Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 510

“Okay.” Ying Tong glanced at Xi He. Ying Tong got in with several men. Xi He waited outside. She couldn’t see or hear anything.

She knew that supposedly Mu Chu Cheng called them inside for ordering him about Lei Zi.

Lei Zi , that traitor, Mu Chu Cheng really hates him. Because of his selfishness, he hurt one of Mu Chu Cheng’s brother, how can he let him off easily.

Xi He was worried and she wanted to meet Mu Chu Cheng. But with Mu Chu Cheng’s order to let Ying Tong and several men inside, meant that Mu Chu Cheng wasn’t really in serious condition.

She waited for around twenty minutes, Ying Tong came out. She immediately said: “Ying Tong, can I come inside and meet him?”

Someone examined her: “Mr Mu now needs his rest.”

Ying Tong looked at that man, and that man immediately lowered his head.

Ying Tong didn’t say anything, he just looked at her: “Just go inside. Mr Mu is sleeping now. You need to be careful. Where will you sleep today?”

Xi He pointed to the room: “It’s almost morning. I will just stay inside. I don’t need sleep.” It’s already four o’clock in the morning. Now it’s cold. The sun will go up around seven o’clock. She still had three hours.

“It’s better for you to have sleep a while.” Ying Tong said; “You can go inside and take a quilt inside the cupboard. You can use it on the sofa.”

Xi He nodded and got inside.

That man looked at her and asked Ying Tong: “Bro Ying, where does she come from? Why Mr Mu really cares about her? I never met her before.”

Ying Tong looked at him: “I know you are worried about Mr Mu, but you need to understand the rule. You cannot intervene Mr Mu.”

“Yes, Bro Ying.”

It’s better for him to not ask what he shouldn’t ask.

Xi He opened the door and got inside quietly. Supposedly Mu Chu Cheng just fell asleep, she didn’t want to disturb him.

She came over the bed and watched him. She cautiously pulled his blanket to cover him up. She sat down on the chair near his bed for a long time. She felt sleepy so she stood up and went to cupboard to take the quilt. She noticed the quilt was placed at the most top part, she couldn’t reach it with her height. She took the chair to reach it. She was reckless that the quilt fell down to the ground.

She was surprised and went down from the chair and picked the quilt up.

Mu Chu Cheng woke up and smiled. He was watching her.

Xi He held the quilt and put it on the bed. She came over and asked: “I disturb you?”

Mu Chu Cheng raised his eyebrows: “I know when you came in.”

Xi He was silent for a while: “Just sleep, I will not disturb you. I……..”

She hadn’t finished her words and Mu Chu Cheng grasped her wrist and pulled her to sit down on the bed. He looked at her: “My wound is hurt, I cannot sleep.”

“Now it’s still hurt?” Xi He was worried. She sat down on the edge of the bed and wanted to touch his back: “Can I see your wound?”

Mu Chu Cheng said: “It’s very sexy that you are wearing my clothes.”

“…..” Xi He looked at herself: “What is sexy? I even cannot see my hands or legs.”

Mu Chu Cheng said: “Seeing you wearing my clothes make me be impulsive, what should I do?”

Xi He understood his meaning: “Don’t make trouble, let me see your wound.”


Xi He undid his buttons and took it off. He showed his back to her. She thought it was split open but it’s still good.

She helped him to put on his clothes again, she mumbled: “The wound looks good, just hold it….”

Suddenly Mu Chu Cheng kissed her lips.

Xi He’s body turned stiffen. She raised her head to see him. But he kissed her again. She wanted to push him away but she didn’t dare to use too much power because she was injured before.

“Mu Chu Cheng, you are wounded, don’t act carelessly.”

Mu Chu Cheng let her go a bit.

She lowered her head and took a deep breath. She sat up on the bed. She clutched his face and lowered her head. She took initiative to kiss his lips and placed his hands on her waist.

Mu Chu Cheng smiled and used power. He carried her up on the bed. “My back is hurt, you cannot ride the horse, what should you do, what about do it from the back?”

Xi He blushed: “If not let’s just sleep.”

“Okay, sleep.” Mu Chu Cheng’s hand just got inside without she noticed it. Her breath turned quick. She tried to stop his hand: “Mu Chu Cheng….”

“Do you like it?”

She crazily shook her head. He bit her lips: “Little liar, you clearly love it. You just love to lie. Woman always full of duplicity.”

Xi He was stripped off. Mu Chu Cheng’s gaze stopped. He watched her left chest.

It wasn’t really bright inside the room, but he could see it clearly. That tattoo in her chest, it’s the same as his tattoo on his left wrist.


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