Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 539

“Xiao Hang, what is it?” Ji Yao was surprised when looking at her expression. She picked the magazine up.

She was shocked: “Xiao Hang…..”

Xi Hang was at loss, she didn’t listen to Ji Yao’s words.

Ji Yao bit her lips: “Perhaps, it’s false. Don’t believe to those words that reporters wrote! Who is this cruel! How dare they write this! You are just a student, how can they show your picture! They are crazy!”

Ji Yao was furious, while Xi Hang’s face turned even pale. She was at los. She kept on talking to herself in her heart. So she is filthy, she is illegitimate daughter!

She is Xi He’s sister, but also Mu Chu Cheng’s sister!

At first the dorm was occupied by only tow of them, but this moment three of her roommates came back. They got inside and locked the door. Ji Yao noticed there’s a lot of people outside their room.

Ji Yao was so angry and wanted to open the door.

Because Xi Hang is beautiful and always has a good achievement so she is popular. All the people around the school recognizes her. So this news also spreads out very fast.

One of the female student: “Just let them be, just ignore them.”

She looked worried and looked at Xi Hang: “Xiao Hang, we just came back from the fruit store and noticed a lot of reporters outside. They all looked for you and now they are blocked by security guard. Supposedly they couldn’t get in. They will wait outside. What will you do now?”

Ji Yao slapped the table: “Let’s not go out. They will not be able to wait forever right!”

Another girl said: “Xiao Hang, what’s really happening? Is it true?”

Ji Yao glared at her: “Enough. Xiao Hang also doesn’t know about this. This supposed be the media’s nonsense talk!”

“Xiao Hang, I’m sorry.”

Xi Hang didn’t respond, she just sat down there. She looked depressed.

“Let’s take Xiao Hang to leave. They are reporter, they will find a way to come inside. We need to find a way now to leave…” Another girl said.

Ji Yao and others looked at each other; “Em, it’s better for us to take Xi Hang to leave now. Xiao Hang, if not you can call your sister? Let her pick you up?”

Ji Yao said it and wanted to take Xi Hang’s phone to call Xi He. Ji Yao knows Xi he and is quite close to her. But Xi Hang responded and snatched her phone away: “No need, no need to call her.”

“Xiao Hang.”

Xi Hang covered her face: “Now if we call her and she comes, the news will be more sensational…..”

Everyone thought it’s quite true: “Then let’s go out from the back door. Even though there’re reporters too but we could escape if we disguise ourselves. That reporters will not have right to check on us.”

Xi He just woke up from her afternoon nap and patted Xi Nuan Nuan’s bottom. Xi Nuan Nuan flipped her body but she was unwilling to get up.

Xi He carried her and opened the door to go out. Then she patted her bottom again: “Okay, Nuan Nuan. You should wake up now, we should tidy up and go to pick up little auntie.”

“O…..” Xi Nuan Nuan responded but she kept on leaning on Xi He’s shoulder. Xi He wanted to place her down to let her wake up. But she looked at Mu Chu Cheng, who was calling on the sofa. Somehow she felt there’s something wrong. She heard him said: “Xi Hang isn’t at school?”

Hearing this, Xi He carried Xi Nuan Nuan to the living room and placed Xi Nuan Nuan on the sofa and didn’t mind her anymore. She watched Mu Chu Cheng.

Mu Chu Cheng looked at her and continued: “Look for her until you find her. Where will a seventeen years old little girl run?”

He said it and hung up.

Xi He immediately asked: “What happened? Is Xiao Hang in trouble?”

Mu Chu Cheng noticed her worry and patted her hand. He passed her phone to her: “Look at this.”

It’s a video. It’s recorded at the first school of An City. It’s so crowded and it’s all reporters. They were surrounding a young female with uniform and hat.

Xi Hang is Xi He’s little sister, of course she could recognize her easily. “Xiao Hang!”

She took the phone and watched the video of large group of reporters were chasing her.

“What are they doing?”

“There’s a big thing happened today.” Mu Chu Cheng took his phone and opened another news app for her. Then he passed it again to her.

Xi He browsed and skimmed through the news, her face turned pale: “How can the media know?”

Mu Chu Cheng shrugged his shoulder. Xi He took her phone to call Xi Hang’s phone but it’s off.

“Did you ask someone to find Xiao Hang? She isn’t at school?”

Mu Chu Cheng nodded; “She knew this earlier than us. Some reporters came to her school. She escaped them with her friends’ help. We don’t know where she is now.”

“Take care of Nuan Nuan, I will go to her school to find her. I will ask her friends.” Xi He said and took her coat.

Mu Chu Cheng looked at the sleepy Xi Nuan Nuan on the sofa and took a blanket to cover her up. Then he dialed a number to come over and take care of Nuan Nuan.


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