Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 544

She wore her slippers and went to the bed. She touched Xi Hang’s forehead and noticed her temperature had lowered down. She was relieved.

She covered her body well and went back to the sofa to lie down.

The next morning she woke up really early. She went to look at Xi Hang to check whether she is okay. Luckily, she was okay.

She shouldn’t wake up too early. Xi He stretched, she wanted to go to the bathroom to take a shower. She worried to disturb her so she left the room.

It’s not yet seven o’clock.

In the living room, there’s Ying Tong, who was sleeping on the sofa. He was on guard so the time Xi He closed the door, he immediately sat up.

Looking at him, Xi He came over and said: “I’m waking you up?”

“No, I’m used to it.” Ying Tong smiled: “How is Xiao Hang?”

“She is okay. Supposedly she will wake up soon.” Xi He smiled: “Oh right, where is Chu Cheng sleeping?”

Ying Tong answered: “He should be upstair, the first room on the left.”

Xi He nodded and went upstairs. She opened the door and got inside.

Mu Chu Cheng was on the bed. She came over to look at him. Then went to the wardrobe room, she opened the wardrobe and took a black shirt.

She took shower and changed to Mu Chu Cheng’s shirt. She came out and sat on the bed. She shook his shoulder: “Mu Chu Cheng, get up.”

Mu Chu Cheng didn’t respond at the beginning. She lowered her head and wanted to call him again, but suddenly that man opened his eyes and smiled for a while. He then flipped his body and pressed her body down. He kissed her and let her go.

Xi He hugged his neck: “Mu Chu Cheng, go out and buy me a cloth.” supposedly Xi Hang wouldn’t want to go home for a while.

Xi Hang will want to stay here and she wanted to accompany her, but she didn’t have any clothes here so she asked him to buy for her.

Mu Chu Cheng bit her lips: “What is the reward?”

“Didn’t I just give it to you?”

“Not enough.” Mu Chu Cheng placed her to sit on his thigh and examined her for a while. He noticed the shirt on her body: “Little one, are you purposely trying to seduce me?”

“Yes.” Xi He smiled: “Help me to buy clothes and underwear. Tonight I let you do anything to me?”

“It will be too long to wait, now…”

Xi He pushed his chest and shook: “Now it’s seven o’clock. In a while, I want to prepare breakfast for Xi Hang. I don’t have heart to make fuss with you. Help me to buy it.”

Mu Chu Cheng put her down and picked up his landline telephone: “It’s me. Help me to buy several clothes, the size is. Oh right also the underwear, the size is….”

Mu Chu Cheng glanced at Xi He and narrowed his eyes: “36C, 24, 36.”

Xi He was somewhat dumfounded with it, unexpectedly he knows it clearly!

Mu Chu Cheng hung up: “Okay, he will come soon.”

“Mu Chu Cheng, how do you know it?”

“I can touch it and feel it.” Mu Chu Cheng’s hand stroke his waist.

Xi He: “….”

Mu Chu Cheng pinched her chin and kissed her lips: “Anyway you couldn’t go down now, you need to wait. If not let’s do something now?”


“Why?” Mu Chu Cheng was somewhat annoyed.

“I’m afraid it’ll take too long. What if Xiao Hang wakes up?”

Mu Chu Cheng bit her lips to punish her: “Ying Tong is downstair, what are you afraid of? She will be here, you are afraid that she will run away?”

“She will be hungry when she is awake.”

“Why are you keep on chattering? If you don’t shut up, I’ll let you unable to get off.”

Xi He kicked him: “Mu Chu Cheng, if you dare, you can try!”

“Then let’s try.” Mu Chu Cheng smiled and carried her up. He raised his eyebrow: “Little one, let’s do it in the bathroom?”

“I just took a shower.”

“Then let’s take another one, it will be more convenient.”

Xi He: “…….”

The servant took several plastic of clothes and knocked for several time, but there’s no movement inside. She didn’t dare to get inside.

Ying Tong went upstairs: “What is it?”

The servant pointed out at the door: “Don’t know whether Mr Mu is sleeping or not, he asked me to buy some clothes but nobody answered the door.”

Ying Tong knew that Xi He was inside too, he was too clear what happened inside: “Just put it there, later on Mr Mu will take it by himself.”


The servant placed the plastic in front of the door, Ying Tong said: “Follow me down, don’t stay here.”

Finally it’s done, Xi He pushed Mu Chu Cheng away and took a towel to wrap around her body. She wrapped one of the towel too for her hair. She came out of the bathroom.

Mu Chu Cheng also wore a bathrobe and came out. She turned her head to look at him: “Where’s the cloth?”

Mu Chu Cheng pointed at the door: “It’s outside.”

He knows well about his ability, he is quick. The clothes should be outside now. Before they didn’t hear it.

Xi He went over the door and open it. She looked around and felt herself like a thief. She hurriedly took the plastic inside.

Xi He never be embarrassed around Mu Chu Cheng, anyway she has been together with him since she was sixteen years old.

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