Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 519

“Okay, Ying Tong has followed Chu Cheng since little little. Of course he knows a lot. What is the use to call him now. I decide to go to An City tomorrow. I want to see what happened!” Old Madame Mu said.

“Help me pack up!”

At night, Xi He couldn’t sleep. She kept on dreaming. Dreaming about what happened that year. She dreamt about her parents’ tragedy, dreamt about that elders of Mu family.

The time the alarm rang, her head was hurt. She felt uncomfortable.

Xi Nuan Nuan woke up for the first time without any help. She rubbed her eyes: “Mama, what happened ton you?”

“Mama is okay, let me prepare breakfast for you.”

Xi He lifted her blanket. Today was a Saturday, Xi Hang will go home tonight.

Last night the time she picked Xi Nuan Nuan up from Chen Xiao Lin’s face. She was so impatient of her noise and urge to tell the story. Finally she just confessed and told her that Mu Chu Cheng is Xi Nuan Nuan’s Pa.

That time Chen Xiao Lin just yelled “wow!”, and she kept comparing Mu Chu Cheng and Chen Xian Fei.

Xi He ignored her and carried up Xi Nuan Nuan to leave.

It’s not that Mu Chu Cheng is really good, it’s just between them, it’s really….

It’s hard to explain in few words!

If Mu Chu Cheng is not valuable for her, she wouldn’t keep on remembering him for those years…..

Xi He woke up a little bit late. She planned to go out after breakfast. She wanted to buy winter clothes for Xi Nuan Nuan and Xi Hang.

Xi Nuan Nuan was eating ham and fried eggs, but Xi He didn’t have any appetite. She kept on thinking about what happened yesterday. Xi Nuan Nuan noticed her mood and waved her dirty hand: “Mama, what are you thinking of?”

Xi He sighed: “Nuan Nuan, you shouldn’t use your hand for eating!”

When Xi He was daydreaming, Xi Nuan Nuan threw her spoon and just used her hand to eat the fried egg. Now she was caught red-handed, she spit out her tongue: “I got it.”

“Mama, you are not eating?”

“I will eat later. You can eat first.” Xi He took out her phone and opened Weibo. Indeed her and Mu Chu Cheng’s video was trending.

No wonder Old Madame Mu noticed it.

The time she was focused on it, she got a call. It’s Huo Si Che. Supposedly he wanted to ask what happen last night. Today is Saturday, it’s not a working day so she has no responsiblity to tell him what happened. She just put her phone away.

“Mama, the bell is ringing.”

Xi Nuan Nuan called Xi He. Xi He was inside the room. She might not heard Xi Nuan Nuan’s voice. With spoon on her little hand, she stood up from her chair and went toward the door. She took a little chair and opened the door.

There’re two persons outside the door, a not-so-kind old woman and middle-aged man. Xi Nuan Nuan blinked: “Grandma, Uncle, who are you looking for?”

It’s Old Madame Mu. The time she noticed a little girl opened the door. She was startled, she kept on looking on Xi Nuan Nuan.

Xi Nuan Nuan is an exact copy of Xi He. Xi He has a daughter!

This reality made Old Madame Mu even more worried.

Fang Gang noticed Old Madame Mu’s silence so he immediately said: “Little girl, are you alone in the house? Is there any adult?”

Because Xi Nuan Nuan only opened the door and not the stainless steel door. She called again loudly: “Mama, Mama, come out, someone is looking for you!”

Xi He heard noises and came outside. She noticed that Xi Nuan Nuan had opened the door. She came over and placed her down from the chair. The time she noticed the people outside, her body went stiff.

She knew that sooner or later old Madame Mu will come over to meet her. She didn’t expect this to be so quick.

This old lady doesn’t change a lot, they met for the last time five years ago. She took a good care of herself, she looked just like sixty years old.

“Ms Xi.” Fang Gang greeted her.

Xi He regained herself and held Xi Nuan Nuan’s hand.

“Xi He, open the door. I’ve something to say to you.”

Xi He didn’t move, Fang Gang knows about Xi He’s temper. Since little, she is a great woman, there’s not lot changes in her.

“Ms Xi, please open the door. Old Madame especially comes to talk to you.”

“Old Madame Mu should look for Mu Chu Cheng, and not me.”

“Do I need you to teach me?” Old Madame Mu said coldly: “Since you dare to do it, why should you fear to face me?”

Xi He laughed coldly. Since last night, she has decided to not run away. She opened the door: “If Old Madame Mu is not disgusted by my house, then please come in.”

“Mama, who is that old grandma?”

Xi Nuan Nuan’s words provoked Old Madame Mu’s attention. She examine Xi Nuan Nuan and asked Xi He: “This is your daughter?”

“Old Madame Mu, I’m married. Is it strange that I have a kid?”

“Good, you say it well. You are married. Since you are married then why should you involve with another man?”

“Nuan Nuan, good girl. Go back to your room. Mama needs to chat with this old grandma.” Xi He pushed Xi Nuan Nuan’s shoulder.

Xi Nuan Nuan nodded: “Mama, you need to remember that you promised to take me to stroll around.”

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