Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 542

Xi He looked at the clock, now it’s almost seven o’clock. Xi Hang should arrive there around eleven o’clock? It’s too dangerous for a young woman to walk around there.

Xi Hang and Xi He are different.

Since young Xi Hang doesn’t have a good health and body, she is quite weak.

Xi He clutched Mu Chu Cheng’s hand: “Accompany me to go back to Nan City, okay?”

“Okay.” Mu Chu Cheng decided to do it before she even asked.

Xi He looked at Chen Xiao Lin: “Xiao Lin, sorry to trouble you can you help me to take care of Nuan Nuan, we need to go to Nan City to find Xiao Hang.”

“Don’t worry. Later on I’ll take Nuan Nuan back home to my house. You guys can go. Call me if something happened.” Chen Xiao Lin immediately said.

“Thank you.” Xi He thanked hurriedly. She then went out together with Mu Chu Cheng.

On the way to the airport, Xi He said: “I’m worried Xiao Hang will have experience accidents, so I want to wait at the station before she arrived there.”

“Don’t worry, since we know she is there, I’ve asked someone to wait for her at the station.”


Mu Chu Cheng booked the closest flight time.

When they arrived at Nan City, someone picked them up and went to the station directly. Xi Hang would arrive soon.

Xi He sat on the backseat and looked at the window. She felt strange when looked at the beautiful scenery of the city.

This place was her hometown. At last this was her nightmare.

The time she returned home, there’s a lot of changes here, yet she couldn’t enjoy it. She just worried about XI Hang.

On the way, Mu Chu Cheng’s phone rang. Xi He looked at him.

“How is it? Have you found her?”

“Mr Mu, we sent a lot of people to the station, and have checked the train but there’s no that girl.”

Mu Chu Cheng opened the speaker so Xi He could hear it.

“She possibly didn’t come here with the train. Divide your men and look for her again. Look for in both An City and Nan City.”

Xi He couldn’t control herself and be silent. She clutched his hand: “I feel Xiao Hang is here in Nan City. She possibly bought train tickets, but not at the same time.”

Mu Chu Cheng massaged his temple: “You mean that little girl purposely bought two tickets to confuse us?”

“She should not do it that way, maybe there’s a reason.”

Mu Chu Cheng looked at her: “Where do you she is going?”

Xi He frowned and thought about it, then suddenly remembered a place: “Maybe she goes to Pa Ma.”

“Possible.” Mu Chu Cheng instructed Ying Tong: “Go to the Xi He’s parents cemetery.”

“I also am not sure when she arrived. I am not sure if she is still there, but no matter what. Let’s take a look there. She possibly wants to meet my parents.” Supposedly that kid wants to ask her mama, why did she do this.

“Okay, Mr Mu. I will drive tehre.”

Mu Chu Cheng held Xi He’s cold hand and covered it: “The time of accident, Xi Hang didn’t doubt your parents’ death?”

Xi He looked at him: “That time she was a young kid, I just told her that Pa Ma were in accident.”

Mu Chu Cheng pinched her face lightly: “Now are you blaming me to appear in front of you? If I didn’t show up then you and Xi Hang and Xi Nuan Nuan can live peacefully?”

Xi He patted his hand; “Mu Chu Cheng, now I don’t want to joke around.”

“Don’t worry. We will find her. At the latest it will be tomorrow. I will bring Xi Hang safely home to you.” Mu Chu Cheng said hoarsely.

Xi He nodded and didn’t say anything.

It’s been a long time since Xi He came home. She never visited back. Sometimes she wondered if her parents blamed her or not.

“Mr Mu, we are here.”

“Let’s go and take a look.”

Xi He didn’t remember the location of the cemetery. Luckily there’s a guard so they asked him first.

Xi He took out her phone and used the flashlight feature. The time she got close to her mother’s grave, she noticed a small figure, who was kneeling down.

“That is Xiao Hang!” Xi He pointed and ran over.

Xi Hang was sitting down on the cold and wet ground. Her face was close to the tomb.

Xi He came over and patted her shoulder. Xi Hang didn’t respond.

“Xiao Hang, what happened?”

Xi He held her hands and felt the hotness through her body. She then touched her forehead. Xi Hang was having a fever.

“Xiao Hang!”

No matter how Xi He called her, she was unresponsive.

Mu Chu Cheng came over and touched Xi Hang’s forehead. “She is having a fever.” Then he called out: “Ying Tong.”

“Yes, Mr Mu.” Ying Tong came over and took off his coat to cover Xi Hang’s body. Then he carried her up.

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