Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 520

“I remember.” Xi He guaranteed.

Xi Nuan Nuan finally returned to her room. Xi He turned her head and noticed that Old Madame Mu kept on watching Xi Nuan Nuan.

She looked at Xi He: “Where is your husband?”

“We already live separately.”

Old Madame Mu finally realized: “So now you want to take this opportunity to be in relation again with Mu Chu Cheng?”

Xi He was really calm in responding to Old Madame Mu’s aggressive tone: “Old Madame Mu, please don’t joke around. Who keeps on tangling with who. You can ask your grandson. You can get a good answer from him. I really want him to stay far away, but he isn’t willing. So what should I do?”

Old Madame Mu’s face changed sour: “You mean it’s Mu Chu Cheng’s initiative to keep on tangling with you? You are joking, since five years ago, he has forgotten about you, how can without reason he keeps looking for you?” She pointed at Xi He: “It should be you. You met him and kept thinking about him right?”

Xi He smiled: “Old Madame Mu is really an expert in joking. It’s only your thinkings and words are true. Then why should I tell you? You and old Mister Mu have your own idea, then why should you look for me? You can just directly ask Mu Chu Cheng, isn’t it?”

“Xi He, it’s better that you stop acting dumb!” Old Madame Mu said: “That year you kept on tangling with Mu Chu Cheng. Now you met him again, how can you let him go? You think that Mu Chu Cheng loves you so much, then you can be together? You forget that about what happened, how can you have heart to be with him? If it’s not because of your parents, Mu Chu Cheng’s Mama will not die!”

Xi He’s face turned pale: “Old Madame Mu, that year, was it only my Pa Ma’s fault? Was Mu Chu Cheng’s Papa doing it wrongly? My father is dead, I brought my only sister to left Nan Cheng, I followed your request, but how can I think that I will meet Mu Chu Cheng here?”

“He……….” Old Madame Mu took her handkerchief and wiped her face: “It’s good to here. But Xi He actually you and your mother are the same, you are lowly and like to seduce man! You are like your mother!”

Xi He’s face turned cold: “Old Madame Mu, I respect you as an elder so I will give you three minutes. But it doesn’t mean that you can your old age to speak without thinking. It also doesn’t mean that as part of Mu family, you have a power, right to humiliate person! Let me tell you, that year, who was wrong, who was right, how can you know for sure! Also, what’s your right to say bad things about my Ma? If today you came to humiliate my mother, then please leave. I don’t welcome you.”

“You are really brave!” Old Madame Mu glared at her: Xi He, today I came to tell you to mind your action. I hope that you can know your place rightly. You should know what should you do. If you are acting careless, then don’t blame me to be ruthless.”

“Old Madame Mu, if you are not leaving, I’ll call the guard.”

Old Madame Mu just sat on the sofa and didn’t move.

Fang Gang noticed a flame of war between them. He was worried.

“Perhaps I need to call Mu Chu Cheng?”

Old Madame Mu became really angry and pointed at Xi He: “You are threatening me, unexpectedly you dare to threaten me?”

“I don’t dare. I just don’t want to see you. I have no power to kick you out, then shouldn’t I just ask Mu Chu Cheng’s help?”

Old Madame Mu understands clearly her grandson’s temper. She didn’t want him to know that she come to meet Xi He. So she just stood up and left.

Fang Gang followed her.

The time Old Madame Mu passed the door, she looked at Xi He: “Xi He, if there to once again act reckless, don’t regret that I’ll be ruthless too.”

“I’m sorry, old madame. I don’t know what do you mean by act reckless. I will just do whatever I want.”


Fang Gang worried: “Old Madame, let’s go. If not it’ll be troublesome if Mu Chu Cheng notices this…”

Old Madame Mu left.

Xi He closed the door.

Xi Nuan Nuan had came out from the room: “Mama, are you fighting with that grandma?”

“Nuan Nuan, we were just talking, but maybe it’s a bit loud….” Xi He rubbed her temple.

Xi Nuan Nuan lowered her head and grumbled: “Liar.”

Every time Xi He is fighting with someone, she will just tell Xi Nuan Nuan that they are speaking in a loud voice. But Xi Nuan Nuan is a smart girl so she understands it.

“What are you saying?”

Xi Nuan Nuan shook her head: “Mama, I don’t say anything.”

“Mama will take you out. Go change your clothes.” Because of what happened with Old Madame Mu, she became even more moodier so she wanted to go out and stroll.

Xi Nuan Nuan’s eyes turned bright. She clapped: “Okay, okay!”

Today was a Saturday. Chen Xian Fei doesn’t need to go to work. He stayed at home to rest. Last night he discovered the photos and videos of Mu Chu Cheng and Xi He. He was so angry and went to drink. He couldn’t wake up this morning.

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