Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 532

If she comes back now, it would be a great effect, she is worried about Xi Hang….

She knows what Mu Chu Cheng said is true, it’s about Xi Hang’s birth identity, sooner or later she will need to face it but she hoped it will be happened a bit later. Xi Hang was just in her third year of senior high school.

“You don’t come back with me to An City, don’t you worried that I will play around?” Mu Chu Cheng looked at her.

Xi He leant back on her seat and glanced at hiM: “If you dare to play around, then I will just cut you off, and turn you to be the next Chen Xian Fei. Are you afraid?”

“Are you willing? I’m the only one that can make you satisfy.”

Xi He ignored.

“Let’s go home.” There’re Xi Hang and Xi Nua Nuan at home. Although it’s weekend but Xi Nuan Nuan is like a sparrow, she couldn’t stop talking and will disturb Xi Hang.

“What are you doing coming home this early, stroll around with me for a while.”

“Where do you want to go?”

“Buy a ring.” Mu Chu Cheng clutched her hands and kissed it: “Don’t you think you should wear one?”

Xi He swayed their hands: “I think every fingers should have one right, you should buy ten. What do you think?”

“Okay.” Mu Chu Cheng nodded and drove her toward the most famous jewelry store in An City. He chose two biggest diamond rings. It was limited editions. Then he chose the other eightm of simple one. He put on her ten fingers.

“Is Mrs satisfied with it?”

“It’s too heavy.”

“You said it should be ten rings. What is it? Are you regretting?” Mu Chu Cheng played with her fingers: “You couldn’t regret it. You said it you want to buy so I will buy it for you, you should wear it for me.”

Xi He finally realized the consequence of her words. She hurriedly took off the rings: “Mu Chu Cheng, don’t make a fuss, I just want this one.”

She didn’t chose two big diamond rings because it felt too big. “I just want the smaller one.”

That big diamond like a pigeon egg will give her pressure when she wore it.

The time they were arguing, there’s a couple came inside the jewelry store . Xi He suddenly felt a gaze on her. She turned her head to see. She noticed it was Huo Si Che and his wife. They both stood close by her.

Actually she’d met Mrs Huo, Mrs Xiao Wu. From gossip, she heard that Huo Si Che was dependent on Xiao Family that he finally can reach his position now. In Huo family, Huo Si Che wasn’t the only child and the loved ones. So he decided to be with Xiao Wu for his position.

Everyone said that without Xiao Wu, there will be no Huo Si Che. These years, there’s no news about his affair. But only Xi He.

Mu Chu Cheng also turned his head and see Huo Si Che and Xiao Wu. He patted her shoulder “My love rival is here.”

“That is your fake love rival.”

Xi He never has a feeling for Huo Si Che so she doesn’t think that he is Mu Chu Cheng’s love rival.

“He also wants to sleep with you.” Mu Chu Cheng said on her ear.

Xi He poked her chest: “Please, there is a lot of people here, can you mind your words?”

Mu Chu Cheng then looked at the ring on her finger: “Are you done choosing?”

“Just this one.” Xi He swayed her finger.

“What about the one like a pigeon egg?”

“No, it’s too shiny. It will hurt my eyes.”

“Not great enough. Just a ring can make your eyes hurt.” Mu Chu Cheng said and took out his card and threw it to the table: “I would like to pay.”

The manager came over personally and took the card: “Mr Mu, please wait.”

After they paid, Mu Chu Cheng said: “You meet your boss, shouldn’t you greet him?”

Xi He nodded. Mu Chu Cheng held her hand and she came over to greet him before leaving:”Chief Huo, Mrs Huo, what a coincidence.”

Xiao Wu is a proud and arrogant woman. If there’s no Mu Chu Cheng, she shouldn’t willing to look at Xi He. Now she just forced herself to greet back: “Em.”

Mu Chu Cheng kept on smiling and said coldly: “Mrs Huo, are you sick? Your throat is hoarse, you couldn’t speak?or is it because you looking down at other people? If it’s the case, shouldn’t you know about the basic manner, shouldn’t your father teach you again?”

“You…!” Xiao Wu was speechless. She knows that Mu Chu Cheng isn’t someone that she can deal with.

Xiao Wu hates Xi He. Although Xiao Wu isn’t working at the company but she listened and knows every gossips about them.

This moment Xiao Wu just being provoked by Mu Chu Cheng’s words so she said: “For a witch that can only seduce man, why should I show my manner? For that kind of woman, saying her name can make me feel so sick. All days she just knows about seducing man…. Mr Mu, are you blind, you clearly know what kind of woman she is, and you still like her…..”

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        Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor
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