Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 514

Xi He had expected that Tang Ying will do something like that so she wasn’t surprised.

She sighed: “This matter. It’s too complicated and not easy to explain.

“Where are you now?”

“I am with Nuan Nuan’s Pa.”

“Wow!” Chen Xiao Lin continued: “Last night you disappeared, you didn’t go to work this morning. You just lived in romantic moment with Nuan Nuan’s Pa? Xi He, you are too…”

“It’s not like what you imagine…”

“Then how is it? Don’t tell me that you stayed together for so long and just chatted under the blanket!”

“We did it….”

Chen Xiao Lin laughed: “See, I already told you, how was it?”

Xi He coughed lightly and didn’t want to continue to discuss about this: “What did Huo Si Che respond?”

“How can he show another response? He just said that you are not someone like that. It should be an accident. Supposedly he is looking for you too, now what will you do? What excuse will you give her? You cannot say that you lose your phone in the romantic situation?”

Xi He massaged her head and felt worried: “I will think about it later. Now I plan to go back.”

Chen Xiao Lin sighed; “You even cannot think of an excuse, you are dead.”

Xi He hung up and went back inside. Mu Chu Cheng had changed into his work suit.

“Where will you go, you are still injured?”

Mu Chu Cheng wore his black coat: “There’s problem, I need to handle it.”

Xi He knew that supposedly it’s about Lei Zi.

Xi He looked at his back: “Can’t you just Ying Tong to handle it? You should rest at home….”

Mu Chu Cheng hugged her and kissed her lips: “Why? Are you worried about me?”

“Em.” Xi He nodded: “I’m worried about me?”

“Don’t worry. I’m not dead even though I was tangled by you, this is so easy.”

Ying Tong knocked on the door: “Mr Mu, we should go now.”

They hugged each other.

Ying Tong felt confused what should he do about this ill-fated relationship…..

Ying Tong worried that Old Madame Mu will find this out.

Xi He noticed Ying Tong and let go.

Mu Chu Cheng helped Xi He to wear her coat and said: “if you want to go out, let them send you off.”

Xi He nodded.

After Mu Chu Cheng left for some time, she left. But she didn’t ask Mu Chu Cheng’s people to send her off. She walked and took taxi back.

Anyway she had skipped the morning work, she couldn’t harm her own stomach so she looked for simple breakfast and went back. If it’s like her expectation, Tan Ying will scold her when she sees her.

Tan Ying was done with her scolding act then looked at her. “Chief Huo asked you to call him back.”

Xi He nodded. She didn’t care about Tan Ying.

Xi He called Huo Si Che: “Chief Huo..”

Huo Si Che noticed her voice and said: “Xi He, where did you go this morning? Did something bad happen?”

Xi He of course wasn’t willing to share her personal matter, she just replied politely: “Thank you for Chief Huo’s caring. I’m okay. I already told Manager Tan my reason….”

“Xi He, I just worried about you.”

Xi He smiled and said: “so I am thankful for it.”

Huo Si Che was silent for a while and said: “You cannot leave Tong City now. Tomorrow come to the office to work.”

“…….” Xi He laughed coldly and bit her lips. She just came here for five days, originally she should work here for a week.

“Chief Huo, you are the boss. Of course your words are final. But I’m sorry to trouble you to book the plane for me to return.” Xi He said it and hung up.

She leant on her chair and took a deep breath. She packed up her things. She called Tan Ying to tell her Huo Si Che’s order.

“Okay, since Chief Huo has asked you to return, then just go. You are also useless to be here.”

Her phone was broken. Xi He just could accept her misfortune and buy a new one. Huo Si Che has asked someone to buy her ticket back at five o’clock. She flied back and arrived at seven o’clock. She directly went to Chen Xiao Lin’s house to pick Xi Nuan Nuan.

The time Chen Xiao Lin met her, she thought that she was a ghost. They were talking this morning but she didn’t say that she will return early.

Xi He just told her the simple version. She immediately concluded: “The beast definitely is worried that you will act recklessly in Tong city. He is envy about it so he asked you to come back so he can watch and monitor you. Supposedly after this he will not let you have too many business trips. You will always be with him.”

“You are joking.” Xi He laughed coldly: “Who does he think he is?”


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