Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 508

There’s someone who used the sterilizer liquid to cover the wound up. That man immediately screamed. The wound finally wrapped. Xi He kept on watching them and felt afraid.

Because she never encountered this kind of situation before.

She was afraid but she couldn’t feel too much. She wasn’t afraid of the blood but she was worried that something bad will happened to him.

The wounded man closed his eyes and slept.

Bro Xiao glanced at Xi He: “Hey, this woman isn’t afraid of the scenes before. No wonder she is Mu Chu Cheng’s woman….”

Xi He ignored him and looked at the window. It will be morning soon.

Lei Zi had been Mu Chu Cheng’s follower for several periods, he understood clearly that for someone he cares, he can do everything. His face looked worried: “Mu Chu Cheng wouldn’t let us go easily so Bro Xiao, we need to be more careful.”

But after looking Mu Chu Cheng’s reaction for Xi He, he was sure that Xi He is completely valuable for him. He just laughed him off: “We have the trump card in our card, why should we be afraid? Even though he can chase after us, with this woman, he will let us go right? If he dares to anything reckless, I will just make him regret…”

“You cannot be too sure, Bro Xiao, it’s better for us to be more careful…”

Bro Xiao was impatient for his chattering, he suddenly pushed his shoulder: “Okay okay, you are so talkative! Why are your courage turn small now? If you are like, then why should you do drug dealing? You know everything about Mu Chu Cheng’s business, he hates drug dealing, but you still do it?! Now in this situation keep on blabbering?”

Lei Zi still looked very concerned: “we also killed someone….”

“It’s just his subordinate?!” Bro Xiao looked uncaring: “Mu Chu Cheng has a lot of subordinates, so what if one dies?”

“Bro Xiao, you don’t understand him, he especially cares….”

Lei Zi hadn’t finished his words and felt the car was bumped.

Everyone felt the car swayed, they looked at the window. Their car fell down on the roadside.

Xi He felt her head was hit and next moment she was dizzy and felt pain all over her body.

Bro Xiao regained himself: “Hurry up, bring the things down!”

They opened the door. They didn’t drag Xi He out. The one that bumped their car was a truck. Now the truck also stopped on the road side. The driver got off the car. The time he noticed that one of them raising their gun, he immediately raised his hands up and showed his fearful face: “Sorry, I don’t do it in purpose….”

Bro Xiao was a bit hurt during the accident, his nose was bleeding. He wiped the blood and took out his gun and pointed to the driver: “Dammit, I will just kill you!”

He said it and wanted to shot him. But suddenly the truck driver suddenly reacted, he raised his leg up high and kicked Bro Xiao’s face. Bro Xiao fell down to the ground. The truck drivers kicked him several time.

Meanwhile, Xi He was dragged to the backside of the truck driver’s body.

Bro Xiao was pressed on the ground, it’s hard for him to get up. Yet he could see the gun on the ground so he slowly took it and got the gun. Xi He noticed it and screamed: “Be careful.”

But suddenly Bro Xiao’s hand was shot.

The sound of the shot let all the people who were packing on the car, came out. They were holding gun too on their hands, but it’s useless. They were shot too.

Xi He noticed a figure came out, Mu Chu Cheng. He was wearing black gloves and holding a gun. He was the one that shot Bro Xiao.

He didn’t shot him to kill him. Because he didn’t want him to die happily. He will just shot his hand to make him unable to hold gun or knife again.

Xi He stood in the back of the driver and looked at the scene.

The driver took off his hat and his fake mustache, Xi He noticed it was Ying Tong.

“Ying Tong!”

“Xi He, let me help you to untie it.” Ying Tong took out a small knife and cut the rope offf.

Xi He massaged her wrist. She moved forward, she noticed Mu Chu Cheng was coming over.

He passed the gun to Ying Tong and took off his black gloves. He clutched Xi He’s face and lowered his head: “Are you cold?”

Xi He nodded: “Cold.”

Mu Chu Cheng took off his black coat and covered her up. Then he helped her tidy up her hair. He also put on his gloves on her hands.

Xi He lowered her head to see his action. Yet she noticed a black gun pointed at him. She frowned and wanted to push him away: “Be careful.”

Mu Chu Cheng realized what would happen so how can he let her push him away. Anyway he pushed her down. Then his body shook up.

“Mr Mu!” Ying Tong called him out and took out his gun to shot that man’s in the forehead.

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