Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 504

“How can it be so coincidental?” Mu Chu Cheng looked at her calmly: “When did you arrive at Tong City?”

“Five o’clock in the afternoon.”

“I arrived here one o’clock in the afternoon.” Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “So Xi he, who’s following who? Why did you follow me to Tong City? What is your plan?”

Xi He: “……”

Wei Lan noticed that both of them will fight soon so she said: “Mr Mu, have you eaten? If not you want to order anything else?”

“Thank you, I’m full.”

Xi He put down her knife and fork: “Wei Lan, I’m full too. I’m so tired today. I want to go back to the hotel to rest.”

“Okay, anyway you will be here for a week. We can get together again. When you are free, I will take you to stroll around Tong city…..” Wei Lan smiled embarrassedly: “Oh right, before Chen Chen’s Pa sent me a message that he want to take us somewhere, I cannot send you back, what should I do?”

“It’s okay. There’s a lot of taxis outside. I can take one.”

“Not good.” Wei Lan shook her head and said to Mu Chu Cheng: “Mr Mu, where are you staying? Our Xi He will stay in Yun Ding Tian hotel? Can you send her back?”

Xi He almost choked to death, she didn’t expect that Wei Lan will betray her. Unexpectedly she told Mu Chu Cheng the hotel she will stay in!

She glared at her with full of hatred.

Wei Lan just smiled and showed her innocent expression. She used her eyes to tell Xi He that she just said it spontaneously.

Xi He didn’t believe it, Wei Lan should do it in purpose.

“It’s good.” Mu Chu Cheng looked at Xi He: “I also stay in Yun Ding Tian.”

“……..” Xi He wanted to slap the table, how can this be coincident?!

But actually indeed Mu Chu Cheng came here first, how can she say anything else?

Wei Lan smiled: “It’s good. At first I am worried that I will trouble you, but it seems it’s totally convenient. Then Mr Mu, please help me to send Xi He.”

At last, Xi He was pushed inside the Mu Chu Cheng’s car by Wei Lan. She held Lu Jing Chen’s hand and waved at her : “Don’t go home too late. Give me call when you have arrived.”

Xi He really wanted to severe their relationship because of her betrayal.

Mu Chu Cheng drove to the hotel. He seems to be familiar with Tong city so he didn’t use GPS.

Xi He felt staying in the small space with him made her uncomfortable so she didn’t look at him and just watched the scenery outside.

Luckily Mu Chu Cheng also didn’t say anything to her.

Because it’s a five-star hotels so the time they arrived, someone helped to open their door. Xi He immediately asked him to help her with her suitcase and she came inside to do the check-in. She didn’t want to stay with Mu Chu Cheng any longer.

The waiter took her suitcase to the room. The time she opened the room with her card, the elevator door opened. Mu Chu Cheng came out.

She was surprised that her card fell down.

How can Mu Chu Cheng stay in the same floor as her?

She stared at her and almost forgot to pick up her card until Mu Chu Cheng came over and stopped in front of her. He looked her: “For following me, you stay in the opposite of my room?”

Xi He: “…. you stay there?”

This time Ying Tong seemed to not join Mu Chu Cheng to come to Tong CIty. This time it’s only Lei Zi. Lei Zi followed him and greeted Xi He: “Ms Xi, how coincidence.”

He took out his card and opened the door: “Mr Mu.”

Mu Chu Cheng waved his hand: “Just go back to your room first.”

“Yes, Mr Mu.”

Mu Chu Cheng helped to pick up the card and opened her hotel room. The time Xi He was still startled, he pulled her inside and closed the door.

His tip of nose touched hers, he said hoarsely: “if I said it’s pure coincidence, will you believe me?”

Xi He said honestly: “I don’t.”

Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “Me too.”

Xi He pushed him away and wanted to go back to the reception to ask for another room. She wanted to change room.

Xi He kicked her suitcase inside and said coldly to him: “Mr Mu, I’m tired, I want to take a rest. You can go out now.”

Mu Chu Cheng wanted to say something but his phone rang. His expression turned serious.

“Em, Okay. I’ll go over now.”

He hung up and looked at Xi He. He turned his body and left.

Xi He looked at the window and noticed Mu Chu Cheng left with several other men.

After that day, Xi He didn’t meet him again. They stayed in the same hotel but she didn’t encounter him.

She had been here for five or five days. She had two more days to finish her work.

These several days, Wei Lan would come over and accompany her to have a meal and stroll.

After Wei Lan left, Xi He returned to her hotel room at seven o’clock. She wanted to take shower and called Xi Nuan Nuan. But this time she heard a knock.

She looked from the peephole, it was Lei Zi.

She opened the door: “Lei Zi, what is it?”

“Ms Xi, Mr Mu is injured. He is at the hospital. He wishes to meet you.”

Xi He was startled, her mind turned blank: “Is it serious, what kind of injury?”

“It’s quite serious so Ms Xi, follow me, I will take you there. Mr Mu is still unconscious and keeps calling your name, so can you follow me?”

“Okay.” The time Xi He heard that Mu Chu Cheng was injured, her body turned cold. She changed her shoes and followed him out.

Lei Zi’s car was in front. She got inside the car and noticed another man inside the car. Lei Zi introduced the man: “This is my friend, he also comes to see Mr Mu.”

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