Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 537

“….!” Chen Xiao Lin was confused because Xi He was silent: “Xi He, what is it? What aren you doing?”

“No, I am jogging….” Xi He’s breath was unsteady.

“No wonder.” Chen Xiao Lin just realized it: “I noticed you’re gasping for breath.”

“Em.” Xi He nodded. Mu Chu Cheng once again clutched her face and purposely said on her ear: “In this time, can you be more focus?”

Xi He wanted to kick him but he pressed her knee down.

Chen Xiao Lin heard Xi He’s unsteady breath again and said: “Xi He, don’t you run too fast. I want to talk to you.”

Xi He: “….”

She was in speaker so Mu Chu Cheng could hear what Chen Xiao Lin said. He smiled and clutched the phone and said to Xi He’s ear: “Then I…. will slow down?”

Xi He was furious and upset, she said: “Xiao Lin, what else do you want to say to me?”

“Nothing too important? I just think that two weeks after you resigned, everyday you just stayed at home and be together with Mu Chu Cheng. You ignored me. Today I just want to chat to you.” Chen Xiao Lin complained.

“Then I will wait……” Xi He bit her lips to endure Mu Chu Cheng’s action: “Wait until Nuan Nuan have holiday this weekend, I will take her to…. to find you….”

“Okay okay, you are so nasty!” She snorted: “You have a great body, why should you go to run! Why don’t you consider me! I never want to exercise even with my kind of body. Do you also want to do yoga? You are too much! Remember to find me on the weekend!”

“Okay.” Xi He agree and hung up quickly. She glared at Mu Chu Cheng: “Mu Chu Cheng, go away!”

Mu Chu Cheng raised his eyebrows: “Are you sure?”

He seemed to want to leave, but Xi He felt unease so she stopped her and turned her body. Now she pressed him down. They suddenly just changed position.

Mu Chu Cheng laid down on the bed and pinched her nose: “I just know that you always act differently from your heart.”

“Shut up, can’t you be more focus now?”

“Okay, but I’m afraid that if I’m too focus, you cannot endure it.” Mu Chu Cheng smiled.

Xi He just finished her bath after thirty minutes. She felt better now.

Indeed Mu Chu Cheng never breaks his words, he let her unable to endure it.

At last she really wanted to kneel down and ask him to stop…..

She wrapped herself with towel and came outside. Her hair was still wet.

Mu Chu Cheng just wore a pair of grey clothes and smoked on the bed. The time she came out, he really enjoyed the view. “Come here, I will help to dry your hair.”

Xi He came over. He put the cigarette on his mouth and used the towel to dry her hair. Every time he always dries her towel really dry first with the towel before used the hairdryer.

Xi He sat down and remembered Chen Xiao Lin’s words: “Mu Chu Cheng.”


“Is it your doing?”

“Little fox, are you hurting because of him?” He pinched her waist: “You are my little wife, you unexpectedly care about other man?!”

Xi He stopped his hand and frowned: “Mu Chu Cheng, you need a reason to be jealous, how can you know that I am having a heartache because of him. this life time I only care about my pa and you, how can I care about other man?!”

“Very good. Anyway your Pa is dead so in the future you should just care about me.” Mu Chu Cheng snorted.

“Is it related to you?”


“Liar!” Xi He looked at him.

Mu Chu Cheng expressed his innocence: “It’s not my doing, it’s Ying Tong’s action, how is related to me?”

Xi He: “…..”

In Mu Chu Cheng’s eyes, as long it’s not him that act, it’s not his action. He doesn’t do anything to Huo Si Che, so it couldn’t be counted as his doing.

“Turn your body over, why should you mention him. Anyway in the future, he will not be interested in woman again.”

“I’ll get in to have a shower.”

Xi He nodded: “I will go to see Nuan Nuan.”

Recently it’s quite cold. Xi He actually really worries about Xi Nuan Nuan, she always kicks her blanket at night.

Xi He wanted to carry the sleeping Xi Nuan Nuan to her room to sleep together, but Mu Chu Cheng isn’t willing. He feels that Xi Nuan Nuan will disturb their world. With Xi Nuan Nuan inside the room, she will sleep in the middle. He couldn’t hug Xi He.

Xi He always thinks that Mu Chu Cheng doesn’t love X Nuan Nuan, how can a father think that a daughter will disturb him?

Shouldn’t a daughter be a Papa’s predestined little lover?

In the past she asked him about it, Mu Chu Cheng answered: “I treat her well because she is my predestined little lover. Wait until you give birth to a boy, he should stay from a meter away. So Xi He, it’s better for you to give birth to another girl, I don’t know how will I mistreat our son.”

Xi He rolled her eyes: “Mu Chu Cheng, you are really sick!”

In Mu Chu Cheng’s eyes, probably he just has Xi he. So he loves Xi He’s things and people.

He isn’t willing to let Xi Nuan Nuan sleep together with them. She could only just get up and look at her during the night. She always worries that she will kick the blanket. But she couldn’t do anything. Mu Chu Cheng noticed this and he bought an especially large and thick blanket. He thought that big and thick blanket will cover Xi Nuan Nuan well. She will not be able to kick it because she is not strong enough.

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