Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 502

He secretly peeked on Mu Chu Cheng to see his reaction.

Finally Mu Chu Cheng laughed coldly and got inside the car. Ying Tong followed him.

Finally they left, Xi He sighed and pushed Huo Si Che away.

“Xi He….”

“Sit well!” Xi He looked at him coldly and drove the car.

Xi He didn’t drive him home. She drove the car back to her home and on the way, she called Chen Zhan Peng to let him send Huo Si Che home.

At the beginning Chen Zhan Peng wasn’t willing but Xi He looked at Huo Si Che and said: “Okay, if you don’t come, I will just leave him on the car and let him spend night at the car.”

Chen Zhan Peng yelled at her: “Xi He, he is your boss, how can you treat him that way? Don’t you afraid to be fired?!”

“He is also your boss!” Xi He said: “Assistant Chen, you know that if Mrs Huo sees me send him home, it will be not good right.”

“Okay, I will come soon.”

Xi He hung up and waited. She took out a cigarette to smoke.

Huo Si Che woke up and looked at her: “Why I don’t know that you smoke?”

Xi He said: “It’s a lot that you don’t know about me, Chief Huo.”

Actually she never smokes these five years, it’s just after she met Mu Chu Cheng, she always felt troublesome and needed to smoke.

Of course, she wouldn’t smoke in front of Xi Hang or Xi Nuan Nuan.

Huo Si Che laughed: “Oh right, so I hope that you can give me chance to understand you more.”

Xi He glanced at him: “Chief Huo, we have our own family, don’t you think it’s inappropriate to say that kind of word? Do you think I will want to be your little mistress?”

Huo Si Che’s face turned sour: “Xi He, you know clearly what I mean?”

Xi He threw her cigarette away: “Then Chief Huo, what do you mean? Don’t tell me you fall in love with me, wouldn’t it be too hilarious? You just like my face. Or perhaps it’s because I have rejected you so many times that you want to possess me.”

“There’s a lot of women out there. Do you think I only like you for your face or perhaps want to concquere you?”

“If not?” Xi He folded her arm: “You should ask yourself. You think to fight your wife for me?”

Huo Si Che didn’t say anything. Xi He just laughed and looked there’s a taxi outside. Chen Zhan Peng came. She got off the car: “Chief Huo, goodnight.”

Xi He came inside her apartment. Xi Nuan Nuan already slept. Xi Hang was studying in the sofa and waited for Xi He.

She put down her book and went to kitchen to pour a glass of water for Xi He.

“Sis, you are home.”

“Yes, why aren’t you sleeping?” Xi He said.

Xi Hang swayed her book: “I am revising and at the same time, waiting for you to come home.”

Xi He remembered something: “Xi Hang, you still have few days of holiday?”

“Three days.” Xi Hang said. “Sis, what is it?”

“Tomorrow morning, I’ll go in business trip. I will let Nuan Nuan to stay in Xiao Lin’s house, so Xi Hang, you….”

Xi He actually wanted to spend time with her but because of work, she couldn’t.

“Sis, no need to take Nuan Nuan there, I can take care of her. After three days, if you are not home, I will send her to Sis Xiao Lin’s home.”

“But it’s just two of you at home, I cannot be relieved.” Xi He wanted Xi Hang to go back to school and stayed there.

“Why? I am seventeen years old woman, I will turn eighteen soon. I’ll attend university soon. I’m not kid anymore so no need to be worried. I can take care of myself and Nuan Nuan…”

Xi Hang hugged Xi He’s arm: “It’s okay, don’t worry.”

Xi He was touched because of her words and stroked her face: “You need to be careful. If something happened, give me a call. Don’t give too much sweet for Nuan Nuan….”

“I know it. She will be a meatball soon.” Xi Hang nodded: “Sis, you just go and pack up.:

“Okay, sleep early.”

After Chen Xian Fei and his mother moved away, the rooms were empty. Xi Hang moved to the empty room. Xi Nuan Nuan slept together with Xi he.

Today Xi He felt very tired. She took a simple shower and planned to tidy up her things in the morning.

The next morning, Xi Hang prepared a breakfast for all of them. Xi He stroked her face: “Our Xiao Hang is really good.”

“Sis, I remember a thing. Do you go together in business meeting with Chief Huo?” Because last time she accompanied Xi He together with Chen Xiao Lin for dinner, and unconsciously Chen Xiao LIn mentioned the beast, Huo Si Che. She was worried about Xi He.

“No, I go with other colleagues. Don’t worry.” Xi He smiled and woke Xi Nuan Nuan up. Xi He packed up and told Xi Nuan Nuan to obey Xi Hang.

Her flight was three o’clock in the afternoon. Chen Xiao Lin picked her up at one o’clock.

On the car: “Luckily, you don’t go with that beast. If not, I’m afraid that he will take opportunity to eat you.”

“Today Xi Hang also mentioned this.” Xi He smiled.

“Right? You see even your sister worry about this. But you are so brave that you can kick him . I think he will not have a chance to hurt you.”

Xi He rolled her eyes: “You think that I am really strong.”

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