Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 516

“….. I’ll let you know later. Xiao Lin, please help me to pick Nuan Nuan. Later at night I will pick her at your place.”

“Is that Nuan Nuan’s Papa?” Chen Xiao Lin remembered it and asked.

Xi He hurriedly covered the phone. She was worried that Mu Chu Cheng heard it. She turned her head to see him. Luckily he was too focus on his driving so he didn’t pay any attention.

“Let’s talk later at night. I will hang up first.”

“Where will you take me to?”

“Go to my place?”

“What do you want to talk with me?”

“Nothing, I just miss you.”

Xi He looked at him: “If you have nothing to say, stop the car.”

“Xi He, how can you be so expert in not recognize people? After you are done, how can you not recognize me?”

Mu Chu Cheng didn’t stop the car, he just sped up the car. The car stopped in the parking lot. Xi He wasn’t willing to get off. Mu Chu Cheng just carried her up on his shoulder.

Xi He remembered about his injury: “Mu Chu Cheng, let me down, you are injured!”

Mu Chu Cheng ignored her and carried her to the elevator. He pressed the button. He opened the door and placed her down. He took her to his room. He kissed her hotly.

Xi He couldn’t avoid it. She used her hand to give some distance between them: “Mu Chu Cheng, you are a liar. You said that you miss me, actually you just miss my body right!”

“Right, what should I do? Will you satisfy me?”

Xi He poked his chest and glared at him: “You are dreaming.”

Mu Chu Cheng hugged her waist and threw her to his sofa.

She was pressed down by him. He placed himself between her legs: “Xi He, be with me.”

Xi He said:”Mu Chu Cheng, do you forget about your fiancee!”

“You mean Jiang Xin Yan? She just someone that is chosen by two elders of Mu family, I don’t care about her.”

“It’s unrelated to me. Mu Chu Cheng, I am a married woman.”

“But you were sleeping with me, what should I do?” Mu Chu Cheng looked at her eyes: “I want to take responsibility of you.”

“I don’t need it. It’s just a passionate love. We each take what we need. It’s normal thing in modern society.”

Mu Chu Cheng’s eyes turned serious: “It seems that you frequently do it so you don’t really care about it.”

Xi He bit her lips: “Yes!”

She said it and she felt pain in her lips: “Mu Chu Cheng, what did you do!”

Mu Chu Cheng clutched her face: “Xi He, listen to me. I don’t care about your past, but if in the future you dare to be touched by another man even for a finger…”

Xi He continued his words: “You’ll kill me?”

Mu Chu Cheng kissed her side-face and smiled: “Kill you? How can I be that ruthless? I’ll kill those men.

“He……” Xi He couldn’t move and just glared at him: “I be together with other, how can you know it, you want to place a tracker on me?”

“Do you know that there’s a microchip that can be implanted in a person’s body…” Mu Chu Cheng pointed at her neck: “What about here?”

Xi He glared: “Mu Chu Cheng, you are crazy!”

Mu Chu Cheng said: “are you satisfied with my choice?” He continued: “If not let’s change, what about here? Here? Or here?”

His finger kept on moving down until it touched Xi He’s left chest: What about just here? but I frequently kneads here, what if it’s broken by me?”

Xi He clutched her hand and said loudly: “Mu Chu Cheng, you are crazy!”

Mu Chu Cheng laughed. “Xi He, divorce Chen Xian Fei, and be together with me.”


“What’s so good about him? You already kicked him out. Why don’t you divorce him?”

“Nothing is good about him, but I love him. I’ll not divorce him.” Xi He bit her lips and opened her eyes big to say the lie: “He is Nuan Nuan’s Papa….”

“He, really?” Mu Chu Cheng placed his chin on her shoulder: “I don’t tell you right, Ying Tong had told me.”

Xi He’s body turned stiff. She knew that after noticing her tattoo, he wouldn’t just let it go easily. He would check it throughly.

But Ying Tong told him?

Xi He couldn’t believe it. Ying Tong wouldn’t do it. She understood quickly that Mu Chu Cheng purposely tried to probe her.

Very quickly she pushed him away and sat up. “Really, then what did he say?”

Mu Chu Cheng is smart one, Xi He is also a smart woman.

Mu Chu Cheng just looked at her: “Is Nuan Nuan my daughter?”

Xi He’s face changed. She tried to control herself and tell herself that Mu Chu Cheng was trying hard to dig information from her.

“She is my daughter right?”

Xi He took a deep breath and looked at Mu Chu Cheng: “Mu Chu Cheng, aren’t you too shameless? How can you want to admit my daughter as yours?”

“Whether I am wrong or not, you should know it very clear. Xi He, do you want a mirror to see your expression? You simply aren’t dare enough to see my face. Whether Xi Nuan Nuan is my daughter or not, I already doubt it. You think you can hide it from me. Wait until I can check it throughly, I will punish you well.”

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