Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 534


Xi He looked at her ring and remembered what happened at the jewelry store today. She smiled: “Really.”

Xi Nuan Nuan was still a bit unaccepted about it, she frowned: “Then what about me? I also want to marry papa. Papa will marry you, what will happen to me?”

Xi He didn’t look at her: “Xi Nuan Nuan, don’t snatch my man.”

“O.” Xi Nuan Nuan hugged Xi He. “Then I will just marry Bro Wei Xi in the future.”

“Em, Wei Xi is a good kid.” Xi He stroked Xi Nuan Nuan’s head: “Are you sleepy? Do you want to get inside and sleep?”

Because she’s been with Mu Chu Cheng since young so she doesn’t really mind about puppy love. She knows that everyone saids that it might influences study but she feels it is too hilarious. She always gets a good grade even though she dates early. She got the Number One Scholar of Nan City for liberal arts department during her senior high school.

Xi Nuan Nuan looked very sleepy. She closed her eyes. Xi He patted her shoulder but Xi Nuan Nuan didn’t respond so Xi He just carried her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed.

She returned to the living room and worked again. She then remembered that Mu Chu Cheng had too little things of daily use in her house. They forgot to buy it during their stroll before. She didn’t know when he would return. He always uses hers. She almost done with her work and it was still early so she decided to go to the supermarket to buy some for him.

Xi He then turned off her computer and went to the bedroom to change her clothes. She also brought her key and wallet to go out.

Except buying things for Mu Chu Cheng, Xi He also bought noodle and frozen dumplings and also eggs. These were for Xi Nuan Nuan’s breakfast.

The time she took her things out from the supermarket, Mu Chu Cheng called her. Xi He looked at the time. He should just arrived there.

“You’ve arrived?”

“Right, so I am so impatient to call you to report my safety. Wife, I love you right?”

“Mu Chu Cheng, don’t sweet-talk me.” Xi He snorted.

Now Mu Chu Cheng calls her wife. In the past when they were dating, he also called her that way. Mu Chu Cheng studied abroad. Every time he returned, he would wait for her on the entrance and looked at her. He would open his hand wide and let her to run over to hug her. He said: “My little wife, your man is home.”

In her summer vacation of first year of senior high school, she was with Mu Chu Cheng. Their love was bubbling and gurgling that time. They were caught dating but because of Xi He’s good grade and Mu Chu Cheng too. Even though Mu Chu Cheng always be careless and indifferent, likes to go to night inn, fighting, fool around, but he always be the number one.

Teachers couldn’t complain about their dating.

Xi He clutched her phone: “You need to take a rest now. You weren’t resting well last night.”

“You also know that I wasn’t sleeping well last night? Isn’t it because of little goblin’s action?”

“Mcc, don’t just blame me carelessly. Last night I didn’t harass you, I slept very well, how can it because of me?”

“You didn’t make me satisfy, how can I sleep? For the whole night, I wasn’t in pain? If not how can I take a cold shower early in the morning?”

“It’s your own problem.” Xi He got inside the elevator to go up: “okay, I will not talk with you again. Go home and take a rest. I also will sleep soon. Nuan Nuan is sleeping now. Goodnight.”


Xi He hung up. She put her stuff down to open the door. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and also a strong smell of alcohol. She frowned and turned her body. She noticed that man: “Chief Huo, why are you here?”

Huo Si Che’s face was red. He was drunk and consumed a lot of alcohols. Xi He could smell strong scent of alcohol.

“Xi He….” Huo Si Che extended his hand, he wanted to clutch Xi He’s hand, but Xi He’s retreated. She was on alert.

“Chief Huo, why are you drinking so much? What are you doing here this late?”

“Xi He, come here. Why are you so far away?” He wanted to grasp Xi He’s arm. He wanted to pull her close but Xi He didn’t move. He moved closer and pressed Xi He to the door. Xi He’s back touched the door handle, she felt unhappy about it.

“Huo Si Che, what are you doing?”

“Xi He, I’ve something to talk to you.”

“Let’s talk in a good way. Don’t act carelessly!”

Huo Si Che clutched her hands and raised it up. She couldn’t move so she just kicked him. But he was prepared so he could dodge it. He used his knee to press her thigh down.

Xi He’s face redden: “Huo Si Che, if you do anything more, I call out! You care about your face, aren’t you afraid to lose your status?”

Of course if it’s in normal situation, Huo Si Che would care but now he didn’t look care. No matter what Xi He said, he wasn’t willing to let her go.

He looked at her: “Why are you be with Mu Chu Cheng?”

“Because I like him because I love him!” Xi He yelled: “Are you satisfy now?”

“He… what’s so good about Mu Chu Cheng?”

Xi He just cut him off: “In my eyes, Mu Chu Cheng, everything about him is good. Because there is no man can be compared with him! Huo Si Che, I don’t know why you are acting so crazy today! What do you want?”

“Xi He, last time you asked me why I want to be with you. Whether I can let everything to go just to be with you. Today let me tell you. I am willing, I will divorce Xiao Wu. I want to be with you. Are you willing now


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