’ll take you guys back to Mu family later on.”

Xi He startled for a while: “Yesterday your grandma called you?”

Mu Chu Cheng nodded: “They asked me to bring Nuan Nuan back.

All along Xi Nuan Nuan is Mu family member. Of course she needs to go home to visit. Xi He understands this. It’s just she felt a little bit uncomfortable about it.

Xi Nua Nuan was eating wonton, she blinked: “Papa, where will you take me to?”

“To meet my grandpa and grandpa.”

“Papa, how will I call your grandpa and grandma?” Xi Nuan Nuan raised her face.

“Lao Fo Ye and Tai Huang Shang.” Mu Chu Cheng just said it carelessly.

“O…..” Xi Nuan Nuan obeyed him: “Lao Fo Ye, Tai Huang Shang.”

She kept on repeating those words: “Lao Fo Ye, Tai Huang Shang……”

Xi He glared at Mu Chu Cheng and pulled Xi Nuan Nuan’s hand: “Don’t listen to your father’s nonsense. Your Papa’s grandma, you should call her Great grandma. You call grandpa, Great grandpa.”

Xi Nuan Nuan understood it easily: “So in front of Papa’s grandpa and grandma, we just need to add a word “great”, right?”

“Yes.” Xi He laughed.

Mu Chu Cheng frowned: “why should it be so troublesome? You can directly call them Lao Fo Ye and Tai Huang Shang.”

Xi He looked at him with a warning gaze: “It’s your only form of address for them, who dare enough to snatch it from you?”

At first she just joked around, but Mu Chu Cheng was just shameless and smiled; “That’s right. Nuan Nuan, you just call them Great grandpa and Great grandma.”

Xi Nuan Nuan nodded: “Okay.”

Xi Nuan Nuan then jumped from her chair and spun around with her dress: “Papa Mama, am I pretty wearing this dress? Do I need to change?”

Today Xi Nuan Nuan wore a red dress. Xi He felt it’s beautiful but she didn’t expect her to ask that kind of question. She was startled and raised up her thumbs: “Good.”

She got Xi He’s praise, but Xi Nuan Nuan didn’t forget to ask about Mu Chu Cheng’s compliment. She pulled Mu Chu Cheng’s bottom of trouser leg: “papa, am I beautiful?”

Mu Chu Cheng looked at her lazily: “not so bad.”

Xi Nuan Nuan’s face immediately broke down: “Not pretty?”

Mu Chu Cheng bent his waist and pinched her chubby cheek lightly: “In my eyes, I can admit that your Mama is beautiful.”

Xi Nuan Nuan felt so sad: “But I am Mama’s daughter, everyone says that I look like her.”

Xi Nuan Nuan meant: “I am also very pretty!”

Mu Chu Cheng raised his brows: “Then you are not pretty enough compare to her!”

Xi He: “……..”

Looking that Xi Nuan Nuan will cry soon, Xi He immediately carried her up and comforted her: “In my eyes, you are the most beautiful.”

Xi Nuan Nuan pointed at Mu Chu Cheng: “But Papa said that I am not.”

“He is just joking.”

Xi He glared at him and let him to hurriedly comfort Xi Nuan Nuan. But he just acted calmly and didn’t plan to comfort daughter.

This time Xi He is even more sure, she shouldn’t give birth to a son. Looking at how his treatment toward their daughter, a son should be mistreated by him.”

“Okay,let’s eat. We need to go soon.” Xi He stroked Xi Nuan Nuan’s face.

Xi Nuan Nuan’s eyes were teary, she seemed to be really sad.

She gazed at Mu Chu Cheng from time to time, to express she wanted him to comfort her, to say she is beautiful.

But Mu Chu Cheng just ignored him.

Old Mister Mu wanted them to come over for dinner, Mu Chu Cheng just agreed.

After the breakfast, Mu Chu Cheng went to work and came back around four o’clock to pick both of them.


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  1. This will be the first family meeting. Nuan Nuan should win them over quickly. But, Xi He will probably still get the cold shoulder.


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