Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 499

Mu Chu Cheng felt though he knows her for quite short time, yet in his eyes, she is so strong and persistent. He never saw her cry.

He didn’t expect to see her cry for the first time.

He felt in heartbreak when he saw her cry. He let her wrist go and went back to his driver seat. He took out his cigarette and smoked it. He stayed silent.

Xi He didn’t like to cry in front of people, it would make her weak. But she couldn’t control himself.

She wiped her tears: “Send me home.”

This is a desolate area outside a town, she couldn’t just get off the car and took a car. Supposedly if she caught a taxi, she would arrive the next day.

Mu Chu Cheng looked at her and finished his cigarette. He didn’t say anything and just drove. On the way back, he called Ying Tong and let him directly take Xi Nuan Nuan home.

The car stopped, Xi He undid her seatbelt and wanted to get off. Mu Chu Cheng clutched her hand: “Xi He, remember what I said today, I don’t lie with you even for a word.”

XI He looked at their hands an said: “Then Mr Mu, I also want you to remember my words today, I also don’t lie to you even for a word. I really hope that you will not appear in front of me again. Please give me back my peaceful life.”

She said it and opened the door and left.

She wanted to run to avoid this all. She was afraid that Mu Chu Cheng will chase after her.

Xi Hang was home, Ying Tong sent Xi Nuan Nuan home. The time he noticed her coming, he stood up and asked: “Xi He, Mr Mu is downstairs?”

Xi He hung up her coat and nodded: “Thank you for sending Nuan Nuan home.”

“You are too modest.” Ying Tong looked at Xi Hang and Xi Nuan Nuan and said lowly: “Xi He, let’s talk outside.”

Xi He nodded and followed him out.

Ying Tong said:”Xi He, Ms Jiang also came here. Did she come to find you?”

“Em, she wanted to give me ten millions to leave Mu Chu Cheng.”

Ying Tong didn’t come over with Mu Chu Cheng, he just arrived yesterday.

“Ms Jiang is Mr Mu’s fiancee. Old elders of Mu family chose her.”

“I know.” Xi He said: “Is there anything else? If it’s nothing, you can go home.” She really didn’t want to chat anymore about this.

“Xi He, don’t be like this. I just want to tell you that Ms Jiang is here, so it’s better for you to make some distance between you and Mr Mu. If not maybe Ms Jiang will ask help from old Madame Mu and she will know you are here…”

Xi He already didn’t want to care anymore, she felt so tried: “Then so what? She could ask someone to kill me? At the start I already listened to her to take Xiao Hang to leave An city, I already experienced a lot of difficulties until I could live here. She will kick me out from here? As for Mu Chu Cheng, it’s not my initiative to find him. We just encountered each other incidentally. It’s just a mistake and misunderstanding. I never think of getting back together with him…”

Ying Tong watched her red eyes and felt helpless: “But she wouldn’t understand you? She just looked at the result, the result is Mr Mu keeps on tangling with you, so…”

Xi He understood his meaning and knew that actually he cared about her. He was afraid that she would be in disadvantageous situation….

But she didn’t want to think about it now, so she just waved: “Ying Tong, thank you. You can go back first, I know what should I do.”

Ying Tong came back. Xi He got inside her apartment and noticed that Xi Hang had came to the kitchen to prepare food.

At first she planned to take Xi Nuan Nuan and Xi Hang out for dinner but because of Mu Chu Cheng……

She came to the kitchen: “Xi Hang, you can study. Let me do it.”

“It’s okay, sis. Let me. I also need a rest.” Xi Hang smiled. Xi Hang is a good child, she had followed Xi He since she was twelve years old. She understands Xi He too well.

Xi He nodded and sat down on the sofa. Xi Nuan Nuan could notice her bad mood. She came over her and leant on her thigh. Xi He smiled and stroked her little girl face.

Mu Chu Cheng returned back to his apartment. He opened the door. Jiang Xin Yan just appeared and hugged him: “A Cheng, you are home.”

Mu Chu Cheng pushed her away and took off his shoes. He went to the sofa and sat down.

Jiang Xin Yan came over his side and wanted to hug his arm: “A Cheng, I cooked for you. You haven’t had your dinner right? I want you to try my cooking skills.”

“You cook?” Mu Chu Cheng raised his eyebrows. He looked cold.

Jiang Xin Yan smiled: “Yes, come and try it?”

She pulled Mu Chu Cheng’s arm, but Mu Chu Cheng just laughed coldly and pushed her hand away.

Jiang Xin Yan was startled and looked surprised: “A Cheng, what is it?”

Mu Chu Cheng took out a bank card from his pocket and put it in front of Jiang Xin Yan: “Is it yours?”

Jiang Xin Yan looked at it. She bit her lips. She didn’t expect that Xi He will report to Mu Chu Cheng.

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