Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 528

She kept on resisting his approach, but at last it was useless. Mu Chu Cheng is strong, he will not let her run away.

“Do you think we can still be together?”

“It should be me asking you?” Mu Chu Cheng looked at her eyes: “Do you want to be together with me?”

“Xi Hang, she….”

“Don’t mention about Xi Hang. Xi Hang is not the problem. She will know about her status sooner or later. She needs to accept it. You think by taking her away, it will solve all the problems?”

“But that year if I didn’t take her away, what can I do?”

That time Xi Hang was just a twelve years old girl. How can she let her live in the gossip?

Moreover, Mu Chu Cheng wasn’t beside her. She was just twenty years old. She was confused.

Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “Okay, it’s right choice that you took her to leave. It’s my fault because I wasn’t beside you. If not, we wouldn’t be at this stage. You didn’t need to leave me for five years.”

Xi He pushed him away and tittered coldly: “I think these five years you lived very well, you even had a fiancee.”

“You are jealous now?” Mu Chu Cheng laughed: “Then what about you, you even had a husband? I just had a fiancee. I don’t even have a chance to get even with you, and you aren’t happy?”

“It’s because your grandma!” Xi He bit her lips: “that year Xi Hang was sick. I was helpless, I asked for her help. She asked me to find a man to get marry too and leave Nan City with Xi Hang.

“Then you just agreed?”

“Did I have another way?”

Mu Chu Cheng let his cigarette go and kissed her lips: “Then should we forget the past? Then don’t play around again. Even for Xi Hang, we shouldn’t do it again. Actually those elders will not touch Xi Hang or announce Xi Hang’s identity. She should be afraid too. This is a scandal. Even though it’s coming out, Xi Hang should be able to face it, she is an adult too. You cannot protect her forever…”

“Mu Chu Cheng, she is your sister too.”


“So can’t you care more about her?”

“Honestly.” Mu Chu Cheng sighed: “I just realized this fact, how can you to care about her? Sorry, I cannot do it.”

Xi He understands him.

Mu Chu Cheng laid down on the bed and looked at Xi He: “Starting today I’ll move in.”

“It’s too small, it couldn’t accommodate you as a high class person.”

“Then should we move to another place? Tomorrow I’ll ask Ying Tong to look for a house? If not let’s go home to Nan City? I have a lot of houses in Nan CIty, you can live anywhere you want.”

“I will not go .” Xi He sat up and took her clothes. She glared at him: “You once again tear my clothes.”

She took another clothes and wore it. She wanted to go out. Mu Chu Cheng stopped her: “Where are you going?”

“I need to see Nuan Nuan.”

“Nuan Nuan sleeps with you?”

Xi He nodded: “What is it?”

“In the future let her sleep with Xi Hang. You need to sleep with me.”

“Xi Hang just stay at home for two days in a week.”

“Nuan Nuan is a four year old girl, she could sleep by herself.”

“Mu Chu Cheng, you are a twenty seven years old man, how can you not sleep alone?” Xi He rolled her eyes.

“It’s not the same.” Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “If you are not embarrassed then I will tell her.”

“Mu Chu Cheng, you are so shameless!” Xi He pinched his arm.

The time she went out, she noticed that Xi Nuan Nuan and Xi Hang were sitting on the sofa and watching TV.

Xi Nuan Nuan noticed them and stood up: “Mama, are you and Uncle Mu done whispering to each other?”

“Who told you that we are whispering?” Xi He moved away Mu Chu Cheng’s hand from her.

Xi Nuan Nuan pointed at Xi Hang and betrayed her: “It’s little auntie who told me.”

Xi Hang immediately poked Xi Nuan Nuan’s chubby cheek.

Mu Chu Cheng waved his hand at Xi Nuan Nuan: “Nuan Nuan, come here.”

As Mu Chu Cheng’s little fan girl, Xi Nuan Nuan came over immediately. She hugged his legs and sticked close her face. “Uncle Mu, what is it?”

Mu Chu Cheng carried her up and pinched her little nose: “Nuan Nuan, I am your Papa. So starting today you need to call me Papa.”

“But I have Papa?” Xi Nuan Nuan was confused.

“Chen Xian Fei? Do you think he is your Papa?”

“Mama told me.”

Mu Chu Cheng glanced at Xi He: “Your Mama that time is a bit confused so she said to you tha Chen Xian Fei is your Papa. I am your real Papa, you are my daughter.”

“But Papa, he….”

Mu Chu Cheng corrected her: “I am your Pa.”

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