Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 543

Ying Tong walked so fast. Xi He worried that they both would fall down so she followed and flashed the light on his path.

Finally they arrived back to the car, Ying Tong placed Xiao Hang at the backseat and went to the driver seat again. “Mr Mu, where will we go now? Should we send her back to the hospital or to your house?”

“Just call the doctor over. Let’s go to my Yu Hai Wan mansion.”


Xi He also sat down at the backseat and let Xi Hang leant on her shoulder. On the way, Xi Hang kept on mumbling: “mama, why are you doing this to me….”

This moment Xi He looked at her and felt in pain. She knows this should be hurtful for her. She didn’t know what should she do for her.

“Ying Tong, please be quick.”


Mu Chu Cheng looked back and noticed her worrisome expression.

The time they arrived, Ying Tong once again carried Xi Hang up and brought her to a room. The doctor was there.

Xi Hang got a heavy flu because she was outside in a cold weather for so long.

She was worried sick and felt heartbroken for her.

Xi He planned to accompany her for the whole night, she was unwilling to go away.

Mu Chu Cheng knew that she was worried so he didn’t stop her. He took a quilt and placed it on the sofa.

He went close to her and clutched her face: “She is good now. Don’t stay here, you also need to sleep for a while. There’s a nurse.”

Xi He nodded: “Okay, I get it. You can go sleep first.”

Mu Chu Cheng let her go and left the room.

Actually he got a lot of calls today. It’s all from Old Madame Mu. But how can he have any heart to talk to her during the time he was so worried and busy looking for Xi Hang.

Now he went to the living room and took out his phone. He noticed it was already late at night. It’s better for him to call tomorrow.

The time he was about to place down his phone, the phone rang. He glanced at it and it was a call from Old Madame Mu.

“Lao Fo Ye, why aren’t you sleeping yet?”

“Mu Chu Cheng, are you back to Nan City?”

“Em, I’m back.” Mu Chu Cheng didn’t want to hide the truth. He already plans that anyway Xi Hang already knows the truth, the public also knows about it. He wants to take Xi He here and wouldn’t let her back to An City. The next day he will let someone pick Xi Nuan Nuan up.

Later on they will just stay in Nan City, they will not go anywhere else!

“Are you going back with Xi He?” Old Madame Mu asked.

“Lao Fo Ye, don’t you think your question is bullshit? She is my wife, who else will I come back with if it’s not my wife.” Mu Chu Cheng leant on the sofa and snorted.

“Mu Chu Chen, couldn’t you be more mature? How can you keep on falling in love with Xi He?”

She was furious, Mu Chu Cheng never obeys her words. He doesn’t care about her: “I am willing to fall in love with her, you cannot control me.”

“Mu Chu Cheng!”

Old Madame Mu was so angry but luckily she got a good heart condition. If she had heart disease like Mu Chu Cheng, supposedly she would be sick now.

“Sleep early.” Mu Chu Cheng didn’t want to talk any longer.

“Mu Chu Cheng, are you planning to live together with Xi He?”

“Yes.” Mu Chu Cheng said: “She is my wife. If she is not my side, I should let her stay outside?”

“You always think about Xi He, have you ever thought about your Mu family?”

“He…..” Mu Chu Cheng laughed coldly: “It’s just the truth. So what if there’s great sensation. Mu family is not always honorable. Do you think our family is similar like Lu family in Tong City or Song family in An City? Our ancestors are offsprings of famous family? We just started to do business cleanly since few years ago so don’t forget about what kind of background we are from.”

“Mu Chu Cheng, what nonsense are you talking about? How dare you commenting on ancestors? Without them, how can you get all of this? You never think about our reputation?” Old Madame Mu said loudly.

“Lao Fo Ye, you seem really care about it.” Mu Chu Cheng clutched his phone: “but don’t you forget. Who is the mastermind of this sensation.”

Old Madame Mu couldn’t speak anymore. Because it’s really Jiang Xin Yan’s doing. She asked media to write carelessly.

“So, Lao Fo Ye, let me ask you question, have you handled Jiang Xin Yan?”

“I’ll personally handle this. I already brought home. Tomorrow I’ll go to Jiang family, they will explain it to me.”

“Okay.” Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “then I’ll wait for you good news!”

He said it and hung up. He knows that Old Madame Mu is ruthless one so Jiang Xin Yan supposedly will take a great responsibility for her action. He doesn’t need to do anything.

He hung up and threw the phone away. He stood up from the sofa and glanced at his watch. He went back to the room to look at Xi He. Xi He was laid down on her stomach on the edge of Xi Hang’s bed.

He came inside and carried her up to the sofa.

At the midnight Xi He suddenly woke up and noticed that she was on the sofa. She guessed it was Mu Chu Cheng who carried her there

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