Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 525

Mu Chu Cheng showed his indifferent attitude: “Xi He has divorced. In the future if she marries again, she will be married to me. I don’t care about whose the father of her daughter. Anyway in my eyes, Xi Nuan Nuan is my daughter. I don’t need to do the DNA test. Because it’s unnecessary, Grandma…..”

Mu Chu Cheng always acts cynical in front of two elders of Mu family, he always called them Tai Shang Huang or Lao Fo Ye. He rarely calls them grandpa grandma. The time he calls them that way, it means he is serious.

Old Madame Mu looked at him quietly.

“Between me and Xi He, you shouldn’t intervene. This time, I will not let her go.”

He said it and stood up. He immediately left.

“Mu Chu Cheng! Mu Chu Cheng!” Old Madame Mu called him, but he didn’t stop.

Old Madame Mu was furious. Jiang Xin Yan looked at her: “Grandma Mu, then what should we do? A Cheng will be together with Xi He?”

Old Madame Mu remembered old days: “Since little Xi He grew up in my watch. At first if she can act properly, I will also like her. But she is not well-behaved. She is little and started to possess Mu Chu Cheng, she kept on mingling with him. She be together with Mu Chu Cheng since she was sixteen years old. They hid it from us for a long time, then afterwards…..”

Old Madame Mu didn’t want to think about it anymore. She didn’t plan to share with Jiang Xin Yan too. It’s their family scandal.

Jiang Xin Yan felt worried: “Grandma Mu, what happened afterwards?”

“I will tell you later on slowly. Now you need to once again get Mu Chu Cheng’s heart. Don’t let him be together with Xi He.”

“Grandma, Xi He’s daughter is really Mu Chu Cheng’s daughter?”

Old Madame Mu shook her head: “I also don’t know. That little girl is an exact copy of Xi He, I couldn’t recognize feature in her. I will look for someone to do DNA test.”

Mu Chu Cheng left his apartment and got inside his car.

“Mr Mu, where will we go.”

“Of course to my fiancee’s place.”

Ying Tong said: “Mr Mu, you really want to be together with Xi He?”

“You can call her Xi He?” Mu Chu Cheng smiled.

“Then how should I greet her? Ms Xi.”

“Call her Mrs Mu.”

“Mr Mu, it’s too fast.”

“How can it be fast? I’ve been owing her status for five yeras.”

“But, you also don’t know whether Ms Xi, she, no, Mrs Mu will think about it…..”

“Think about it?” Mu Chu Cheng snorted: “no matter what, this time she couldn’t run away.

When they arrived, Mu Chu Cheng just realized that there’s no one home. Ying Tong urged him: “Mr Mu, if not let’s leave first, perhaps they are out.”

Mu Chu Cheng was impatient to let Xi He change her status as married woman.

“What day is it?”

“Saturday.” Ying Tong said: “What is it? Mr Mu?”

“Where does Xi Hang study?” Mu Chu Cheng looked at his watch.

Ying Tong didn’t know it.

“Mr Mu, I will check it.” Ying Tong understood. Mu Chu Cheng thought that Xi Hang should be in school and Xi He and Xi Nuan Nuan were going to pick her up.

Ying Tong gave a call and found out about Xi Hang’s school.

“Mr Mu, Xi Hang is in An Cheng first school.”

“Drive there.”

“Yes, Mr Mu.”

Xi He wanted to go out to have dinner after they picked up Xi Hang from her school.

They waited outside the gate.

“Mama, where is little auntie? Why is she coming out?”

“Maybe little auntie has some problems.” She swayed Xi Nuan Nuan’s little hand: “if not let’s get in and find her?”


Xi He held her hand and registered to the security. They got inside the school. She noticed that XI Hang was still in her classroom and trying hard and serious to solve the problems. She wasn’t aware that it was late.

Xi Nuan Nuan yelled: “Little auntie.”

There’s some students inside. Xi Hang raised her head and looked at both of them. She packed up and came over. She carried the little meatball up and looked at Xi He: “sis, are you waiting long for me? I forgot.”

Xi He stroked her long hair: “No, we just arrived, let’s go.”

Xi Hang nodded: “Okay.”

When they came out, Xi Nuan Nuan pointed out: “Mama, it’s Uncle Mu.”

Xi He looked over.

Xi Hang noticed him too and looked at Xi He: “Sis, what should we do?”

“Honestly, I really want to run away.”

“You cannot run away from him.”

“Yes, so what’s the point of running?” Xi He sighed.

Ying Tong got off the car and took taxi to leave. Mu Chu Cheng came over toward them. Xi Nuan Nuan already opened her arms to wait for him to carry her up.

Of course he took Xi Nuan Nuan from Xi Hang’s embrace. He looked at Xi He: “Let’s go. let me take you for dinner.”

“We will have dinner home.” Xi He refused.

Xi Nuan Nuan immediately betrayed her: “No, Mama, before you said that we will eat out.”

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