Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 509

Xi He could noticed that man, it was the man that was shot on his thigh by Mu Chu Cheng. Everyone got off the car, except him. Before Ying Tong didn’t notice him, he was busy by dragging the wound men inside the truck. Mu Chu Cheng was also focused on Xi He.

Xi He responded quickly and immediately shot up: “Mu Chu Cheng, what happened to you?”

Mu Chu Cheng covered his shoulder, his hand was full of blood.

Ying Tong helped to take Mu Chu Cheng to the car. He then called someone to come over. Very quickly someone came and handled this situation. Then Ying Tong came back to the car.

Mu Chu Cheng leant on the chair with his eyes closed. His breath got heavy. Xi He noticed his handsome face turned pale. He was sweating a lot. She took a tissue and cautiously wiped it. This time he opened his eyes and clutched her hand.

Xi He looked at him: “is it hurt?”

“Hurt.” Mu Chu Cheng moved and leant on her shoulder.

Because of the distance, Xi He could feel his breath.

Xi He looked at his wound, she couldn’t see it clearly because Mu Chu Cheng wore a black clothes.

She felt her eyes were teary now, but she was afraid to disturb him. She even tried to lower down her sound of breathing.

“Ying Tong, how long will it take to go to hospital?”

“We will not go to hospital. We will go to another place. I already called a doctor. Xi He, don’t worry. We will arrive soon.”

Ying Tong drove the car faster and at last the car stopped in a small mansion. Someone was waiting for them. The time their car stopped, he immediately opened the car’s door. At first he wanted Mu Chu Cheng but suddenly Mu Chu Cheng opened his eyes: “I am not disable.”

He got off the car. Xi He also followed him.

There’s a room prepared to be a surgery room. The room was full of doctors and nurses. All of the gathered to get ready. Xi He wanted to come inside but she was stopped. Mu Chu Cheng turned his body and looked at her: “Wait for me outside.”

Xi He just obeyed and nodded: “okay.”

The door was closed and locked. Xi He was pulled by Ying Tong to the sofa.

“Xi He, take a shower and change your clothes. You will have a flu, if you don’t”

At the beginning, Xi He didn’t move, but Ying Tong said again: “If you get a flue, Mr Mu will be heartbroken.”

Xi He looked at Ying Tong and finally stood up. She went to the restroom. At this time, it’s hard to find a woman’s cloth so Ying Tong went upstairs and took one of Mu Chu Cheng’s clothes. It’s just simple white t-shirt and jeans. He took them to the bathroom and knocked the door. : “Xi He, this is Mr Mu’s clothes, you can wear this one frst.”

Xi He opened the door a bit and took the clean clothes: “Thank you.”

Xi He took a shower. She didn’t take too much time because she was worried about Mu Chu Cheng’s condition. Because she wore quite thick clothes today, her underwear was still clean, she wore it again.

She wore the t-shirt and jeans. The jeans is too long, so she folded it up. She looked for a leather belt and wrapped it on her waist.

Ying Tong was sitting down on the sofa and was on call with Old Madame Mu. Xi He heard him: “Old Madame, don’t worry. There’s nothing serious. Okay okay, okay, it’s my fault. I didn’t take a good care of him. I will go back and later on you can punish me. Old Madame, no need to come here. Mr Mu is still in surgery. I will let him call you later on……”

Xi He didn’t want to listen to their conversation further, she doesn’t have a good impression of Old Madame Mu. Even hearing her name made Xi He stiffen. She went to take a glass of hot water. The time she went back, Ying Tong had ended the call. She stayed in the sofa and drank her water. She watched the door.

Ying Tong put down his clothes and sighed.

Xi He looked at him: “Old Madame Mu will come here.”

“At first she wanted to come when she heard that Mr Mu is injured, but everyone has urged her to not so she will not come.”

Xi he nodded. The door suddenly opened.

The doctor and nurses came out. Xi He immediately stood up and went over.

The doctor closed the door and stopped Xi He to come inside.

The doctor knew Ying Tong: “Mr Mu, let you some of you guys come inside, he has something to say to you. But remember don’t take too much time, he needs a good rest.”

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