Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 527

“Mu Chu Cheng, I don’t want to talk to you about this!”

“Then what?”

“I want to tell you, Mu Chu Cheng. Don’t you suffer from unreciprocated affection. I love Nuan Nuan’s Pa. I love him the most. It’s unrelated to you, Mu Chu Cheng.” Xi He climbed up and looked at him face to face.

“Mu Chu Cheng, I admit it that I have a little bit feeling for you. Because you have charm to make woman be crazy. I am a woman, of course I can be like that too. It’s just a short-term passion. Mu Chu Cheng, I just love Nuan Nuan’s Papa. This lifetime I’ll only love him, I will not love anyone else…”

“Liar.” Mu Chu Cheng said: “Since I am not her Papa, Chen Xian Fei is also not, then who is it? Who is Nuan Nuan’s Papa?”

“I am not obligated to tell you. This is my private matter.” Xi He pushed him away.

“Mu Chu Cheng, I know you have feeling toward me, but it’s not love. I don’t have feeling toward you. Also how can you know whether we were in relationship or not? Indeed we knew each other in the past, we’d been together. The tattoo is from our past relationship. I cannot erase it after….”

“You think I will believe it?”

“It’s your problem whether you believe it or not. Anyway I said it already. It’s up to you to believe it or not. If you don’t believe it you can do DNA test on Nuan Nuan. I don’t care. Also I will not be with you, even though I am a divorcee….”

Mu Chu Cheng hugged her: “Dammit, you just rely on the fact that I don’t remember anything so you want to plan and cooperate to lie to me too? What do you think of me? You said that you love another man, then tell me who is it? You cannot say it because there is no that man? A! Why are you acting like this? I am not stupid even though I forget! Why should I do DNA test, supposedly you will call that old people and ask for their help? Let them make a false DNA report! Then you take it to me. To say that you don’t love me, and Xi Nuan Nuan is not my kid.”

“Don’t you think it’s boring.”

“I also feel it’s boring, Mu Chu Cheng. But what I can I do? I have no way out.” Xi He’s eyes turned red.

Xi He felt it’s too tired. Sooner or later Mu Chu Cheng will know. Actually she knows herself, she is longing to be together with him too. She couldn’t forget him. But she felt afraid and worried that her selfishness will bring pain to Xi Hang.

Xi He left the bed and took out cigarette from Mu Chu Cheng’s pocket. She decided. She said: “Mu Chu Cheng, Xi Hang is my sister, right?”

Mu Chu Cheng narrowed his eyes: “Em.”

Xi He played with the cigarette: “But Xi Hang is also your sister…”

Mu Chu Cheng pursed his lips and said nothing.

“You should think it’s too absurd, I also feel it that way. Everyone thinks it’s too melodramatic, too unbelievable. Xi Hang is also your sister, she is born with the same father but different mother. She has the same mother as me. You should understand now right. Xi Hang is a kid that your Papa and my Mama gave birth too. They were couple but your Pa married your Ma, my Mama married to my Papa. At first nothing happened. But then My Papa became your family’s driver, they met each other so Xi Hang was born…”

“Dammit, it’s too melodramatic.” Mu Chu Cheng closed his eyes and rubbed his temple.

“No wonder today that Lao Fo ye told me that my Ma’s death is related to your Pa Ma.”

“Five yeras ago, the secret was out. Your Mama fell ill because of it. My Pa killed your Pa and my Ma, then killed himself. Actually it’s simple. That year, you got heart attack and kept on being unconscious. Old Madame Mu didn’t feel at ease to let you have surgery inside the country, she sent you to USA, then I left….”

Xi He finally let it out.

“Mu Chu Cheng, now do you still think that we can be together?”

“Why we cannot?”

“But I don’t have courage to be together with you.”

“He…” Mu Chu Cheng wore his clothes and came toward her. He clutched her face and kissed her lips: “it’s our parents’ problem, what is the relation with us?”


Mu Chu Cheng kissed her face: “I know that you are worried about Xi Hang, but why don’t you worry about me? Five years ago, I was gone. I am very heartbroken because of this. I am also feeling sorry about it. I forgot about you for five years. But I feel the connection with you since the first time we met in An City. Xi He, even though I cannot remember you but once again we meet, and once again I fall in love with you head over heels, do you want to push me away again? For Xi Hang, you need to sacrifice me? You want me to separate with Xi Nuan Nuan?”

“Mu Chu Cheng….” Xi He watched him. She couldn’t say anything. She felt her persistent was like a joke?


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