Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 501

He just smiled and looked at Xi He: “Thank you, my secretary is not only beautiful. She also can work very well. I really value her than other my secretaries.

“Really?” Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “If there’s a chance, I would like to cooperate you and see by myself your secretary’s ability.”

Xi He was uneasy, Huo Si Che suddenly said: “Xi He, help me to take a material from the office for my client. I will give you the address of the client. Drive my car.”

He said it and passed her his car key.

Xi He took it and stood up: “Okay, Chief Huo.”

Everyone noticed that Xi He will leave and said: “Chief Huo, how can you be so stingy? You just leave a beautiful woman for yourself to enjoy? Do you think that we are not worthy to enjoy her beauty?”

Huo Si Che just said: “She has something to do.”

“It’s supposed to be your excuse.” One of them said.

Xi He pulled the door and left.

She went to the parking area. This time she got a message from Huo Si Che about the address of a client.”

Actually she was quiet thankful, she didn’t want to propose a toast with her.

Xi He sent the material to the client. It’s still early, she didn’t want to come back soon. Huo Si Che would call her when he was done.

So she looked for a place to sit down and wait.

The business dinner was quite long, luckily Xi Hang was on holiday so she could pick Xi Nuan Nuan up from the school and take care of her.

It’s almost eleven o’clock, Xi He finally got a call from Huo Si Che. He was quite drunk. He asked Xi He to come over and pick him up.

Xi He hung up and drove to the restaurant.

A lot of people were drunk in the private room. Huo Si Che leant back on the sofa and Mu Chu Cheng was smoking. He wasn’t drunk.

She knows that Mu Chu Cheng wouldn’t be drunk even though he drank a lot. She also knows about Huo Si Che’s alcohol tolerance, he couldn’t drink too much.

“Chief Huo, how are you?” Xi He poured a glass of warm water and passed it to him. He drank it and raised his head to look at her: “Xi He, send me home.”

Xi He nodded and asked the waiters to help take Huo Si Che to the car. She noticed a gaze on her but she didn’t mind it.

Xi He watched the waiters carried Huo Si Che and she went to take Huo Si Che’s coat. She bid her goodbye to everyone and left.

Mu Chu Cheng looked at her. Someone noticed it and got close to him. He smiled: “Chief Mu, Chief Huo’s secretary is pretty right? If we can just sleep her once… heehe……..”

That man didn’t finish his words and Mu Chu Cheng just smiled and showed his intention to kill him. He raised his legs and kicked that man in his thigh.

That man fell down!

No one dared to help that man.

Mu Chu Cheng acted cooly. Ying Tong took Mu Chu Cheng’s coat and passed it to him. Mu Chu Cheng wore it and took another cigarette to smoke. He didn’t say anything and just left.


Xi He helped Huo Si Che inside the car. She also got inside the car. She wanted to help him with his seatbelt but suddenly he hugged her shoulder and called her name: “Xi He, Xi He….”

Xi He frowned: “Chief Huo, you are drunk. Let me go…”

Huo Si Che didn’t let her go and just hug her. He was really drunk: “Xi He, I really like you…”

Xi He calmly cut him off: “Yes? Then thank you. Sit well, I’ll drive now.”

She said it and wanted to break free from him. But he was like a spoiled kid and didn’t want to let go.

Xi He was annoyed and she noticed that Mu Chu Cheng and Ying Tong came out from the restaurant . They were standing behind Huo Si Che’s car.

Mu Chu Cheng looked at them.

This moment Xi He bit her lips and let go.

Huo Si Che hugged her and kept on calling her name: “Xi He, what should I do so you will be with me?”

Xi He didn’t say anything.

Mu Chu Cheng’s car stopped by near him but he didn’t get inside.

Ying Tong sighed. He has followed Mu Chu Cheng for a long time. He knows Xi He too well too. He knows why Xi He let Huo Si Che hug her.


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