Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 546

Xi Hang continued: “Sis, can you not marry Bro Chu Cheng?”

Xi He thought she heard it wrong, she looked at her: “What did you say?”

Xi Hang held her hand:”Sis, don’t be together with Bro Chu Cheng, okay?”

Xi He said: “Why?”

“Do you think you will be happy with him that we have this kind of relationship? In the future everyone will gossip around, what about Nuan Nuan?”

“I don’t really care about other people’s thought.”

Xi Hang pointed at herself: “But I care, sis, I really care. I am really feel afraid that everyone will talk about me. I don’t want to live that way….”

Xi He couldn’t say anything, she felt a strange feeling toward her seventeen years old little sister.

“Xi Hang, you are too selfish.”

The time both of them were silent, there’s a voice.

They both looked at the door. Mu Chu Cheng was standing there with his cold face. Xi Hang lowered her head and was at loss.

Mu Chu Cheng slowly came over and finally stopped near the bed. He looked at Xi Hang: “What is your right to ask me and your sister to break up? You are seventeen years old, how can you only think about yourself? The time you said that words, have you thought about your older sister? She took you to leave Nan CIty for saving you. She agreed and begged my grandma. She looked for a man to marry. She went to Bei City, then An City. She was pregnant with Nuan Nuan. For you, she didn’t care about anything. These years, her sacrifice for you. You should know about it clearly. Today you know about your status, you think that you are dirty, you don’t want to be gossiped, so? You don’t want her to be together with me! he~ ask yourself, are you selfish or not?”

Xi Hang’s face turned pale. She bit her lips.

Xi He looked at her and was silent.

Mu Chu Cheng held Xi He’s hand and hugged her shoulder. They stood in front of Xi Hang: “We both have missed each other for five years. These five years, she sacrificed a lot for you, how do you feel about it? Now I find her, do you think I’ll let her off easily? Xi Hang, you’re not a kid. You are a seventeen years old girl? This is a reality, you should accept and bear with it. You think that avoiding it and hiding from it will be good? You think that your parents did something wrong to you, but Xi He is doing something wrong toward you? You are not only not thinking about her, you even what to snatch away her happiness? Are you joking? Today let me explain it clearly to you, I and Xi He will not separate with this ridiculous reason. Why should we be blamed because of our parents’ mistake? Don’t think that because Xi He loves you that she will break up with me. Xi Hang, your sister has protected you from various things. Now you are a grown-up, you should be able to accept it, you should conduct yourself!”

Mu Chu Cheng said it and left with Xi He.

The door was about to close. Xi He noticed that Xi Hang laid on her stomach and cried.

She couldn’t hear her sobs when the door was closed. But she knew that she should be crying. She shook away Mu Chu Cheng’s hand and wanted to open the door again.

Mu Chu Cheng pulled her hand and said: “Let her calm down.”

Xi He frowned: “Those words you said to her, it’s too serious, she is young.”

“How can she is young? She is seventeen years old, she should be the same one as you are when you were seventeen. You raises Nuan Nuan since twenty years old. I think you protect her too well so she acts this way when she encountered problem.” Mu Chu Cheng said coldly.

“She is very sensible. It’s just this is too shocking for her.” Xi He sighed.

“Even with a bigger shock, she shouldn’t be that selfish that she doesn’t think about anyone else.”

In this world, no matter who, no one can separate them.

Even though it is Xi Hang, or other people!

“You are angry?” Xi He looked at him.

“No.” Mu Chu Cheng went to the living room and sat down on the sofa. He took the remote to turn off the TV.

Xi He looked at the closed door and decided to let her calm down. Then she came over to Mu Chu Cheng’s side and sat down. She hugged his arm and placed her head on his shoulder: “You told me you are not angry, but I think you are. Xiao Hang is just shock that she said those words. Don’t take her words into your heart. As for me, I don’t agree to her.”

Mu Chu Cheng raised his eyebrows: “You dare to tell me that you are not hesitating even for a moment?”

Xi He shook her head; “No, I never think to separate with you again. Really.”

Xi He said it and Mu Chu Cheng just lowered his head and kissed her lips: “But you gave me up five years ago.”

“It’s just because you were in USA, I was alone and didn’t know what should I do. Xiao Hang was sick, I couldn’t be ruthless and let her be right?” Xi He leant on his body: “It’s not important, Mu Chu Cheng, the important one that we encounter each other once again.”

The most important thing is after these years, her heart is only belong to him. Though he forgets about their past, but he also falls in love with her again.

It’s lucky that they are together again.

Xi He thought it was quite some time, so she wanted to get in and looked at her again. She knocked the door first, but it was unresponded so she just opened the door: “Xiao Hang, sis will come inside.”

Xi Hang didn’t say anything.

Xi He came inside and noticed that Xiao Hang was laying down on the bed.

Xi He came over and pulled the blanket from her face: “Xiao Hang, are you sleeping?”

Xi Hang covered her face, she wasn’t willing to look at Xi He.

Xi He noticed the wetness of her pillow and took tissue to wipe her face: “Okay, Xiao Hang, don’t cry. Let’s not cry anymore. Your eyes will be too sore. Let’s eat something first okay? You haven’t eaten anything today.”

The time Xi He was about to come out to take food inside, Xi Hang hugged her from behind: “Sis, I’m sorry.”

Xi He turned her body and patted her shoulder: “I know that you are suffering and you don’t mean what you said before.”

One Reply to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 546”

  1. Madame Mu’s choice for a bed partner for Mu Chu Cheng turned out to be big trouble.What will Madame Mu do to resolve her anger and disappointment of the Jiang family?
    Xiao Hang has to accept reality and be glad that she has Xi He and Mu
    Chu Cheng to protect her.It’s better that the truth is out.

    Thank you for this mega release


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