Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 505

That man smiled toward Xi He, Xi He didn’t have heart to greet him and just nodded. Then she took out her phone to call Ying Tong to ask. Mu Chu Cheng is hurt, now he should be rushing to Tong city.

She just typed Ying Tong’s number, her phone was snatched by Lei Zi: “Ms Xi, what are you doing?”

Xi He immediately felt something was fishy, Lei Zi’s face was strange. She just planned to call Ying Tong but he was so nervous.

Xi He was on guard: “Where will you take me?’

“Hospital.” Lei Zi immediately said: “Why is Ms Xi asking?”

“Really?” Xi He extended her arm to take her phone back: “Give me back my phone.”

Yet Lei Zi clutched her phone and didn’t say anything. She was doubting him, there’ll be problem.

“Mu Chu Cheng is not hurt right? Where will you take me to?!” She was worried about Mu Chu Cheng’s condition that she was stupefied and didn’t doubt Lei Zi.

“Ms Xi, don’t be emotional. We really will take you to Mr Mu. It’s just I cannot give back your phone. You cannot call Ying Tong…”

“Dammit, now we are taking her, why should you be talkative about it?” That man suddenly slapped the steering wheel and said loudly.

Lei Zi opened the window and threw away Xi He’s phone. The phone was broken.

Xi He looked at the window and wanted to open the door. She wanted to jump off the car. Lei Zi should have bad intetion!

They already planned this all before so the car was locked. Xi He couldn’t open the car.

Now she could only think of other way. She stood up and clutched the arm of the man who drove. They almost bumped into another car and fence.

“Lei Zi, what are you doing! Why don’t you take care of her, you want to die?”

Lei Zi hurriedly grasped Xi He’s arm.

Xi He showed her martial art skills but she wasn’t strong enough. Very quickly she was thrown back to the backseat. Her head bumped and she felt dizzy.

She was punched too. It made her even dizzier.

The man passed a towel: “Make her faint so she will make trouble for us.”

Lei Zi took it and covered her mouth with it. Xi He fainted.

“Okay, she is asleep.”

“Dammit, we are almost die. Mu Chu Cheng’s woman, indeed she is not easy!” The man said, “Lei Zi, are you sure that Mu Chu Cheng really cares this woman? Are you sure that with her, we can run away?”

“I’m sure.” Although he just met Xi He for several time but Mu Chu Cheng’s action showed his affection toward her. He never sees him so care about a woman!

It made him has intention to kidnap Xi He! Today Mu Chu Cheng kept looking for him, if they don’t leave Tong City, they will be dead for sure!

It was a cold night, Xi He was sprayed with cold water. She woke up. She coughed for several time. Her clothes were wet. She was trembling. She wanted to take her coat but she noticed that her arms and legs were bind.

That man that sprayed her, was watching her with red bucket in his grip.

Luckily she wore quite layers of clothes today. Even though it’s wet, but it’s thick so he cannot see her body.

Xi He moved her butt to retreat and leant on the wall. She examined her surrounding. Except her in the room, there’s Lei Zi and his so-what friend. There’s also another two men.

Lei Zi and other men were tidying up things. They packed a bag of white powder to a black suitcase.

One of the man kicked the man that was watching Xi He: “What are you doing there? Help to pack up! Now you still have mind to have a woman!”

That man hurriedly went over and packed up.

Xi He’s mouth was sealed.

Lei Zi took his phone and took photos of Xi He, a man asked him: “What’s the point of taking those photos? We will take her soon. If we meet Mu Chu Cheng, we should show him the woman. If he doesn’t let us go, I will just shot her to death. If he really cares about this woman, he will let us escape.”

Lei Zi said; “don’t worry. In the past, I noticed Ying Tong checked this woman, it should be Mu Chu Cheng’s order. If he doesn’t care, what’s the purpose of checking her background?”

That man nodded. “Okay, let’s go.”

Xi He was dragged outside. They passed the living room, she looked at the clock, it’s one o’clock in the early morning. She was kidnapped around seven or eight o’clock, it’s already several hours.

The house located in the old complex. It’s quite deserted.

Xi He was pushed inside the car

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