Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 529

“O.” Xi Nuan Nuan immediately nodded then she thought about something. She clutched Mu Chu Cheng’s clothes and looked at him: “You are my Papa, then when I am an adult, can I marry you?”


Xi Nuan Nuan immediately frowned and looked like she would cry soon: “Why? I want to marry you?”

“I am your Pa, you cannot marry me.”

Xi Nuan Nuan’s tears fell down, her voice turned completely miserable: “then who will you marry?’

Mu Chu Cheng pointed at Xi He: “Your Mama.”

Xi Nuan Nuan immediately showed hostility expression toward Xi He. She cried out: “Mama, you bully me. It’s clearly I am the one that likes Uncle Mu first. Now you will marry him…..”

Mu Chu Cheng once again corrected her: “I am your Pa.”

“It’s clearly that I am the one that likes Papa first.” Xi Nuan Nuan sobbed, yet she was obedient by changing how she called Mu Chu Cheng.

Xi He watched both of the adult and kid in front of her and felt headache: “……”

Xi Nuan Nuan kept complaining and pointed to Xi He: “Mama, you are a liar. Meanie, you take away Papa…..”

“Xi Nuan Nuan…..” Xi He massaged her temple. She was dizzy because of her crying.

Looking at this, Xi Hang came over and carried up Xi Nuan Nuan: “Nuan Nuan, don’t cry. Let’s go back to our room, let me ready you a story.”

Xi Nuan Nuan leant on her shoulder: “Little auntie, Mama is really mean.”

Xi Hang took her to the room and closed the door. The crying sound of Xi Nuan Nuan immediately lowered.

Xi He felt the guilty of snatching away man from daughter, she should be crazy. She sat down on the sofa.

Mu Chu Cheng got her a glass of water and passed it to her: “You spared no effort to yell before. You should be thirsty now. Drink a bit. Later on we can continue.”

Xi He took it and sprayed it to his body.

“You made Xi Nuan Nuan cry.”

“Is it because of me?” Mu Chu Cheng asked back: “Now, who is her real rival in love? Didn’t you hear to her words? She said that you snatched her man.”

“Mu Chu Cheng!” Xi He glared at him and drank her water.

Unconsciously she looked at the folder on the coffee table, Xi Hang should notice it on the floor so she put it back on the table.

She took a look at it, Mu Chu Cheng put the pen in front of her: “Sign it, sign it and you’ll be free, what are you thinking about?”

Xi He asked: “You used ten millions, and he just obediently signed it?”

Chen Xia Fei is a weird man, she thought that he wouldn’t be easily compromise. He always felt possessive toward her and didn’t want to let her happy.

Zhou Zhen indeed is someone that loves money. But she couldn’t force Chen Xian Fei.

She doesn’t believe it too be simple.

“What did you do?”

Mu Chu Cheng pinched her cheek and looked at her: “Why do you understand me so well?”

“You used force on him?” Xi He moved away his hand and rubbed her cheek.

“I’m not, Chen Xian Fei is not worthy for me to act.”

“Yes, you may not act but it’s just Ying Tong right. What did Ying Tong do to him?”

“He just almost wanted his one thumb finger.”

“Just?” Xi He glared at him: “I think Chen Xian Fei should be shocked and crying right?”

“Why? Are you in heartache because of him?” Mu Chu Cheng narrowed his eyes.

“Right, I’m in serious heartache.” Xi He took the divorce agreement and signed it. Then she threw it at him.

Mu Chu Cheng wasn’t angry, he looked at it and pointed at Xi He: “now you are a divorcee….”

Xi He ignored him and took out a box of medicine out from her bag. She then went to the kitchen to take glass of water again.

When she came out of the kitche, she noticed Mu Chu Cheng was observing the box.

Xi He sat beside him and took the box: “It’s just contraceptive pills, why are you looking at this too seriously?”

“Why are you eating this?”

“Mr Mu’s question is really strange of course too not become pregnant.”

“No need to eat it. If you are pregnant, then just give birth to it. This kind of medicine will harm your health.” Mu Chu Cheng threw the box to the trashbin.

Xi He: “…..”

Suddenly Mu Chu Cheng’s phone rang. She could see the screen display “Lao Fo Ye…”

Since little, Mu Chu Cheng always calls his grandma with that remark.

Mu Chu Cheng just answered it and turned on the video call. He hugged Xi He in one of his arm.

The time he did it, Xi He didn’t know about it. Suddenly she just saw Old Madame Mu’s face on the screen.

Of course she noticed Xi He too, her face changed: “Mu Chu Cheng you are a bastard, you are there with Xi He.”

“Lao Fo Ye’s words are strange. Before I left I told you that I’ll be with my fiancee right? So is it strange that I am right?” He pinched Xi He’s face lightly: “Xi He, be good, greet Lao Fo Ye.”

“Old Madame, Hi.” Despite their fight this morning, she still needs to be polite at her.

“Xi He, you are really great? This morning I just warned you to leave him right? Now you are together with him? You really think you are great?”

Xi He wanted to say something back but Mu Chu Cheng patted her shoulder and said to the screen: “Xi He is unwilling to be together with me, Lao Fo Ye, but I forced her. Didn’t you notice that she is in miserable state? She simply just cried because of it, so if there’s anything else, you should just attack me.”

“You little bastard, you really..” Old Madame Mu always be annoyed by Mu Chu Cheng’s attitude.

“It’s too late now. Lao Fo Ye, you don’t have a really good health so it’s better to have an earlier rest and also it’s better to not get angry. You’ll make me to be unfilial son. Have a good rest, I’ll leave first….”


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