Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 500

“A Cheng, I…….”

Mu Chu Cheng’s finger knocked on the coffee table. His gaze was sharp and cold: “I just want you to tell me, is it yours, I’ve nothing else to ask you.”

Jiang Xin Yan nodded: “yes. It’s mine.”

“What are you doing by giving Xi He your card? You want her to leave me?”

Jiang Xin Yan noticed that Mu Chu Cheng was furious: “A Cheng, don’t you be angry. I didn’t do it in purpose, I just feel afraid…”

“What are you afraid of?”

“I just feel afraid that you will leave, I am just being silly, I just love you too much…”

“A very good reason.” Mu Chu Cheng nodded and looked at her. He smiled and said a harsh sentence: “But I don’t love you.”

Jiang Xin Yan needs to admit it that Mu Chu Cheng doesn’t love her even for a bit.

“I know that you don’t love me, but I am your fiancee, I am just afraid that you will be snatched away by other women? Don’t I have that kind of power?” Jiang Xin Yan started to cry: “Xi He is too great, in a flash she can find you, she reported to you right? She said that I forced her right?”

Mu Chu Cheng was too lazy to mind her and just waved his hand. Jiang Xin Yan came over, she thought that Mu Chu Cheng will comfort her: “A Cheng.”

“Tomorrow you come back to Jiang City.”

“A Cheng! I will not go!”

“I will not repeat myself. Also I need to consider our relationship. Your status as my fiancee, is just a label. You get involve too deep to my business.”

Jiang Xin Yan was throughly stupefied. When she wanted to response, Mu Chu Cheng already left the sofa and came to his room. She ran over quickly to stop him: “A Cheng, you don’t want me anymore?”

Mu Chu Cheng laughed: “Between us, it seems it hasn’t reached that stage yet? Jiang Xin Yan, you think you can hold on your status as my fiancee, I need to take responsibility of you? Honestly, I engaged to you because of those two elders of Mu family. I didn’t care which woman they will choose, but you seem don’t understand this? You want to get in Mu family to get some advantages for Jiang family. It’s just that kind of relationship, what’s your power to intervene with my business? I don’t want to continue this anymore, so simple, you can tell me how should I compensate you.”

Jiang Xin Yan’s confidence was crumbling, her tears kept on falling down: “A Cheng, how can you treat me like this. It’s because of you like Xi He, and you don’t like me to get involve with your affair, so I will not mind it anymore okay? But don’t throw me away…”

Jiang Xin Yan kept on crying but Mu Chu Cheng kept calm.

It’s just Mu Chu Cheng. When he decides something, he will not change.

Mu Chu Cheng pulled up Jiang Xin Yan from the ground and wiped her tears: “Crying for someone that doesn’t love you, it shows how cheap is your tears.”

“A Cheng…..” Jiang Xin Yan was so panic and wanted to pull his hand to stay close to her face but he just pulled his hand away.

He left and went back to his room.

He didn’t turn back to see her.

Jiang Xin Yan just came back to her room and cried.

After a while, she took out her phone and called a number. She wanted to call Old madame Mu, btu she thought about it and just put the phone down.

Old Madame Mu likes independent woman to become Mu Chu Cheng’s fiancee. She was chosen because she isn’t weak or fragile. If now she called her back because of small problems, although Madame Mu wouldn’t tell her directly but she would regard her as weak.

Jiang Xin Yan didn’t want this to happen.

She tried to calm herself down and knew what should she do.

She couldn’t leave An city. But Mu Chu Cheng had said it, she couldn’t stay here. If not, he will ask Ying Tong to send her back to Jiang City.

She would just leave here so Mu Chu Cheng thought that she came back.

Jiang Xin Yan wiped her tears and packed her thigns.

The next morning, Mu Chu Cheng woke up and noticed Jiang Xin Yan’s suitcase in the living room.

He looked at it: “I will let Ying Tong send you back.”

Jiang Xin Yan shook her head: “No need to trouble Ying Tong, I can go home by myself.”

Mu Chu Cheng nodded: “Ok, be careful.”

Jiang Xin Yan carried her suitcase and wanted to hug him for awhile: “A Cheng, goodbye.”

Jiang Xin Yan just left without waiting for his reply.

Xi He didn’t expect that she will Mu Chu Cheng in this place.

She accompanied Huo Si Che for a business dinner. There’s Mu Chu Cheng there. Huo Si Che was quite hostile toward him.

Since Xi He came inside the room, Mu Chu Cheng kept on watching her. She just lowered her face and ate. She didn’t raise her head to see him.

Mu Chu Cheng smiled: “Chief Huo’s secretary is very beautiful.”

Under this kind of situation, if it’s anyone else, they will ask their secretary to come over and accompany Mu Chu Cheng. But Huo Si Che was possessive toward Xi He, how can he let Xi He come over and propose a toast to Mu Chu Cheng?


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